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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Non-violence only works if both sides want it

Among Believers and ..blah blah Comment No. 143598 March 1 20:40 Believer: thanks for the link. Cedric williams:

Gandhi was not able to prevent partition, and partition cost hundreds of thousands of lives. On some level (this is controversial) Gandhi managed to pacify and disarm the hindus but not the muslims. Muslims then attacked hindus, then hindus took revenge. Tragic really, the loss of life whatever the religion.
Gandhi did not want to fight Hitler. Lets apply Gandhi to Iran. Iran will get nukes and then blackmail everyone. This could spark a world war with millions of deaths.
Bushes "bomb iran approach" may cost thousands of lives. In the long run could prevent a major war.
Note I have used words such as could or may since no one project into the future. Its a matter of judgement.
Non-violence only works if both sides want it. Gandhi said "this could work on Hitler (non-violence) it could melt his heart". Aurobindo remark "it would need a furnace".

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