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Monday, June 02, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication seminar on the role of media in our lives

Looking into the future
A recent seminar organised by Sri Aurobindo Society dealt with the changing role of the media

Sri Aurobindo Society recently organised a symposium, Beyond the Present’08, to discuss the state of affairs in the various spheres of the media, be it journalism, advertising, photography or cinema, in the future. With the present advances in technology even the future of media promises to change considerably, it noted.
The seminar stretched over two days and aimed to create an interaction between different sources of communication as well as to consider its trajectory in the coming times. Categorised under four sections, each discussion was led by a panel of speakers considered experts in their respective field.
The event commenced with a journalism section wherein the panel comprised mediapersons like Mark Tully and Rahul Dev besides professors Manoj Das and Ujjwal Kumar Chowdhary.
Advertising guru Ram Sehgal shared his comments on journalism through the prism of advertising.

The panellists took up issues like the predominance of the English language as a source of communication and the usage of media as a brand, moving towards an era of infotainment. Touching upon various topics of mass concern, it was disheartening to see that nobody succeeded in providing any solution to the problem. The issue was left unattended and was glossed over by perceptions and opinions.Tracing the movement
The advertising, photography and cinema sections were largely audio-visual expressions compiled together to depict the current trends in these fields and therefore, trace the movement towards the future.
Names like A.F. Matthew, Sudhir Sahni, Raghu Rai, Jatin Das, Pradeep Sarkar, Aruna Vasudev and distinguished others expressed their opinions regarding their particular fields of work.
PRIYAM CHATURVEDI The Hindu Saturday, May 31, 2008 Metro Plus Delhi 9:12 AM

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