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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sri Aurobindo's Vedic way to impact the physical world

Spiritual revolution in the world
Scientists engaged in discovering the facts of evolution of the world and living organisms have concluded that Homo sapiens represent the completion of the evolutionary cycle of life on earth, through various stages over millions of years..
CJ: Shankarlal Purohit

MAN IS the only creature among millions of species on earth, gifted with intelligence and the ability to think. Scientists have declared man as the superior most creation. In spite of hefty efforts like the recent ’Big Bang experiment’, science is yet to conclude the principles behind evolution. Vedic philosophy says that the Rishis or seers discovered the principles of evolution long back - millions of years ago. Guru Siyag has announced the commencement of a “spiritual revolution in the world”, which will justify the “words of Vedic philosophy”, practically giving, on-the-spot results, just like modern science. Vedic philosophy is no more a theoretical subject; Guru Siyag has made thousands of seekers to practically experiment and realize the statements of Vedic philosophy, getting an answer to every question, even the evolution of universe.
Man’s endeavour to look into the potential of spirit is limited to the realm of psycho-physical research. In fact, research into deeper aspects of human mind always invariably ends with scientists probing the brain. This is because modern science cannot believe or perceive that human body and mind could be linked to another state of consciousness that exists beyond the limits of our physical world. The result is that the potential possibilities of spirit, vis-à-vis matter, have been left to the interpreters of religious spirituality. This has caused a neat division between scientists and religious leaders, making them look at each with a degree of suspicion and even hostility. Exploiting the physical world has resulted in the neglect of the great potential of the spiritual world with which human body and mind are closely linked. The progress in science and technology has led to greater physical comforts missing peace of mind, leading to competition, conflict, discord and internecine struggle in human society.

Sri Aurobindo, one of 20th century’s greatest spiritual masters and seers, accurately diagnosed the current crisis in human society as a result of imbalance in man’s treatment of matter and spirit. He argued through his incisive writings and speeches that mankind will not be at peace with itself unless it achieved a correct balance in exploring the potential of spirit and matter. Sri Aurobindo conducted his own independent research into Vedic scriptures to understand and experience the cosmic consciousness and its impact on the physical world. After nearly 40 years of practising what he called integral Yoga as part of his practical research, he made a startling discovery — man is not at the pinnacle of life’s evolutionary cycle on earth. Man is only a ‘transitional being’, yet to evolve further in the realm of spirit.
Vedic philosophy describes human body as the physical abode of soul. The soul is made up of seven sheaths – Annamaya Kosha (matter in the form of physical body sustained by intake of food), Pranamaya Kosha (the life force), Manomaya Kosha (mind as distinctly different from intelligence), Vigyanmayaa Kosh (intelligence), Aanandmaya Kosha (bliss or ceaseless joy not connected with body or mind), Chitta Kosha (spiritual wisdom) and Satta Kosha (the final state of merging with the infinite). The complete development of all the seven sheaths is necessary for man’s complete spiritual evolution. Man has developed the first four sheaths through the physical evolutionary process till date. What about completing the last three stages of his evolution? Sri Aurobindo, assisted by his French disciple known as the Mother, realized during his meditative states that the final evolution could happen only if the cosmic consciousness (which he described as Krishna’s supramental force) descended on earth. Both Sri Aurobindo and Mother, fired by an altruistic zeal to save mankind from imminent annihilation, dedicated themselves to the most arduous practice of Yoga for years to create a spiritual environment conducive to such descent. Their dedication bore fruit. On November 24, 1926, the Mother announced to a small group of Sri Aurobindo’s disciples that Krishna’s supramental force had descended on earth and assumed a human form. It was the day on which Guru Siyag was born.

Sri Aurobindo and Mother were convinced that the person, who had been thus chosen for the manifestation of the Krishna consciousness in the physical world, would himself undergo the last three stages of ‘Anand’, ‘Chit’ and ‘Sat’. The chosen one’s mission would be to bring about the kind of spiritual evolution that he had undergone himself. Sri Aurobindo and Mother were also convinced that if one man on earth underwent complete spiritual revolution, it was practically possible for millions of others to experience this divine transformation, by following the same method. They were aware of the evolution of the Chosen one to be subject to all the trials and tribulations that were part of every human life. They knew that eventually the chosen one would be made fully conscious of his real mission on earth. This happened in 1969 when Guru Siyag achieved the Gayatri Siddhi in the wee hours of a winter morning in a Rajasthan town. He was engulfed in the divine light of the supramental force, changing his life forever. In the distant coastal town of Pondichery in southern India, the Mother, who was always connected with cosmic consciousness, instantly received the vibrations of this momentous happening. She simply said her own mission was complete, as Krishna’s supramental force had become active that day. Given below is an excerpt from Mother’s writings of the vision she saw: “November 26/27, 1968: Powerful and prolonged infiltration of supramental forces into the “body” everywhere at the same time, as though the whole body “bathed” in the forces that entered everywhere at the same time with a slight friction, the head down to the neck was the last receptive region. In 1969, on January 1, 1969 at two o’clock in the morning a consciousness descended on the earth’s atmosphere and “settled” there. It was the most marvellous descent, full of light, force, power, joy and peace and suffused the ‘whole’ earth.”
It is the Indian spiritual belief that all the saints and true spiritual masters work in unison at a subtle consciousness level for the betterment of mankind. So, it was with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Their own practice of Yoga was actually the spadework for the spiritual revolution of mankind. Merinews World

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