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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Every Indian, young and old, should have a feel of this great son of India

Just as air, water and the sun are freely available to all, even so all must be allowed to have a claim on land, which is equally a gift to God. S. V.-851

The present national boundaries are bound to be demolished, and it is already happening. The whole world is sure to become one, and this cannot be prevented. ...The people of a country with less land are entitled to go to another which has more. This is the application of Bhoodan and its message in the world context of today. S. V.-853

An Introduction to the Thoughts of Vinoba
In the form of 52 letters - one a week, written over a year - the author introduces some of the insightful thoughts of Vinoba to Pranav, a young man of twelve. Vinoba was a willing soldier, a keen student, a versatile scholar, a scintillating synthesizer, a social activist, a spiritual seeker and a great satyagrahi - all rolled into one. Every Indian, young and old, should have a feel of this great son of India.
Reading him is best and reading about him is the second best. The author hopes the reader will get sufficiently provoked to read Vinoba's writings.. COMPLETE BOOK ONLINE VINOBA BHAVE
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'MY DEAR PRANAV' (Complete Book Online)
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