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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Government philanthropy based on paper money is from the poor to the rich

End False Philanthropy from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik

My column entitled "The Curse of False Philanthropy" has just appeared in Mint. It shows how we are all steeped in the "moral sentiment" of Sympathy for the poor, and discusses how this Sympathy is being exploited on all sides - by beggars, by charities and, most importantly, by governments. Especially the government of India, which claims to be a monopolist on poverty.

The article shows that government philanthropy based on paper money entrenches poverty. In other words, the "redistribution" that actually transpires is from the poor to the rich - the very opposite direction to that which politicians claim. The article is a must read for all those who truly want to "help the poor." To read the entire article, click here.

Turn Veggie to Save the World from Mirror of Tomorrow by RY Deshpande

Nobel Prize-winning Indian scientist Rajendra Pachauri and musician Sir Paul McCartney have teamed up to urge people to become vegetarian to save the planet from the greenhouse gases created by rearing livestock...

Peter Singer from Critical Animal by Scu
I recently finished teaching Peter Singer's Animal Liberation to my The Animal and the Ethical class...

I didn't particularly care for the book when I read it last, partially because I was full of a new found poststructuralist hatred of utilitarianism, and partially because even though I was a promoter of vegetarianism, it was all about the environment and nothing about animals themselves. Reading it now, I am really taken with it. Sure, there are large parts I disagree with or would do differently (and his short history of specisism reveals how much better at genealogy people on this side of the philosophical divide are at that sort of thing), but it's smart, politically compelling, a strong mixture of nuance and moral outrage.

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