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Saturday, December 06, 2008

India also produced intellects like Rammohun Roy, Sri Aurobindo and M.N. Roy

Of iffy gurus and mystic sufis Khushwant Singh HT December 05, 2008

I was reading Paul Johnson’s Intellectuals for the second time. It’s a highly readable series of essays on the role of intellectuals in Europe and the United States. The writings of some of them like Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzche, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Leo Tolstoy, Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell had a profound and lasting effect on generations of Europeans and Americans.

India also produced intellects like Rammohun Roy, Sri Aurobindo and M.N. Roy. It has also some highly educated and perceptive thinkers today. But their impact on Indian society has been, and is, marginal. Why ?

I can assign two reasons for the failure of our intellectuals to change society. One is that all of them wrote in English that barely 10 per cent of educated Indians can read and comprehend. The masses never get to know about them. The second, and the more important factor in isolating intellectuals was, and is, the fact that the vast majority of our countrymen look up to their gurus or godmen for guidance because they speak their language.

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  1. But isnt Paul Johnon himself a completely deluded and odious intellectual too, full of his own pompous self-importance.

    Just look at the benighted company he keeps.

    What REAL Wisdom Tradition is he an authentic practitioner of?