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Friday, December 24, 2010

Vedanta University is an opportunity of a millennium for Odisha

In less than three months we have created a sizable compendium on Vedanta University, mostly based on information collected from the web. They are available in the page . Given below are the links to important parts of that collection.
Please share this with your friends in FB or otherwise and urge them to explore it. We need to spread this information so that more and more people (especially from Odisha and India) are aware of the benefits of this university and its importance to Odisha and India and are not swayed by misinformation spread by some vested interests. This is an opportunity of a millennium for Odisha and we must not miss this.
1. : A radio interview of the main architect of Vedanta University. It was done by a radio station in the US in 2007. It will tell you everything about the university and the motivation behind it.
2. : A video interview of Anil Agarwal by Charlie Rose of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) of USA. He talks about the Vedanta University and how it came about. 
3. : A 43 page pdf document by me titled "Vedanta University: Its importance to Odisha and India." This document address the significance and importance of Vedanta University for Odisha and India through the following points.
In addition it addresses the following frequently asked questions (FAQs):
4. : Why Vedanta University is important for Odisha? A statement by Dr. Dhanada Mishra, Bhubaneswar.
5. : Vedanta University – Will You Gain? A slide presentation by Devasis Sarangi, Bhubaneswar
6. : Vedanta University is an academic question. An appeal to Odisha academics by Professor S P Misra, Bhubaneswar.
7.  : Why we need Vedanta University in Odisha? A statement by Manmohan Dash, currently at Bhubaneswar.
8. : Why Vedanta University is important for Odisha? A statement by Sujeet Jena, originally from Puri, Currently in Sydney, Australia
9. :  I am propagating the project. What will I get? Umashankar Das (currently at Bangalore) answers questions posed to him on his support for Vedanta University.

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