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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lokpal Bill is very authoritarian

Swamy now targets team Anna; compare them with Naxalists Newstrack India - According to media reports, Swami has called Team Anna to behave like Naxalists and alleged them to be more serious in defaming the system and dragging the ... Team Anna behaving like Naxalites: Swamy Zee News Nagpur: Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy Thursday alleged that Team Anna was behaving like "Naxalites" as they were "not keen on solutions" and instead bent on dragging the issue of corruption. "Though Anna Hazare is spreading the anti-corruption movement and wants a strong Jan Lok Pal bill to tackle the menace, his team members are behaving like Naxalites," Swamy told newsmen, here today. "Team Anna was not keen on solutions but dragging the issue and was more interested in defaming the system," he said. 

Jairam's advice: No politics for activists MSN India - Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Source: India Today - Ramesh gave this advice to Popat Pawar, but the reference could well be to Anna Hazare. New Delhi:
Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh believes when social activists take a political call, it only sets them back. The reference could well be to Anna Hazare. Ramesh gave this advice to Popat Pawar, whose efforts have brought Hivre-Bazar in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district in the category of model villages, quite like Hazare's Ralegan Siddhi. "I want you not to undertake a hunger strike or wear a Gandhi cap. Please work for rural development, but keep away from politics," the minister said. But Pawar reminded Ramesh that Hazare was his source of inspiration and they were not competing.

Anupam Kher says Anna Hazare is a saviour Times of India - Mar 10, 2012Lata Srinivasan, TNN Mar 11, 2012
"Screen pe leader aur neta bahut ban ke dekh liya. I wanted to feel alive by being close to a real crusader. Anna Hazare is a god-sent saviour," the actor said emotionally. "The only time I felt so close to divinity was when I met Mother Teresa."

Anna Hazare is no Gandhi, says Om Puri - Mumbai - DNA By Shabana Ansari Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 MUMBAI – Om Puri has raised his voice again—this time against Hazare’s“simplicity and lack of vision”.
“Anna is an honest and simple man with a heart of gold and his contribution in waking up the masses is immense. But unfortunately, he is not Mahatma Gandhi who had the vision and the knowledge to see things through,” Puri told DNA.
Denying that he called Hazare an “uneducated man” as was reported in a section of the media recently, the thespian claimed that all he wanted to say was that the activist’s methods were too simple and impractical. “I don’t doubt Anna’s sincerity towards the cause but his capability in getting the Lokpal Bill passed. I don’t think he understands the nitty-gritty of the matter,” he said.
Puri believes that to make the movement a success it is not enough to have a handful of supporters but experts and lawyers who understand the Constitution and its complexities. “The demands should be open to debate and there should be flexibility on both sides. By being stubborn over the Lokpal Bill, Anna has now got nothing,” he said.

Hazare speaks of “civil society.” But, in Marxist terms, the concept of “civil society” covers a multitude of castes, classes and genders. The civil society of the elite is very different from the civil society of the toiling people. And, with the Lokpal idea, it seems clear that this elite, tired of dealing with even the limited – but growing – form of Indian democracy – wants to escape it, go beyond Parliament, and return to its old, unquestioned rule. The Lokpal Bill in fact is very authoritarian, in putting non-elected people of high class-caste background over elected officials and government bureaucrats (but not, as people have noted, over corporations!). (1) “Pal” means “guardian,” and the proposal recalls Plato's Guardians – philosopher-kings who would rule the state. Plato, of course, believed in something like a varna system – people would be said to have special “essences,” gold for rulers, silver for warriors, bronze and iron for workers and farmers. So apparently does Anna Hazare…
Meera Nanda has called Gandhi a “prophet looking backward.” Many may question Hazare's Gandhism – at times there seems more of the RSS in him (and regardless of disclaimers, his RSS connections are clear) – but in respect to taking the self-sufficient, stable village as an ideal, they are clearly the same. Dr. Gail Omvedt is an American born Indian scholar, sociologist and human rights activist. Omvedt has been involved in Dalit and anti-caste movements, environmental, farmers' and women's movements.

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