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Friday, June 29, 2012

Spirituality in the freedom struggle

Mihir Jha posted a comment in Perfidy of Indian education system, extolling virtuous tyrants · The problem, my dear friends, is not this that Indians don't write History… That apart, importance of Spirituality in the freedom struggle is completely discarded by History books. Hardly anyone, of next generation, knows how one book, "AnandaMath" which conceived the idea of "Mother India" and "Bande Mataram" united millions of Hindus. Hardly anyone is taught that lessons of tolerance did no good to India and it is only when the message of Geeta to save "Dharma" was professed once again that Hindus realized that they are not for tolerance but to defend.
Any book on Indian History which discards Spirituality is incomplete. As Vivekananda said, "An indian can give you everything you ask them for but if u infringe on their rights to worship, right to practice religion and spirituality, defile the Holy Scriptures, denigrate Dharma, corpses would turn into lions". This teaching has been wisely eliminated from all history books. Nor does any book talk about how likes of Swami Vivekananda, Bankim Chandra, Sri Aurobindo helped revive the ideologies of Hindutva which played a pivotal roled in unification of India. Consequences of these is this that today atheists have mushroomed. Now, these atheists do not get bothered if someone offends their ancestors. They are fully convinced that everyone in India has right to twist things and if one has problem, he/she should write a rejoinder.
Hardly anyone knows, that Sri Aurobindo, a Scholar who first mastered German and Latin and then several Indian languages had written extensively on Indian History called "Renaissance of India". He had nullified the Aryan Invasion theory long back in 1900 only. That apart, he had given a comparative analysis of India's History with the rest of the world and concluded that India's is the best and eternal land and that if you take away Spirituality from India, all that shall be left will be mass of bones. These books which glorify India and puts India on top of the rest of the world do not even appear in Newspaper reviews.
Deliberate attempts are being made to extirpate everything glorious about India and deceive people in such a way that they begin to believe that "Aryans" were abominable race and that India owes its glory to all invaders. This ain't good. Darker days portend ahead.
Mihir Jha posted a comment in The Mass leadership Doctrine · At the end, i would say, while writing an article, its good to focus on your goal to deify someone but then its better to avoid far-fetched, unseen, unheard, illogical references and analogies. I hope, CRI publishes this:-)

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