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Thursday, October 31, 2013

To build or not to build

Tweets: @manishkbaid: Sanghis are talking about respecting freedom fighters today.... why they opposed them when they were alive...!
@brownbrumby: The perils of learning history in RSS shakhas. *Sigh*
@AgentSaffron: Not a fan of building statues for past heroes myself. Better to spread their thoughts, information about their history.
@AgentSaffron: IMHO, thousands of crores spent on building statues will be better spent in building schools & universities to propagate ideals.
@octotus: @AgentSaffron similarly: reading about Sardar inspires us, while his statue will inspire millions of others not as gifted. @dalcheeni
@octotus: @AgentSaffron - this is my take on the Dalit park. @dalcheeni
@octotus: @AgentSaffron I had the same reservation about Mayawati's Dalit Pride parks. So, I completely understand your point. @dalcheeni
@iamnarendranath: Simple Question-If making statue is symbol of showing respect and acknowledging contribution then how Mayawati was wrong in making statues?
@prasannavishy: @iamnarendranath agree what Maya did was nothing unprecedented . architectural triumphalism common among rulers form newer power group
@Punditmusings: I have a simple rule.. anyone Modi genuinely admires ought to be terrible or has terrible secrets.
@Punditmusings: My interest in Patel was reignited the first time I heard Modi praise him. Kuchh toh gadbad hai. Aur gadbad thha . bahut.
@Punditmusings: Modi's is a vertical statue making version of Mayawati. Total megalomaniac. Big dangerous rallies, huge wasteful statues.
@Punditmusings: Building a super tall statue to undermine other leaders ..what an idiotic thinking process ...simple, it doesnt work either.
@sonaliranade: All said & done mobilizing the young for Saradar's statue is a vast improvement over mobilizing crazed mobs 4 the Ram `Temple.
@balbir_reen: Earlier enthusiast response of selling Bricks for Ayodhaya Ram Temple now they will collect money to purchase Iron to be used in statue.
@AmareshMisra: Mayawati over reached building Ambedkar statues. Led to her downfall. Similar fate  reserved for Modi following Statue of Unity campaign!
@oracle1313: @SavitriEraParty Really? Mayawati who erects those statues does not encourage herd mentality?
@SavitriEraParty: @oracle1313 The kind of empowerment and intellectual fermentation Mayawati marshals among her socially backward followers is unparalleled.
@krishnarjun108: Shourie is wrong when he depicted Ambedkar as a false God, his pen should have exposed charlatan Nehru, he picked up wrong person.
@drhpshukla: @SavitriEraParty Sri Aurobindo is an Action, a Force, not an ideology. YY, an intelligent Indian mind is responsive to cosmic divine forces.
@drhpshukla: @SavitriEraParty SA supported Gandhi and Churchil though neither was strictly responsive to what he was saying.
@drhpshukla: Not everyone who adores Sri Aurobindo is an 'Aurobindonian', e.g. Yogendra Yadav. Thousands of non-Buddhists love Buddha.
@drhpshukla: @SavitriEraParty YY is well informed about Sri Aurobindo's legacy.