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Monday, January 19, 2015

Promoting an inherent distrust of white women


You are dodging the question after asking for evidence :-)

As far as I can see, some are Hindu in external form only, while others are Hindu in spirit. There is a whole spectrum of approaches to Hinduism which need to be understood instead of using black/white categories to label someone as Hindu or not-Hindu.
I won't digress from your main topic unless you want to continue this thread, but I had to ask my question since you seem to be promoting an inherent distrust of white women who turn to Hinduism which is not fair, because many of them are attracted to Hinduism after being repelled by rigidity of Abrahamic religions.
This is unfair to white men as well, against whom you don't seem to have any issues.
As far as the Mirra Alfassa is concerned, I have found that many Indian men (and in Sri Aurobindo's time, some of his male disciples as well) seem to resist accepting her spiritual stature after gaining cursory information about her. They eventually drop their inhibitions after learning more about her. Maybe some day you will undergo the same evolution.

Sandeep I am not dodging th question; not in my character. I am raising questions to provoke some thinking even if the answers are not to our liking. Mirra Alfassa is not on my radar for anything except where she intersects with Aurobindo the political thinker. Post 1907 Aurobindo has no relevance to the freedom struggle. He distanced himself from the political turmoil and Gandhi happened. If anyone could have checked Gandhi in the early years of the 20th century it was Aurobindo. I will return to my question again. Can the Hindu nation afford to encourage the pernicious idea that all of us should have our very own subjective and personalised definition of 'Hindu'. Let us see where this danger has already led us. The Ramakrishna Mission declared they are not Hindu. If Sri ramakrishna was a Hindu religious leader and Swami Vivekananda was Hindu how can Ramakrishna Mission not be Hindu? And whatever their motive for making such a pronouncement can they retract ever? Why did the American disciples of Sri Sri Ravishankar say Art of Living is not Hindu? So what "Hindu" did Ramakrishna Mission and Art of Living have in mind when they said they are not Hindu? My Guru used to observe with great calmness - the truth of parabrahman cannot be negated just because I have no knowledge of it or just because I deny it; conversely the truth of parabrahman is independent of my belief in it or my knowledge of it. So when the fruits of a tree say they do not belong to that tree, I just wonder where these cults stand today. And yes, these are cults. We have no problem with cults which are legitimate as long as they do not claim independent existence or identity from sanatana dharma.

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