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Friday, June 26, 2015

V.P. Singh, JP, Vinoba Bhave, and Gandhi

Tweets: Partially agree with this article, V.P. Singh mandal decision was historic, it was part of Janata dal manifesto
India was all of 10 years old when Acharya Vinoba Bhave introduced the nation to a “modern day Siddharth” at Allahabad. The Acharya’s Siddharth— Vishwanath Pratap Singh, the last Raja of Manda — was 26 years old then, and would go on to become prime minister.

"The Story of Emergency" Superb narration. An absolutely 'must read'.

"Dynasty is the continuing disease, Emergency was its symptom" My piece in @DailyO_ #Emergency #IndiraGandhi

Emergency Supporters: A List That Will Surprise You
Janata Couldn’t Have Won Without RSS
lol, nice story, Emergency excesses main reason for Janata victory, not any single org
Those who try to belittle the RSS calling it pacifist must note here the advantage of staying low profile: No swayamsevak had a public record of being an activist, thereby making their identification a near-impossible task for the police, the men in uniform explained to the government when a frustrated Indira Gandhi sought an explanation. Please read this article by Subramanian Swamy himself. It gives a different version of facts. However, Surajit, I am unhappy that facts are spun in such a blatant manner for a political objective of opinion shaping. You sound almost an RSS spokesperson. A very poor outcome of India's fascination with personality cult was emergency - read

Never Forget the Darkness: Emergency @ 40 via @IndiaFactsOrg

The Three Republics - How The Liberal Constitution Was Scuttled by Vikramjit Banerjee #replug

The Nehruvian Emergency Gnaws at the Hindus' Right to Speak-Out
By Mayank Jain

Confession of British MP and Cabinet Minister: "Gandhi was the Best Policeman the British had in India"
@DivyaSoti please read Ajit vadakayil's blog to know more abt the mahatma (duratma)

Gandhi's hypocricies & idiocyncracies are well known by now. I would like Ms Saswati Sarkar to now turn her gaze here
@sarkar_swati, @maidros & I examine claimed Gandhian non-violence and its opportunistic/selective application by MKG
Gandhi preached "selective" Ahmisa targeted exclusively at Hindus @sarkar_swati debunks another #SecularMyth
More I read Gandhi more I feel disappointed with the man and more with the public Intellectuals who joined his bhakti cult.

From by @maidros78 @sarkar_swati @dikgaj
The best condemnation, ridicule of Gandhi was done by Sarat Chandra in late 1920s. What a great speech fm such lit giant  @sarkar_swati
Article by Saswati Sarkar Fundamental conflicts in Indian nationhood: Gandhi vs revolutionaries...

All The World's A Half-Built Dam: a response to Rajmohan Gandhi on my essay on Ambedkar, by Arundhati Roy

GENESIS OF TERRORISM IN INDIA - Hindu Defence League (#HDL) › Blog › Featured
Feb 25, 2014 - ... Harsh Mander, Amulya Ganguly, Prafull Bidwai and their likes are running ...Yet, nowhere but in India, they have had so much freedom to practice their faith. 

Attaining the Joy That Surpasses All Understanding

A critique of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs and its ... In Hindu traditions, the state of consciousness of Jesus is achievable by each one of us and is not dependent on belief in a specific deity or historical event or ...

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