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Friday, September 18, 2015

Concealing flaws of political icons

Lapses of leftist historians - deliberate or incompetence ? Last, but not the least, the scholars with rightist persuasion would grievously err by seeking to emulate the other end of the spectrum. Instead of eulogizing specific political icons while concealing their flaws and selectively quoting history to establish their contention – they would be better advised to emulate Prof. Majumdar’s principle – for truth prevails, eventually.

Quotes are always selective, particularly at the hands of the Indians who pretend or claim to be historians. As far as the book by the revolutionary Manmathnath Gupta is concerned, it was published by the Peoples Publishing House and is not only an engaging reading but tears can roll down from the eyes of any discerning reader while reading the pages describing the hunger-strike days of another revolutionary Jatin Das. 
The book also informs that a close relative of Nehru Pandit Jagat Narain Mulla, another Kashmiri, father of Pandit Anand Narayan Mulla was the government advocate in the famous Kakori Train Dacoity case in which several revolutionaries including Manmathnath Gupta were accused. In the post-Independence India, the Mulla family enjoyed the Nehru Government's patronage. Yes, Manmathnath Gupta was critical of Nehru at several places but not without reasoning. He remained objective not subjective like the herd of historians, we had in our country during the last three or four decades.
I read the book " They Lived Dangerously" way back in 1971 or 72 and it was so powerful that I can still vividly recall its contents, Blessed is the country where we had revolutionaries such as Manmathnath Gupta.
Arun Shourie never referred to Prof. S. Irfan Habib in his book on Eminent Historians. He referred to Prof. Irfan Habib of the Aligarh Muslim University, son of an illustrious historian Prof. Mohammad Habib. He is a Sunni mUslim while Prof. S. Irfan Habib, whose work on Bhagat Singh is referred to and critically analysed in this long post, is a Shia Muslim and son of Dr. Zaidi, a medical practitioner,

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