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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sacred selves and the politics of the prison cell

Seminar on managerial excellence tomorrow - The Hindu › Cities › Puducherry
The Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) is organising a one-day seminar on managerial excellence on September 26.
The programme, ‘In Pursuit of Managerial Perfection’ is the first of a series that SACAR plans to organise covering the three pillars of integral management---wisdom, power and harmony.
The seminar is targeted at corporate executives, faculty members and students.
According to organisers, the key take-aways include understanding managerial perfection at the level of individuals and corporates with real-life examples, practical tips for an individual manager to aim at perfection and contribute better to the bottom line of the organisation and possibilities of growth by following a culture of perfection.
For details, contactsacaroffice@gmail.comor 9994190403/9443019172

Neo-Vedanta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
9 hours ago - Neo-vedanta's main proponents are the leaders of the Brahmo Samaj, especially Ram Mohan Roy, while Vivekananda, Gandhi, Aurobindo and Radhakrishnan  ... Among the main proponents of such modern interpretations of Hinduism were VivekanandaAurobindo and Radhakrishnan, who to some extent also contributed to the emergence of Neo-Hindu movements in the West.
According to Halbfass, the terms "Neo-Vedanta" and "Neo-Hinduism" refer to "the adoption of Western concepts and standards and the readiness to reinterpret traditional ideas in light of these new, imported and imposed modes of thought."[4]
The term "Neo-Vedanta" appears to have arisen in Begal in the 19th century, where it was used by both Indians and Europeans.[4] According to Halbfass the term was invented by a Bengali, Brajendra Nath Seal (1864-1938), who used the term to characterise the literary work of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (1838-1894).[4]

1 hour ago - Maharishi Aurobindo said that the greatest achievements have been least noisy. This aptly applied to Swami Dayananda's work and life. In his demise, the  ...

9 hours ago - Over a century ago, the great sage Sri Aurobindo wrote an article called “The UnHindu Spirit of Caste Rigidity” (available here). His ideas for striking at the very  ...

5 hours ago - 13 312. “What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.” ~ Sri Aurobindo Einstein's work had most scientists believing.

18 hours ago - By your stumbling, the world is perfected. Sri Aurobindo Each of us arrives on this planet without knowing how to live. Though we may grope immediately for the  ...
18 hours ago - News. 'Rereading Aurobindo's Karakahini: Narrating sacred selves and the politics of the prison cell', 24 September, 2015. by. Mr. Alex Wolfers, University of Cambridge, UK.
Performing Arts; Recitation of Sri Aurobindo's 7 Sonnets ... of Sri Aurobindo's 7 Sonnets. Recitation of Sri Aurobindos 7 Sonnets A personal experience, Interpreted through body movements, A Dance Performance in a free contemporary style.
19 hours ago - Title: 'Love and Death in the Myths of India — Their Message for Today and Tomorrow' Speaker: Mr Manoj Das, Renowned Author, Sri Aurobindo International ....
18 hours ago - ... 30, -0001 admin. Berikut daftar lagu "annai aurobindo win tv part 1" MP3 ...Sri Aurobindo Ashram Video - The Mother hours ago - Date: October 7, 2014. Delhi Public School Ranipur Haridwar. CBSE Expression Series 2015. S.R. Ranganathan, Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai and Sri Aurobindo › Book Publishing › Pondicherry › Pondicherry Ho.12 hours ago - VAK The Spiritual Book Shop offers a wide collection of books on spirituality, Philosophy, religion and yoga, including the complete works of Sri Aurobindo and ...
Sri Geetagovinda Parthishtan presents photo exhibition SPLENDOUR OF ODISSI by Dr. Susil Pani September 26 - October 4, 2015 Pondicherry
At: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibition Hall, Seaside Gate, next to the Hotel Promenade,10 to 11.30am and 4.30 to 7.30pm Info:
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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