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Monday, September 02, 2019

Declared ideological positions are at odds with true scholarship

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar, Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum
(SELF since 2005), Ghaziabad. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

An acerbic, acidic criticism of critics throwing tantrums on behalf of Prof emeritus #RomilaThapar - Asked to be Accountable: Or how the Rules of the #JNU Founders has Boomeranged on Them via @dharmadispatch

Madam, not declaring positionality biases is against academic rigour; declaring them saves you from perpetual dissimulation and the constant hypocrisy of pretending you approach issues from a position of  neutrality. Btw, no-one does that. The dispassionate observer is a myth.

Sad day for the study of Indian history when iconic historian like Romila Thapar who inspired generations to understand India's complex historical past, has her credentials questioned! Would EH Carr or AJP Taylor, Britain's eminent historians have ever faced this sort of scrutiny?
I definitely think declared ideological positions are at odds with true scholarship as it closes the mind to different trajectories of thought & precludes enquiry that falls outside the realm of these declared positions!
Hobsbawm was a declared Marxist. To my knowledge, while Romila Thapar uses some Marxist tools of historical analysis, she's a professional historian, relying on classical methods of  historiography, epigraphy etc.

Well. Am not too sure whether it is justified to deny academic positions to 'declared' Marxists and declared Rationalists. Am sure you don't mean that. And I know Romila does not subscribe to Marxist Historiography as such and in any case she is a scholar par excellence.
Eric Hobsbawm was denied Professorship for long because he held on to his Marxist convictions Bertrand Russel's teaching assignment called off due to his rationalist convictions. Am not saying these to deny Romila her standing as historian. I had the privilege being taught by her

It may not be a coincidence that every Hindu-hater, from Beverley Nichols with his fanatic Christian supremacist convictions to Periyar with his Dravidian racism, to Paul Courtright with his pretensions of Freudian deconstruction, loves to hate Ganesha.

Odia movie Bhakta Salabega (1983) will be screened on 6th Sep evng 6.15pm under FJF's Smrutichhaya 17 at Jaydev Bhawan, BBSR.A book on the film will be released. Plz attend to feel the iconic movie n convey your love and respect to the old masters. (PC-Surya Deo) @OdiaCulture

“After a few generations the collective memory can no longer preserve the authentic biography of an eminent personage; he ends by becoming an archetype, that is, he expresses only the virtues of his vocation, illustrated by paradigmatic events typical of the model he incarnates.“
“...This is true not only of Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ but also of far less influential personages, such as Marko Kraljevic or Dieudonné de Gozon.” -Eliade

Primary exclusions from NRC are Hindu Bengalis. Not Muslims. Hence the media has lost interest. Even a few weeks back @dillidurust was pedaling the victimhood of Muslims being harassed on NRC, blocked me when exposed. This is the rot in Indian media
Identify the Netra Sen Sanghi Ji s. Those who would sell out their birth community to further their own prospects in BJP-RSS. Through silence or support of NRC. Eminent examples: @swapan55 Ji @KanchanGupta Ji @tathagata2 Ji @sanjeevsanyal Ji @abhijitmajumder Ji @anirbanganguly Ji

Indian Economic Crisis – A Tale of Western Media
Here’s an essay by @tylercowen on the moral imperative of economic growth. 
Like @kpanyam he qualifies it with ‘sustainable’...I’m not sure of the inter-generational tradeoff in a country with hundreds of millions living in poverty.

So many people expressing happiness over the Romila Thapar affair seems something like toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in significance for them.

While publishing the revised edition of Savitri in 1993, Sri Aurobindo Ashram also brought out a separate slim volume collating the old and new lines or passages. A similar compilation is needed for how much old history has been replaced by new findings published by RW journals.
Constitution is about how to capture power by distributing favours and patronage. So how to keep the flock together assumes utmost importance and for that all kinds of identity is utilised. However certain books in libraries offer resistance, silently; because the author is dead.
While a day has so much of variety in terms of circadian rhythm and allied psychological rollercoaster that we ride, annual Merry-go-round of seasons seems to have no noticeable effect or causal factors in human functioning. This disconnect is surprising when even sea sees tides.
Feel Philosophy: Crystal doors of inner planes
#SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar,
Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum
(SELF since 2005), Ghaziabad.

Plasim Radar

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German romanticism, American transcendentalism, and Bengal Renaissance - Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams Narad's Arrival at Madra. By RY Des...

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Past poems are given new life in Savitri

Assorted tweets:

Feel Philosophy: Bharata Federation as the nucleus of World Union
#WorldUnionDay #FiveDreams #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SavitriEra @NathTusar

Nothing definite is yet known about the functioning of the universe or even the human body which is hostage to various Hormones and Enzymes. Since we undergo several phases of thought and mood within 24 hours, philosophy, culture, and spirituality serve as cushion against gloom.
Fine, nothing to dispute with that, especially the feeling and experience aspect except that I was arguing about the logical demands of rationality. Encounter with Gita should lead to something more rewarding in terms of authenticity and utility. But your preference is different.

A report of the special lecture by Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch highlighting the key ideas he presented, is now up on SAFIC website. Pictures from the event are also included.
Video recording of the full event will be released shortly.

The kind folks at @AUROSAFIC have published a fine report of my recent lecture at their campus on the Luminaries of the Modern Indian Renaissance. It was an honour and privilege to deliver the address.
Sri Rama Jayam 🕉️🕉️🕉️

A Case for India: A Glimpse into how the British Plundered India and Destroyed a Great Civilisation by Sandeep Balakrishna ji @dharmadispatch

Rajiv Malhotra got exposed when he started his tirade against Raja Ram Mohan Roy.  Now he's after Tilak....He surely must be aware of what #SriAurobindo & Swami Vivekananda had to say about Tilak, still pandering to falsehood.... Something somewhere is horribly wrong.

Can’t you do better than petty insults? Are you qualified to say who is a Shastri and what is Veda? I was translating the Vedas for Sri Aurobindo publications before you were born. I long ago discarded western intellectual biases against India. You perpetuate them. @AatishTaseer

Reading others often develop biases and create artificial boundaries (which really don't exist) to thought process. What's most important is ability to question logically and come up with original ideas.

If you're familiar with the works of Sri Aurobindo you will understand why "indoctrination" cannot be applied at all.

A work is the Mother's work only when it is inclusive, n not sectarian n personal braggadocio of half-educated people.
By Iyengar's biography I don't mean the 1945 one, which Sri Aurobindo corrected. I mean the larger one, finished by 1972 n went through some editing later. Entitled: Sri Aurobindo: a biography n a history. Of his 400+ books n monographs, this alone will make him immortal !
In 1938 Iyengar had received D. Litt. for his book on Lytton Strachey, the notorious debunker as artist. 7 years later he switched over to a man who had " left the human shore". He hd to readjust his tools, had to kneel down to interpret. A sattwic critic is not a hagiographer.
V.K. Gokak's book Sri Aurobindo:Seer and Poet has long gone out of print. The chapter on the allusive style of Savitri shows his unmistakable memory of English Literature. He promptly detects which line Sri Aurobindo is recreating in a new context.
Those old academic professors took Savitri as a work of art, knew dat the structure n style hv  been deftly manipulated for a specific purpose, to enlighten a specific double voyage. Those style experts throw significant light on its theme, which can't be separated from its style
Many past poems are given new life in every Canto. Gokak, Iyengar, Sisirkumar Ghose, Prema Nandakumar n others have opened  our eyes to those subtleties of this modern n future epic.

SriAurobindo and TheMotherMirra were perhaps of the greatest Saints who did much to make the world harmonious. I love them.
I think Raja RamMohan Roy was British stooge, hence only he had all those awards and rewards. The greatest of the leaders was SriAurobindo, I think...

Bhai, my humble thought here. In our zeal to glorify the Master, we should not use language that is not befitting of His disciples.
Walk into an airport bookstore or even a bookfair, hardly are you able to find a Yoga book of the person who has written 30+ vols over 15000 pages.

LOL, yes and even one page of those 15000 pages outweighs all the others put together. I did not seek to glory. However, that does not necessarily mean disregarding ignorant & simplistic pablum from this crude intellect that likes to name-drop Sri Aurobindo between yugas.

For those not familiar with Sri Aurobindo and/or the is a brief pin sized and savour this passage of exceptional beauty..a rapture courses through us to read and wonder on its implications..leave alone touch some of these states

Sri Aurobindo may have given us the key to all traditions, from Iran to Central America & the banks of the Rhine, the secret of all seekers of perfection, from Eleusius to the Cathars & alchemists, for we do seem to find everywhere that ancient Memory of a great transmutative + #Satprem

“The Current Hindu Upsurge in Sri Aurobindo’s Light” – Prof. Mangesh V Nadkarni

If a Bengali was rewarded by the Brits, almost certainly he had damaged Bengalis in some ways (the word almost was used 2 account for exceptions based on outstanding abilities). Exact same statement can be made for BJP-RSS. Read how Swapan & Kanchans rise:

No fixed way to understand Sri Aurobindo. By assiduously following what he wrote in his books & letters, which is Tapasya; by enjoying the Rasa of his poetry; or simply by love & worship of the illiterate. Streams & rivers of all kinds move towards the ocean in their pilgrimage.
Pseudo-seculars tried for 70 yrs to bring down Hinduism to a level of creed, cult & commandment, essence of other religions. Saviours played into their hands, not realising it isn't defined by achar, but bhakti. "It is not circumscribed by the confines of a single country." (SA)

Everybody suffers a memory loss, talking about only Kabhi Kabhi Trishul & Umraao Jaan! Pity. Khayyam did greater things in Shola Aur Shabnam, Lala Rukh, Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hai, Shagun, Shankar Hussain...

Poor memory is contagious. After long 8 hrs I suddenly remember Khayyam composed those incredible non-film bhajans (ghazals too) by Rafi in 1961. Madhukar Rajasthani's words.
"Paaon Padu Tore Shyam"
"Tere Bharose Nandalala"..& others.

Bhai this is not a “complex song”. It is a very good song
If you want complex songs of Latadidi, listen to “नैनों मे बदरा छाये बिजली सी चमके हाय” by Madan Mohan.
Or “मालवून टाक दीप” (marathi) by Hridaynath Mangeshkar
These songs are a sample of the prowess of Lata as a singer

This song has haunted me for thirty years. And today its composer is no more. Khayyam called it his most complex creation, and was stunned that Lata needed only a single take for it. He couldn't believe it. And neither would you.
Remembering you.

Seeing Janta praising inexplicability of Gulzar’s lyrics and complexity of khayyam’s tunes, Marathi maanus be like -
I see your Gulzar+Khayyam. I raise you to Hridaynath+Grace.
I am yet to understand what kavi wants to say in “भय इथले संपत नाही” after all these years

I dont claim to understand music at all, but IMO the most difficult song would be केव्हा तरी पहाटे, उलटून रात्र गेली ...
Poet: Suresh Bhat Music: Hridaynath Voice: One and only Asha tai
Agree... + Malvun taak deep... (Lyrics by Suresh Bhat)
Lata dincha awaz matra awadat nahi ganyat.
Romantic watatach nahi, mayaticha watata gana.😬🤪

Girls trips are life events that have a high return on emotional, social, and monetary investment and almost always live up to the hype, writes @SanjanaPegu. #MoodOfTheMonth #Travel

One of the perils of modern life is that the desire for security and the need for satisfaction can't sustain themselves in equilibrium for the extended life spans of human beings.
It's an essentially intractable and unsolvable problem. You cannot throw money at it to solve. Money makes it worse more times than not.

"This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose," cooed Sri Aurobindo in Savitri echoing the urge when nothing was there upon this planet. And we tweet today. So, nothing is intractable, "It's the hour of the unexpected."
Be it RM or DF, critical appreciation is the key. No one is perfect, so avoiding us & them approach is essential. True for all great men or saints and savants. Necessary to remember the cases of Savonarola, Bruno, or Galileo. Unadulterated adulation is an adolescent's infatuation

I wonder sometimes if there is a systematic effort going on to erase Bengali greats from the annals of history. The very first target was Tagore, then RRM Roy followed by Vidyasagar. Now J.C. Bose.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Equanimity, detached critical judgement, and ruminative engagement

Assorted tweets:

An Intensive Study Camp on the Gita, 23 September to 5 October 2019 - Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Rtam and Law appear discordant only because law to us has an image of being a tyrannical imposition from outside, a classical judaeo-christian thing. But rtam is the 'law' which one follows when one has United with the universe. Then one IS law and it's a joy following that law.

After many years I purchased a set of Sketch Pens and drew this.
Inpired by my school teachers and my seniors at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi, India.
Location : Sri Aurobindo Ashram,  New Delhi.
Dedicated to : The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Maharashtra is a place for great saints. Eknath, Tukarkam, Gyaneswar.. not so famous Vishnu Bhaskar Lele who collaborated & advised Sri Aurobindo in his early days at Baroda..Lele is now known because of Sri Aurobindo.

read essays by Aurobindo recently. He rightly says that Indians (by implication hindus) lack sense of "shakti". Such incidents putting better sense in minds of people. Chandni chowk aftermath is an indication.

Sri Aurobindo on the Psychic Being -the real soul secret in us

54) Hymns 347 - 354 (Verses 3,575 - 3,641): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 04, Sukta 051 to 058 (including a hymn on the upper and lower oceans of existence); with #SriAurobindo's words on the birth and ascent of Agni (End of Mandala 04)

The five best books on Chaucer's Troilus (including @LaviniaGreenlaw's wonderful Double Sorrow), and some thoughts on reading and teaching this glorious poem at Oxford

In this piece via @fivebooksphil, @jehsmith picks his top five books on the history of philosophy.

“We read Woolf for her tone: her equanimity, her ability to weave together a detached and usually very severe critical judgement with a tone of ruminative engagement.“
Adam Gopnik (@adamgopnik), writer at @NewYorker, picks his favourite essay collections.

An example of inter-species communication that does not require words.

If there's one movie you want to rewatch before @ISRO's #chandrayaan2 launch this weekend, let it be from this carefully-curated list of Moon-inspired hits by @Nandiniwhy

Don’t judge me. I have been through this trauma. Breaking an engagement causes embarrassment and emotional distress for sometime but a bad marriage can become a lifelong burden in a country like India where women are forced to silently suffer as divorce is seen as an evil thing.

As working women in India, we are minorities ( only 25%). So we have to share tips with each other to survive. My big tip is find mentors, people whose career path you admire and find a way to be in touch with them.…

One outcome of this brouhaha is that discerning citizens are much more aware, or ought to be, of plagiarism. In future, all public figures might be more cautious in citing sources & similarities, both in words & ideas. This should apply to Moitra too.

Such a delight and privilege to interview the brilliant @authoramish on his amazing new book #Raavan, India's glorious cultural heritage and the crucial importance of us studying our own culture. Watch @DailyO_'s 'Good Books!
Every time he speaks it's a new insight, he is so fresh in his thinking which makes him the best, meeting him every time makes me feel enthralled & respect for him escalates, his humbleness is unmatchable.

The culture of India, like the country itself, is indivisible & timeless. Just like its indivisible geography stretches from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Indian culture too represents this indivisible continuum from the Rishis up to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Here is @SwarajyaMag columnist tendering his views on SCB....@IamSourav_b , @raniroyrocky , @From_Himalaya , @Aban__Ind , @INA99thBrigade .....
I fully intend to ignore BUT.... historical illiteracy coupled with immature grasp of international relations and the dynamics of political conflicts -they should not be present in an eminent political columnist to this extent....but whatever....ignore we shall.

Everyone's opinion will obviously vary but Bengali victimhood clouds the overall picture. However, only one opinion matters in the matter: that's of Sri Aurobindo. Accepting his insights with humility is the only sane option. Emotions and arguments have no place before it. Thanks
Education or learning bear a halo around them but the reality is that one learns various degrees of prejudice and misinterpretation all the time. Unlearning these subsequently requires humongous courage and effort; vigilant willingness to discover fresh yardsticks and touchstones

Holding that State must be kept out of education is easier part. Whether community or corporate are capable of designing curriculum needs to be pondered over. Current concept of education based on European modernity has run its course. Brick and mortar must give way to informal.
Modern civilisation has prevented people to look at women and instead sends them to museums and art galleries to see their portrayal in metal, stone, or paintings. Movies are also kosher for watching them on screen. So, everyone is glued to phone in Metro.

Evergreen Essays: Lakshmanarekha is not a part of Valmiki Ramayana @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201014 #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo is tunnel vision

Academic Courses: Applications are invited for POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSES AT IGNCA

Assorted tweets:

#ExpressOpinion | Only #NarendraModi has understood the idea of Bharat Shakti and is therefore the best instrument to confirm and fulfill Aurobindo’s augury.
@MakrandParanspe writes:
Modi 2 marks reinvigoration of Aurobindo's idea of BharatShakti writes Prof. @MakrandParanspe  @IndianExpress #NewIndia -

Who is the biggest ‘chamcha’ ( sycophant) of them all, among academics, ‘ public intellectuals ‘ commentariat? Just read a piece by an academic which is the verbal equivalent of doing ‘ sashatang pranam.’ Before those who currently wield power. On your face sycophancy.

From the age of fifteen Michel Danino was drawn to India, some of her great yogis, and soon to Sri Aurobindo and Mother. In 1977, dissatisfied after 4 years of higher scientific studies, he left France for India, where he has since been living. #quotes

33) Hymns 206 - 213 (Verses 2,157 - 2,221): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 02, Sukta 015 to 022 (all hymns addressed to Indra); with #SriAurobindo's words on where it may not be accurate to follow the ancient Indian scholastic tradition on the Vedas

The former Curzon Memorial in #Kolkata was changed, to celebrate Sri Aurobindo, freedom fighter, guru, poet... but the surrounding figures are as Sir Hamo Thornycroft first designed them—a poignant glimpse of India #sculpture.

Globalist Ideologies are Dakshina in nature. Among religious ideas, Islam is the epitome of Dakshina Marg. Doesn't allow any room to anyone. Communism too is Dakshina Marg. Any ideology which tells you to follow, rather than to chart your own path is deceiving you.

One you could add to this list, too , is Henri Bortoft, who is perhaps quite relevant to Integral Yoga as well. He wrote on discerning between "authentic and counterfeit wholes" or integrations -- a most critical subject in these times of fakery.

The Interviews Blog : ‘It’s possible to be an atheist and practise a religion; many religions get along quite well without gods’

Peter Heehs the vilifier of Sri Aurobindo is back in business at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives. Has the Ashram Trust lost is head? Read

A beautiful account by @NandiniNai of her discovery of Japan: its refined visual and literary culture, its undertow of violence; its everyday perfections, its sudden grottiness; its simultaneity of samurai and salariiman, Zen clarity and Shinjuku delight.

In place of the Buddhistic negative Absolute, Shankara offered Brahman, an ineffable positive Absolute, in which all feature & action & energy cease in that they never really existed & are mere illusions of the mind.-#SriAurobindo

Debates prior to Sri Aurobindo must be understood for locating him properly.
[Where Nietzsche or Emerson say to be more individual, Kant tells us to be more universal – to act according to the same moral law that everyone else should act under. -Amod Lele]

[Biographers usually focus solely on Aurobindo's life as a politician or sage, but he was also a scholar, a revolutionary, a poet, a philosopher, a social and cultural theorist, and the inspiration for an experiment in communal living.] Book by Peter Heehs

What you are concerned about? Congress, Rahul Gandhi, or the country? They are not synonymous. The country surely needs an honest and efficient political party. It should have a good ideology so that people support it. Congress can regain base if it accepts Sri Aurobindo's vision.

Savitri Era: Modi as a modern day Ashoka
@NathTusar @ashoswai @ashokgehlot51 @AshokGoelBJP @AshokaUniv @BDUTT @rupasubramanya @dhume @Ram_Guha @vivekdahiya08 @kazhugan @paranjoygt @dravirmani @PandaJay @sambitswaraj @AprajitaSarangi @sabhlok @shantprakash

Evergreen Essays: Quest for a historical core for puranas is futile
Posted by @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

Women represent empiricism and men a healthy scepticism and ambivalence; that's what came out of the debate on myth and history. May be more to do with awareness level than any inherent trait but the evolutionary burden of child rearing appears ill at ease with a rearview mirror.

Hindutva votaries are recounting their war in Rediff and Sulekha against Western academia but Savitri Era had other tasks in 2005. Although Ken Wilber had brought Sri Aurobindo to wider notice, his portrayal was underinformed and unsympathetic. Rod Hemsell & @akazlev fought that.

Savitri Era Party came into being twelve years back in 2007. Bringing Sri Aurobindo's knowledge to the forefront is possible if his followers form a formidable force to reckon with. Solidarity and concerted action is essential for this lofty goal; Hindutva needs to be jettisoned.

Plagiarism is wrong; can't be justified on any ground. It's not about the nature of content and its intent, who did it, or where it was done. All these are secondary matters. The person should say sorry and pay for damages, if any. cc @MakrandParanspe @RajivMessage @saliltripathi

Arriving at the peak marks the beginning of negotiating with the decline. Yoga however aims at an endless progress in keeping with the spirit of Amrita invoked in the Veda. Many resign to an abstract and pragmatic conception but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo insist upon the physical.

To tweet or intuit, that's the question. The nature of writing is such that quite unexpected turns of phrase sprout by sheer logic of grammar or syntax, thus altering the semantics. Besides, the aesthetic dimension has its own compulsion which forces fresh tenets of hermeneutics.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can't, definitely, be identified with one nation; they worked for the whole humanity or rather to transcend it. Those who are in love with a muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy are, of course, entitled to such a tunnel vision.

Yes, it is important to read Aurobindo in relation to related spirits like Gebser or Blake in order not to succumb to the narrow, myopic view, or to become trapped in a mere "point-of-view".

Book Review on Jitendra Sharma's Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo’s Poetry

Prem Shankar Jha writes—Hindutva Has Nowhere to Go Except Down the Road to Tyranny. This is the third and final part of his three-part analysis via @thewire_in

most religions/moral frameworks/cultures/state tacitly allow prostitution as an unavoidable market phenomenon that takes care of uncontrollable fluctuations in imbalance in demand-supply of "sex" through the state/insttn preferred "marriage" mechanism.
from older Christian monks, to some late Hindu texts to ppl like Gandhi - all disapprove/demote sex within marriage for "pleasure". dont interpret my words as disapproval/approval of "moralism": all I say is abt clarifying real motives and not hiding them. ppl can debate and accept or reject on the real underlying motives - there is no value judgment in itself as to why the state view is wrong or correct.

However I wanted to draw attention to the matter of possible contradiction of the 'genetic' rights of the parents: do they have a right to pass on their genes, salient in context of the IVF judgment, and men asking for paternity tests? The state views appear to be contradictory.

If at all there is a purpose to Life - earthly, not preordained - it is to secure the wellbeing and comfort of your progeny. Caveat: If your ancestors worked towards this goal not through the currently universally accepted unfair means, i.e. legal vice, slave trade, exploitation.
I am guided by the principles of science, and not any ideology or pop-psychology or arcane social-science buzzwords. If you can produce a counter-view that doesn't involve bombast or such labels, a discussion is welcome, for I will learn something. Otherwise, pointless. WDTT
Oh, really? Do stop being patronising and read The Origin of Species for a start. you will realise how empathy is not only intrinsically linked to Human Evolution, it is in fact one of its strongest determinants. WDTT.

Quite true. It isn't that certain phenomena can't be explained scientifically but rather they haven't been studied scientifically. I find this ineffable "beyondness" attributed to love, morality, spirituality etc irrational. Not just ill-considered but unconsidered.

Human morality and social behaviour can't be defined nor grasped by science. Any scientist that doesn't realise this basic limitation of science can't claim to have a basic understanding of what science is. Such a scientist can still be worth paying for the process ...

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Allegiance to the constitution concept is flawed

Assorted tweets:

Best book, in my modest opinion, about D-Day is Antony Beevor's masterpiece D-Day. [As Dutchman I read it in the Dutch translation.]

The God, The Prophet, and The Book
The #ConstitutionOfIndia represents a tyranny of ideas unleashed on a civilisation which for millennia has been a playground of ideas, not defined by a single idea, book or thinker #NarendraModi #SadhviPragya
..As seekers and rational thinkers, let our sole allegiance be to the truth and not to the leaders, spiritual or temporal, howsoever hallowed, neither any schools of thought, political, philosophical or spiritual, nor any books. We will outlast them all...
The very concept of sole allegiance to the constitution is flawed. The constitution is not a book set in stone. At any point in time it should reflect the will and the aspirations of those it is supposed to serve. The Indian constitution with several of its provisions retained from colonial times and more than 100 amendments made to it since it came into force, some of which were inserted without following due process, is hardly a book to look upon as infallible and pledge unswerving loyalty. (Is there such a book or any creation of human intelligence that can be regarded as such?)

If Nehru had not created IITs,  India would have made billions of dollars by licensing the use of Zero under Vedic Vishwa Licensing Shastras. No software or IT exports needed.  He declared IITs under Article 370, sadly. Patel disagreed. Ask the statue.

Nehru did not create IITs. Dr BC Roy, CM of West Bengal, set up first IIT in Cal in 1950; it later moved to Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur Act came in 1956. Soviet Union set up IIT Powai; US set up IIT Kanpur; Germans set up IIT Madras (all of them with trade surplus and aid).

Symmetry is the relationship that mattered most to Einstein’s legacy. But it hasn’t yet helped to explain why gravity is so weak, why the vacuum energy is so small, or why dark matter remains transparent.

Ancient Mittani Empire shows a strong connection with Vedic culture and Sanskrit. Needs more research on possible connections involved. Is this an early indication of India's Soft Power to the West much like those to Asia and the East prominent later?

I agree with @arvindneela . Too much feel-good nonsense generated by lazy and tamasic folks.  Ancient Indian narratives are rich in knowledge of history, science, technology, philosophy, medicine and more.  But to extract in a factual, objective testable manner takes efforts.

Did you know that west of Russia, the Lithuanian religion "Romuva" has a stylized Svastika as its official symbol?
Its deities include Parjanya, परजन्य, Žemė, Žemyna, (Skt. Kṣamā, क्षमा, Earth), Veju Māte (Skt. Vāyu Mātā वायु माता) and others.

We cannot thank Prof. Kak enough for bringing these ancient connections to light.
My opinion is that the Kurds are the descendants of the Mittani, and that the very name "Kurd" is probably derived from "Kuru", just as is the name "Kurush"/Cyrus -  the emperor of Persia.

Must read article why BJP led government can be called #fascist!

He was very upset about too much hype on english.  He is a jat.  Knows well of land jihad,  lil bit of love jihad..  Is very proud of jat history.  Said don't compare us with gujjars.  He said,  we don't sell or agriculture land easily.  Hence,  we rule in our areas.

This Shah guy is pathetic..I don't think renaissanc of Hindu civilization has anything to do with Modhi & Shahu..the sooner we kick these dhimmis in their teeth the better for Hindu cause..MOFO AS is begging anti Hindu parties like he is a sex slave to them..i spit on @AmitShah

Along with whitewashing their crimes, the Indian media has put in a massive effort in creating a false mystique around Modi and Shah as genius politicians, leaders etc
Ignore the bullshit mystification: Modi and Shah are just two vegetarian assholes from the West Coast of India

Something a friend said today that has stayed with me. She asked, ‘why are so many Hindus losing faith in @narendramodi so soon? You elected d man. Have a little faith, if not in him, have faith in your own judgement. You elected him for 5 years n you are losing faith in 5 weeks?

Unpopular Opinion: Just because Swarajya's views don't align completely with RW/Trad doesn't mean we disown them. Hard work building an ecosystem. It may be rudimentary to say the least but it's better than what was there 

I know some of them associated with Swarajya. Almost on nothing we see eye to eye. Ask @prasannavishy or @amargov But I subscribe to them and refer to everyone who I meet because these guys kicked a lucrative career & do this with this commitment. How many RWers will do this?

Pardon my harshness, but women can just not have sex before marriage then, no? If moral and virtue is so important to the woman
Bartering sex for marriage. That doesn't sound too good. Morality can either be burden on both or none.

Hindutva adherents have become restless and are increasingly loosing patience with Modi govt. This unpredictable turn can be ascribed to the Evolutionary intention outlined in the #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo. Many of his followers however remain staunch admirers of Hindutva, alas
Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on spirituality, yoga, meditation, experience, etc. belong to a very advanced domain and are likely to cause frustration in the reader not being easily accessible. Similarly, clutching on to temptation of miracles template brings depression.
Understanding the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and his political theory is a better course than straightaway proceeding on the spiritual path. Developing intellectual muscle in keeping with the demands of the present complex world is far more important than mere meditation or yoga.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Not concerned with evaluation of evidence
Posted by Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005) for eradication of intellectual malnutrition. @NathTusar Director, SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP) 201014

Plasim Radar

Not concerned with evaluation of evidence - Assorted tweets: The Mughals were an integral part of India – so why are they being labelled foreigners? [Replug]

Mind and Supermind, Part 3 - The challenges facing all of humanity require a different way of looking at issues and responding to them. The mind characteristically operates through an...

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Study and Sadhana - A question often stirs in my mind: Why is the Ashram atmosphere so full of mental activities? If people remain engrossed in them where will he the chan...

Constituting religion: From South Asia to Malaysia - At the start of his outstanding new book, *Constituting Religion*, Tamir Moustafa explains that initially his ambition extended beyond Malaysia to a comp...

cosmopolitan outlook - When sense and sensitivities get polished by unbiased observation based rational sophistication or as an aspect survival necessity, there emerges as part o...

Conscious and Unconscious: A Clarification of Terms - I want to continue with this subject of the self-revelation or self-disclosure in our times of the “Mind behind the mind”, but feel it is somewhat pressing...

Integral Yoga & Human Defects (IV) : What About Psychoanalysis Today ? - I recommend to all those who can read English the great cascade of comments posted yesterday by my psychologist friend Don Salmon who lives in the USA. All...

Filmy Musings: Amar Prem (and a painting at home) - I have this lovely, vibrant, colourful painting at my home. This water colour titled “Love Blooms” is done by my sister. It looks exquisite in a white si...

“A Theology of Failure” on the Magnificast - I recently went on The Magnificast to talk about my book: you can listen to the episode on Spotify, though it should also be available via your local podca...

A manifesting instrument of the Divine Shakti in her works - *Your only object in action shall be to serve, to receive, to fulfil, to become a manifesting instrument of the Divine Shakti in her works.”* *Sri Aurobindo...

Fighting against fascists is no less fascist - Assorted tweets: Rare Video of The Mother Playing Long Tennis @SAADelhiBranch

Sri Aurobindo provides diverse perspectives to sense imperatives -Awakening Bharat Mata: The Political Beliefs of the Indian Right Swapan Dasgupta - 2019 - ‎Preview This ...

Nietzsche or Emerson say to be more individual, Kant tells us to be more universal - Plasim Radar Lab of Evolution Yoga Intégral & Défauts Humains (III): Sri Aurobindo sur la Psychanalyse - NOTE DE SATPREM SUR LE PASSAGE DE “L’AGENDA DE MÈ...

Meritocracy makes the successful feel entitled and absolves the greedy of guilt - Basic purpose of Indian Constitution is to orient every person of an ethos transcending narrow boundaries like region or religion. This boils down to an i...

Geography and nature teach the primacy of diversity - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar Five hundred years back, Copernicus was struggling to prove that planets are revolving around the Sun...

My original contributions to understanding Sri Aurobindo - My original contributions to understanding or interpreting Sri Aurobindo can be summarised under a number of heads: 1) Against Hindutva, Mythology, & Astro...

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Meritocracy makes the successful feel entitled and absolves the greedy of guilt

Basic purpose of Indian Constitution is to orient every person of an ethos transcending narrow boundaries like region or religion. This boils down to an imposition; but Sri Aurobindo charts out the philosophical foundation and a method of psychological practice to inculcate that.

Situation isn't that bad as you paint. Each person represented some quality and contributed. The transition was precarious and leaders adopted enough caution to build a firm foundation. Now is the time to design the desired superstructure but intellectuals ignore Sri Aurobindo.

The whole of east has been a philosophical melting pot from the ancient times. #PrachiValley
Egypt is the cradle; can't be overlooked
Not an expert, but my feeling is that Odisha can't be understood without linking it to Egypt and Indonesia. Interpreting language and culture in isolation would be an error. Overdose of hubris around any deity, or even political figure, can distort an objective search for truth.
Mukti is one stream but physical immortality is another and temples and pyramids point to that in a concrete manner. This is an aim The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have resuscitated in our time. Trade was instrumental for exchange of knowledge between distant lands separated by seas.
Now that you are a proud possessor of The Life Divine you can begin with the last six chapters which Sri Aurobindo added after two decades. They are more sociological and futuristic. Besides his last essays on Mind of Light clarifies many a nitty gritty; Savitri has cryptic clues
There can be various opinions about the past which keeps on changing but the truth is that contact with European education and culture gave the Bengalis the first mover's advantage. Their position is secure in history; no one can dispute with that or remove them from the pedestal
I have not read him but many perceptive persons are recommending the books by Nigurananda (Professor Sachidananda Sarkar). You may check. There would be many others like him.

Evergreen Essays: Cricket, chess, or tennis: see life through the learning lens
Savitri Era Party: Savitri Era Party is the right alternative to Hindutva

People of India are being manipulated and exploited in various ways and those who are in the know are in the rolls of perpetrators. Deep State and Big Data are calling the shots in connivance with religious predators. The positive agenda of Savitri Era can combat vulnerabilities.

Dr. Alok Pandey's lecture on Aurobindo's work are so good. Such a bliss to hear them while travelling.

This means education should be scientific, habits should be scientific and clothing should be neutral, so the language we speak must also evolve to the neutral which enlightens the citizens about the neutral. This is the only way we can defeat China.

Spiritual learning of Bharat is steeply rooted in its Vedic learning.  In this book, 'Vedic Index' , Sri Aurobindo explains the importance of Vedic symbols, words, images and concepts. #SpiritualSunday

7) Hymns 39 - 43 (Verses 472 - 517):
Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 039 to 043 (including rare hymns to Pushan & Aryaman);
with #SriAurobindo's words on how 3 major aspects of the Vedic Sacrifice (Yajmana, Offering, Results) are dealt with in His psychological theory
8) Hymns 44 - 50 (Verses 518 - 599):

Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 044 to 050 (including hymns on Usha & glory of Surya);
with #SriAurobindo's words on how 3 major aspects of the Vedic Sacrifice (Yajmana, Offering, Results) are dealt with in His psychological theory

India and the Indian: Hindu nationalism is an inherently secular notion, not a theocratic concept, writes Sreemoy Talukdar My piece on a special series for @firstpost

पूरी दुनिया में “भारत” एक ऐसा देश है जहाँ लहसुन, प्याज खाने से पाप लगता है।
दलाली, रिश्वत व हराम की कमाई खाने से पाप नहीं लगता..👎

The incongruence between Hindutwa's imagined glorious liberal past & the stark reality of its insecure & violent present is shootng through the roof!

There was an attempt by reformist-liberal (sort of) elites to create something resembling civilization by copying from the West. But they copied some of the worst things, like utopian coercivism, and not surprisingly the project collapsed of its own self-contradictions & corruption

Curse that addiction to shine bright in corporate world and money chain bending,this thing is draining away the spiritual,transparent, self-luminous Bengali sentience field,thus we are not getting our sages,poets,scholars,warriors and mystics anymore.

This is a great problem of meritocracy. Too many people try to go for top and in time waste their resources.

Between 1948 and 1970, half a million people moved from the Caribbean to Britain, which faced huge labour shortages after the Second World War. They helped to rebuild the country. Their contribution to British society should be celebrated.

10) Better off, sometimes more liberal Americans have their own ideas about who deserves what. The ideology of meritocracy reassures them they deserve their wealth, status, and privilege. This lets them think of help for migrants, the poor or minorities as charity.
11) Meritocracy is also an individualistic ideology that obscures the working of wealth, power and privilege. It makes the successful feel entitled, as though they have earned what in fact has been given to them by a larger system.
12) Ostensible meritocracy confers false honor and absolves the greedy of guilt. It makes them feel innocent of causal responsibility for the suffering of immigrants. But they may feel moral obligation. And they may feel shame when their country is cruel to suffering children.

What's the best politics book you've read this year? Gideon Rachman's favourite authors of 2019 so far include @MichaelWolffNYC  @annafifield @paragkhanna and @kevinhorourke #FTreadinglist

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Only Sri Aurobindo remains relevant for the future

History, Critical Thinking & Autonomy
Prof Thapar claims that History departments at JNU & similar institutions use critical thinking and Social Sciences methodologies which are objective. She further claims that previous governments had policies of autonomy towards NCERT & other scholarship. I offer a counterpoint.
Watch On YouTube: CLICK Twitter: @RajivMessage
Watch part 1 of this series, "Nation & Nationalism" here: CLICK

by Kailash Chandra
The present study is an attempt to know the importance of rituals of Hindu's in spirituality. Spiritual psychology is the study of the unity of the spirit,...

Assorted tweets:

Post-Sri Aurobindo English nonfiction: Jiddu Krishnamurti has no parallel. Rushdie comes next. I keep Naipaul at No. 3. Rushdie is a greater artist than Naipaul.
Jiddu Krishnamurti was a supreme artist of nonfictional prose in the post-Sri Aurobindo era. What Ruskin Bond is to fiction Krishnamurti is to nonfiction. Charmers n dreamers, they put up some resistance against the  pollution of our consciousness.

Same here !To better appreciate plays by #SriAurobindo ,I believe 1 should also have a background of western mythology &🌍-history! SA beautifully used His knowledge to develop His literature!! Exposure to European languages certainly was a 👍 help, to His Father! @omram1206

Starting to read Sri Aurobindo, and his model seems to be opening up to higher spiritual dimensions that come down into you, which allow a more universal consciousness. Gebser sees distance from origin as a loss, how are these views compatible?

Dr. Alok pandey, The person who helped me or guided me at each and every moment of life . When I first time met him , we were like we are friends from years . In my life I have never met or seen such a person ...
It's all mothers grace , we all are blessed sir and even physical presence of guru sometimes becomes a hindrance , so it's even better

In your case you can make an exception. You risk to overwork yourself, see to it that you get the most convenient journey. Remember Sri Aurobindo has endorsed you & the young people of the earth. All the best, your sincerity counts.

Hinduism has never been about the chanting of slogans and bike rallies. Hindu is the only religion which preaches the concept of "Bhakti". Hindutva is Hinduness of Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda.

The greatest damage Nehru did to this country is to allow his PERSONAL beliefs and his FAKE image to over-ride country's interests... When I wrote "Chacha Returns"... most people laughed... You can see Nehru in "Saffron" now... Hypocrite, Deceiver..

Gandhian fetish - to seek praise from wicked/enemy, even at the cost of family, friends and countrymen - does not move by such reprimands. A galaxy of greats, from Tagore, Besant, SriAurobindo and many others, failed to impress Gandhi. Why wannabe Gandhis be any less, sir?
There is one more way, a la Sri Aurobindo: create doubt about their religion. This can be done so easily by all out verbal war against Islamic doctrines - totally nonviolent, and with negligible cost! Only things needed is clarity of mind, good conscience and a spine.

Pascal came to see that the surest way of defeating the erroneous views of others is not by bombarding the bastion of their self-righteousness but by slipping in through the backdoor of their beliefs.

Savitri Era Open Forum: Sri Aurobindo’s Shakespeare criticism is unmatched

Ideological confusion continues among those who have captured power on false planks. It's good in a way in as much as new ideas are discussed or experimented. Past theories have their limitations and must not be applied uncritically. Only Sri Aurobindo remains relevant for future.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Even when one is deep into Sri Aurobindo one loses balance

Assorted tweets:

In a democracy, elections are not designed to produce victors and vanquished. It is designed to produce a Government and an Opposition, both equally vital. Simple fact that many journalists and commentators seem not to have grasped.
If we wanted to have Governments without Opposition, we would have designed the Constitution in such a manner that the party with the most votes will take all the seats in Parliament.
And if we really wanted to have mass media owned and peopled by those who crawl, bend and demean themselves before the Government, we would have banned all media other than what is government-owned.

Read this important article by Krishna Prasad, speaking truth, without fear or favour, to the compromised Indian news media: Democracy can die in daylight too

Scientist and author @subhashkak1 explains in this fascinating piece how the ancient Indian astronomical and scientific concepts are the basis of the foundation of Western Sciences. Check out.
#HistoryAwareness #AncientIndianSciences

Brilliant article, a must read. Especially for folks here. "Pessimism can be hard to distinguish from critical thinking and is often taken more seriously than optimism, which can be hard to distinguish from salesmanship and aloofness."

Demographic impact of Christian Missionaries: India needs the equivalent of Russia’s Yarovaya law (writes @ShashankGoyal01)

You've probably heard the word #dharma before, but it's not always easy to know what one's dharma is. Here's a look at the history of dharma and how you can find yours.

One that comes to mind is Sri Aurobindo's very short piece, 'Philosophy', where he begins by contrasting 'the knowledge which a man of intellect prefers' to 'a more active and mundane curiosity'. It's in the collection Essays Divine and Human, but may also be published elsewhere.

A thread collating speeches and articles of great nationalist leaders and intellectuals of the past century.
Sri Aurobindo: Indian Resurgence And Europe
Sri Aurobindo: Lifeless Unity
Sri Aurobindo: India’s True Swaraj

Balance is the key word for true criticism. Sri Aurobindo teaches us how to be balanced in our judgement. All critics should read Sri Aurobindo to learn impartiality in judgement. I like Messey but I know the power of Ronaldo. Sri Aurobindo taught me this.
Balance n impartiality r not external tricks. Arnold didn't explain enough. Even when one is deep into Sri Aurobindo one loses balance! It's a long practice of criticism. "The inner must prepare before the outer follows."
Speech comes to many naturally, but to Ananda Lal with a special accent of calm n poise reminding us of the intonations of the Rigveda transferred to English by Sri Aurobindo. He has derived this great speech style of unhurried fluency from his father, P. Lal.

A Practical Guide to Integral Yoga: Extracts compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Ed. Manibhai remains the best book for beginners
The other one of course is the all time favourite The Sunlit Path by The Mother
"The Life Divine" by Sri Aurobindo sensitizes us to several pitfalls of pure empiricism such as Illusion of size, Illusion of quality, Illusion of quantity, Illusion of the obvious, Illusion of our present possibility, Separateness is an illusion, etc. ...

Got 5 months of pending salary all in one go,due to an accounting glitch,my dept was not being able to pay my emoluments,and now I am rich beyond words ,have never seen so much of money together anyway first I offered handsome amount to Mom,and then to Rishi Aurobindo
Also don't read yogic books on electronic medium like Kindle,because the act of touching a book in physical form brings about a transmission of idea frequencies at some level of existential plane,that I can't exactly explain with logic or science.
A good point touched by @ArpanAgarwal3 this vast flow of space-time matrix is actually one point of singularity,thus all 'being' is simply existing at once,on same primordial frequency,yet we perceive it in the mode of far,near,past,future etc due to the illusion of causality.

As Sri Aurobindo states: To strive intellectually is not the right attitude to approach such literature. The right way is to keep reading with a silent non judgemental/striving mind with an aspiration to get to its truths. Overtime it reveals itself. As for formidable length:/1
That is an illusion of the time-bound mind. Whether the book is long or short, one can only read  a word or a sentence at a time. Goal is to just read a little daily. Somedays the mind might have interest to read an entire chapter. One day one realizes that one has read it all./2

@JaganKurup Riding piggy back on Aurobindo and R.Tagore,the Left held sway.That liberty enshrines responsibility escapes all.If not my way,then the highway of violence ,is the ruling maxim.All fine  philosophies fall on deaf ears,the uncouth  and the unruly are  what fascinate .

Understanding the meaning of the tetramorph (or Aurobindo's "fourfold Atman" or Blake's "fourfold vision", or Rosenstock-Huessy's "cross of reality") therefore strikes me as crucial for our survival in an emerging four-dimensional cosmos.

Historical linguistics about the evolution of languages mostly skips the development of words for numbers. But there is nothing obvious about numbers, or how we call them. Obviously, it is difficult to convince a whole population to use random words for numbers they don't need.
Historical linguistics assumes the numbers popped out somehow. So I am trying to explain something which nobody (AFAIK) previously thought worth explaining. In that sense, this is a bit similar to Darwin's theory of evolution. Its competitor (creationism) is not a theory at all.
The word for 6 Shaṭ or Shashṭa "sixth" is derived from "sas", which refers to the act of sowing. A related word in Sanskrit is "Sasya" सस्य. You can see the similarity also in English "sow", originally from the root "savan" !
Indians would know precisely what this is.
The number 9 is remarkable because in most of the Indo-European languages the word means "new". In French, the words coincide"neuf". Same in Sanskrit "nava" नव.
What is this new thing about 9? Well after you fold 4 times (you get 8), you need a new cloth, or a new block of clay.

Isha Upanishad: the Methods of Realisation, Part 6, the Action of the Divine Will

Random inspection of Hooka bars done and Haveli, Black hukka bar and God father hukka bar sealed/ closed  in violation of norms

Plasim Radar

Love's Levenshtein distance - Not our Love to confute, nor Creator refute, nor by reason of a skeptic, or more septic, insistence, thine or mine The Moorean fact is, we both live to bu...

- The Economic Time of India interviews novelist Amitav Ghosh. "The world that we are heading towards is a very dark place, but something is salvageable. It...

India is variety personified - Mirage of a strong state is not a reality. *Making of a strong state is the reality and reality need not get confined to existing or established labels or...

Isha Upanishad: the Methods of Realisation, Part 6, the Action of the Divine Will - The final, 18th verse of the Isha Upanishad is an invocation of the divine Will to act in the life of the seeker, to overcome the pull of the egoistic cons...

3.7 Detachment - ... we have not either to be affected in mind by hunger or thirst or discomfort or ill health or attach the importance which the physical and vital man a...

Integral Yoga and Human Defects (I) : the Sense of Sin - (Translation from the original French article posted just before) On this Research Blog about integral conscious evolution as offered by the Integral Yoga ...

Aesthetics like nutrition should seek the right-mix - The irony of disowning one's culture The New Indian Express-04-Jun-2019 It is not wise to confuse the treasures of our heritage with the Hindu religion as ...

Catherine Prueitt hired by the University of British Columbia - Continuing the good news about Canada: Catherine Prueitt has accepted a position in at The University of British Columbia. Congratulations to her and to UBC!

Deepening the “zero-sum binary” - Via Islamic finance, “rites” have increased their power over “rights” in Malaysia.

The Anthropocene as Psychodrama - Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted ...

The right-wing reaction is part of the legacy of the fall of the Soviet Union - In Neoliberalism’s Demons, available wherever fine books are sold, I argue that the right-wing reaction is not a necessary outcome of neoliberalism — in pa...

Antithesis of Yoga - Antithesis of Yoga is a non-fiction novel about Auroville’s first 25 years. Jocelyn one of the early settlers in Auroville since 1969, chronicles the sto...

A Sellarsian solution for the self? - The conflict between Buddhism and qualitative individualism is a major difficulty for my own philosophy. In addressing that conflict, there … Continue read...

Geography and nature teach the primacy of diversity - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar Five hundred years back, Copernicus was struggling to prove that planets are revolving around the Sun...

A Series Inspired by India’s Rebirth – 3 - Author: Beloo Mehra (2019). Published under the title ‘When Young India Awakes’ in Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Vol. 50 (2 & 3), pp. 16-19. Continued from Part ...

Kusum-ben Nagda: In Memoriam by Anurag Banerjee - Dear Friends, On Sunday, 12 May 2019, one of the senior-most inmates of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram community as well as one of its most loved members breathe...

The Nature of Matter in Indian Thought – M S Srinivasan - In our earlier discussions on the nature of matter, we have studied in some details. The discoveries of New Physics in the series of articles, The Nature ...

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