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People of evolved religions have no binaries

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

... Sri Aurobindo in a systematic manner. He has authored 25 books. --- An offering to Sri Aurobindo on his 150th Birth Anniversary by Sri Aurobindo Centre ...
Poems of Tehmi - Within the Darkness (Read by Narad). 1 view · 3 minutes ago ...more. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo : E-library. 10.3K.
The Life Divine with Narad and Ranganath - Part 216 - Book 02, Ch. 5 (Pg 442-444). 1 view · 3 minutes ago ...more. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo : E-library.
... of Harindranath Chattopadhyay - Poems and Plays - Pain (Read by Narad). 1 view · 3 minutes ago ...more. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo : E-library. 10.3K. Subscribe.
The Parable of the Search for the Soul, The Book of Yoga, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo - Pages 486 and 487. No views · 27 minutes ago #themother #sriaurobindo # ...

Arising from, Arriving at 'Integrality': Delving into the Wisdom of Sri Aurobindo via Bindu Puri's Reading Sri Aurobindo

A Mishra
… of Sri Aurobindo to contemporary Indian philosophical discourse. This discussion is devoted to reviewing recent scholarship around the vision and wisdom of Sri Aurobindo, … and understanding of both books, the strengths and lacunae in …

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P Chacko
… Hindutva futurism Abstract: This presentation to argue that authoritarian populist politics in India utilizes populist discursive and mobilizing strategies to advance a ‘Hindutva … The symbolism of Hindutva futurism has been epitomized by an archetypal past-cum-future …

[HTML] logo Sabrang.

J Anand
… (I am reminded of the followers of Hindutva in our times for whom anyone and everyone who does not support them, are all put into one category and called Marxists !Interestingly, I am told that Muslim religious fundamentalists in India have …

Views From an Anti-Caste Movement: Caste, Labour, and Religion in Sangharsh

D Janarthanan - Social Change, 2024
… commonsense serving as handmaidens of caste inequalities and as gestative surrogates for Hindutva does not provide a sufficient scaffold for understanding. Unless we are satisfied with the portrayal of dalit partakers of Hindutva as ‘rice …

Anti-Caste Movements, Resistance, and Caste: An Introduction

J Abraham, D Janarthanan - Social Change, 2024
… If caste practices wear the imprint of the effects of larger processes like colonialism, globalisation, or capitalism, they are also shaped by state policies like the implementation of reservations for Other Backward Classes (OBCs), or the more …

[PDF] Tagore's Ideas of Patriotism with Reference to Gora

D Bhattacharya
… Gora‟s patriotism, which moves within the parameters of Hindutva, is partial and remains to be incomplete. Patriotism based on the worship of the nation lacks vision and judgement. Completely immersed in blind patriotism, Gora waits for a new …

Staging: Intercultural Publics

SJH Kim - The American Historical Review, 2024
… —Rabindranath Tagore in the 1910s, MK Gandhi in the 1930s, and Swami Yogananda in the 1930s—and Hindu texts inadvertently aided the Hinduization of Indian culture, a process that gained momentum in India in the 1920s with the …

[PDF] Structural inaccessibility in legal representations: A day in Guwahati High Court

G Salil
… The Karnataka Police SIT which was formed a year later has found links to right-wing Hindutva-organisations between some of the 17 suspects they have caught, including the supposed murderer himself. Yet, the situation is not helped by the fact …

[PDF] Emergence of the regional political parties in India: an Analysis

UR Kar
… The Hindutva ideology remains the foundation of the right-wing political group known as the Shiv Sena. In the 1980s, the Shiv Sena saw tremendous growth, and in the 1990s, it attained national prominence. Sena has been charged with starting …

[PDF] Policy Diffusion Among Domestic Political Parties in Multiparty Systems: An Analysis of Election Manifestos of Indian Political Parties

P Nasrin - Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs, 2024
Do political parties adopt each others’ ideas? This research argues that parties are more likely to employ party platforms from electorally successful domestic parties in a multiparty system while seeking public office. Focusing on religious issues as the …

Transnational Anti-Gender Politics

A Holvikivi, B Holzberg, T Ojeda
… queer movements in India need to be understood in relation to Hindutva fascism. This political project develops in relation to other global … anti-gender politics with the Vatican but with Chinese party communism or Hindutva nationalism? What if we …

[PDF] Unintended Consequences: Withdrawal from Documenta

T Smith - Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, 2024
… During November 2023, one member of the newly appointed Finding Committee was pressured by the new documenta management to resign due to his opposition to an event in Mumbai in 2019 that equated Zionism with Hindutva, while another …

[PDF] 'Development Has Gone Crazy': The Gujarat Model of 'Unequal'Development through Neoliberalism and Hindutva

R Akhtar - South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 2024
… As India opted to liberalise its economy in the early 1990s, we arrive at the fourth key moment in which Hindutva and … Hindutva and neoliberalism do not attempt to address these dichotomies, I suggest that this is because unequal development is …

Engaging with a Nation: Representations of India in the 21st Century

S Biswas - 2024
… It discusses key themes such as nationalism in the contemporary Indian context, the concept of Hindutva, Islam nationalism and queer … and the Hindu nation, if they obey the duties prescribed by the Hindutva ideology of motherhood. This …

Indian Americans: Visibility and Influence

S Sirohi - BIDEN AND BEYOND: The United States Rethinks …, 2024
… Some Indian and Pakistani Muslim Americans said he had not condemned Hindutva politics in India strongly enough even though he had condemned Islamophobia in strong terms — the new touchstones of diaspora and leftist politics. “If …

Endgame: Economic Nationalism and Global Decline

J Merchant - 2024
… ultraright Hindutva movement, Hindu nationalism has emerged as one of the government's key strategies for maintaining legitimacy in a stalled-out economy where both public and private investment have been declining for over a decade …

Fractured Narratives and Pandemic Identities: COVID-19, the (Post) Apocalyptic, the Dystopic, and the Postcolonial

OP Dwivedi, A Wansbrough - 2024
… and simply as symptoms of the westward movement of hegemony, from the imperial moment of the British Isles in the 19th century to the republican moment of US hegemony in the 20th towards the command economy of China in the 21st and …

[PDF] Queer Cost of Living Crisis: Interdisicplinarity (RSE Seminar Series)

Y Taylor, RK Dasgupta, H Marzetti, P Matthews - 2024
A conversation that took place as part of the Royal Society of Edinburgh funded Queer and the Cost of Living Crisis Seminar Series The Series is part of Yvette Taylor’s RSE Personal Fellowship on Queer Social Justice. The Queer and the Cost …

[HTML] Friends or Foes: Is Unamendability the Answer to Democratic Backsliding?

S Suteu - Hague Journal on the Rule of Law, 2024
Unamendability is often viewed as a ‘lock on the door’ that can keep enemies of constitutional democracy out, at least for a time. Unsurprisingly, it has also been invoked as a potential bulwark democratic backsliding. While it may not entirely …

The New Governance of Religious Diversity

T Modood, T Sealy - 2024
Religious diversity is a key feature of countries across the world today, but it also presents governments with very real challenges. Controversies around religious free speech, symbols, social values and morals, and the role of faith leaders as critical …

Politics from Below Essays on Subalternity and Resistance in India: By Alf Gunvald Nilsen. Abingdon: Routledge, 2024.

C Kuanr - 2024
… Nilsen argues that the binaries prevalent in subaltern studies limits the understanding of the ongoing defiance by dalit organisations against the incumbent Hindutva upper caste violence of the present (20). Threaded throughout his …

[PDF] “In her exhaustive and comprehensive study of the nonviolent struggle of Thomas Christians in India, Clara Joseph challenges the commonly held belief that India's …

R Jahanbegloo
I believe this book offers essential insights on this topic. For me, one of the most striking revelations was the discovery of hidden links between Portuguese military and trade ambitions and the imposition of celibacy on the clergy of the Thomas …

[HTML] Transcending Trauma: Exploring the Role of Spirituality in Psychiatry

C Giroux, I Song, D Patron
… Spirituality is therefore an integral aspect of human experience, often encompassing practices aimed at enhancing well-being and connection. These practices, which include yoga, deep breathing, meditation, and engaging with nature …

[PDF] From Rural Outcasts to Urban Cosmopolitans: Spiritual Healers in Seoul

L Sarfati - Journal of Urban Ethnography ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ …, 2024
… Similar to other cases where hypermodernity and the internet have become integral to vernacular traditional expressiveness, here too “… Her online self-introduction resonates with New Age terminology and practices like yoga and Buddhist …

[PDF] Behavioral and Attitudinal Constraints to Tourism: An Empirical Study of Local Residents in Badrinath Shrine, Uttarakhand

A Dhyani, G Dimri, A Dhyani, RP Dimri, SK Lal… - International Conference on …, 2024
As the primary objective, this research paper is an attempt to identify the role and then to provide remedies against the Behavioral and Attitudinal Constraints to Tourism of the local residents as the secondary objective. The study was carried out …

[PDF] Neighbourhood Renewal Area Annual Report 2018/19

NI Statistics - 2024
… • 24 yoga classes (15 people at each) … Yoga (8 people) • … The childcare services are an integral part of the success of the Centre providing much needed support for parents who may be in employment or training. …


M Singh - Jamshedpur Research Review, 2024
… Yoga balances and aligns the koshas through asanas, pranayama, meditation, and self-inquiry. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine, … For centuries, the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Yoga Sutras have taught spiritual searchers about …

'The richest, most powerful countries in the western world, those who believe themselves to be the keepers of the flame of the modern world’s commitment to democracy and human rights, are openly financing and applauding Israel’s genocide in Gaza', wrote Arundhati Roy wrote earlier this year, in a column widely read around the world. 


Derrida inspires deeper engagement with words, literature and culture. I don't consider him a philosopher as much as a thinker, in the best sense of the word.


Next up is Markus Gabriel's newest book "Sense, Nonsense, and Subjectivity". 

Probably the most extensive treatment of subjectivity in the "New Realist" tradition (at least since Gabriel's "The Meaning of Thought"). 

Let's see how it goes.


Saw the Hindukush/Pamirs! Reminded me of how the Aryans crossed them on their way to India in 1500 BCE. Here they found the most fascinating substance mentioned in the Rig Veda, watch here (youtu.be/EpR9FAcsReM) to know what!

I got really lucky that the plane dipped just as we were flying over the Hindukush/Pamirs. Quite a sight!! Can't believe this journey of the Aryans is something that the RW in India is ashamed of and wants to deny despite incredible evidence, here (youtu.be/EpR9FAcsReM)

Why is the RW in India ashamed of its amazing history? Discuss (15 marks)

Aryan migration is a fact, dodo! Here's genetic proof, read the full paper here (science.org/doi/10.1126/sc…)


Yoga-Vedanta is the way to understand the secrets of the Self-aware universe within us, not any scientific theory, religious belief or political ideology. Awaken to your Inner Being and you can transcend time and space, name, form and number to the Self of all.


Hindutva aks Hinduism aka Sanatana Dharma is a universal religion even though it originated in India. Savarkar's attempt at defining who is a Hindu by anchoring it to India (Pitrubhumi, Punyabhumi) has the danger of particularising the universal Hindu religion to a territory... 

God has not created religion, nor is he/she/it unconcerned about your religion. In fact, he/she/it is not even concerned with you at all. It is people's quest to know: who they are, where have they come from, who has sent them, why are they here, where will they go, etc. Over aeons people have compiled their life experiences and explorations into these unknowables which have come down to us as body of knowledge. That body of knowledge about unknown in essence is about Hindu and all other evolved religions. As a result of their preoccupation with truth seeking, people of evolved religions have no binaries, have no injunctions to be followed under pain of punishment, no conversions, and no anything. Hindus and all others following evolved religions live and let live whatever you follow or don't follow them. And it is these peace loving evolved religions which are annihilatory attack by the intolerant established religions.


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Moksha is not the goal but endless evolution

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

From January 1968 till August 1970, the Mother was reading chosen passages from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri and giving Her explanations which were tape-recorded ...
19 hours ago — Vide., Sri Aurobindo, Hymns to the Mystic Fire, Vol. 11, SABCL, 1972. 12 Vide., RV (Turīyam Svid), X.67,1. 13 The Angirasa legend is to be ...
New Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra at Nilapari. Malkanagiri. Dt.28-05-24. No views · 9 minutes ago ...more. THE FLAMING PIONEERS. 1.17K.
“Despair on the Staircase” by Sri Aurobindo @thepointedvision by #TheXplainer. 1 watching now · 1 minute ago ...more ...
3 hours ago — Sri Aurobindo. 'The Mother' | book · 'Savitri' | Four Editions · First (1950-51) 'Complete' Edition · Second (1954) 'University' Edition · Third (1970) ' ...
New Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra at MPV -21, Malkangiri. Dt.27-05-24. 1 view · 8 minutes ago ...more. THE FLAMING PIONEERS. 1.17K.

There are two schools.One which believes world is Maya and one has to escape from it by Moksha.Second school is world is evolving and soul is voluntarily here by Lila of the Divine.Moksha is not the goal but endless evolution.Sri Aurobindo was of the second School.

I follow Sri Aurobindo.Moksha or Liberation would not end the soul's evolution.Earlier it evolved in ignorance ..then it would evolve in Full knowledge..

You can read his works.available online.Sri.A 's first spiritual experience was Nirvana.He was granted Liberation then and there in 3 days.But his real  sadhana started only after Liberation.

I rely only on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Up to each to follow in whom they have faith.


Sri Aurobindo is in a different league with the likes of Vyasa and Vedic maharishis. Wouldn't put anyone except perhaps for Vivekananda in the same sentence with him.


A counter. Brahmins, esp TBs are tied to tradition and hence aren't the cultural elites they used to b as world has evolved. Ex: Sri Vaishnavas still stuck with say Vedanta Desika & are clueless (barring few notable exceptions) about Sri Aurobindo's Integral Vedanta and poetry.


Vaidika culture is not "elite". It is *now* just yet another rigid tradition followed mostly in a dogmatic way. An anachronism in the way it's practised. 


The real vedantic elites are those following Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo, studying Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhava, Ramakrishna and Sri Aurobindo in a syncretic way, and they are caste agnostic. Traditional adherents are living in outdated echo chambers and have been far surpassed.


Were Hitler & Stalin Demons In Human Form? Rajarshi Nandy Shares Sri Aur... youtu.be/2kDEoEXvgXA

Georges Van Vrekham has written a well researched book on it based on the revelations of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


New Secret revolutionary societies, Bengal nationalism and Śaktism: The socio-spiritual philosophy of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and the armed resistance against British Colonialism


In this webinar, join us with Dr. Sampadananda Mishra who will revisit the principles, core teachings, the Shastras, and practices, in the light of Sri Aurobindo's yoga.


Sri Aurobindo's approach was better. Savarkar was a brilliant thinker and sacrificed a lot for India, but that doesn't mean every single thing he said was perfect- would be an unfair bar to judge anyone by.


I do not think so. Savarkar is really a European man through and through, albeit whose heart beat for the Hindus. He really held the view that there can be no real religious confrontation in a "modern" world.

Aurobindo too was... but he knew that a real Hindu will overcome that Eurocentricism. Such was the prestige of Europe... that even the brilliant Savarkar could not escape...


Indirectly #SriAurobindo admitting Himself to be incarnation of #Srikrishna ! What a Grace ? Just casually went through this WhatsApp message and got this revelation !


The second episode of the series introducing the major literary works of Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa features Parva and Daatu . These are deservedly acclaimed literary classics written by an author at the peak of his powers.
Do read the whole piece! 


Opinion: Why Hindu Kings Destroying Temples is Politics Not History

'Leli' historians Hindu temple destruction theory uses distant, dodgy & unreliable sources, says @Utpal_Kumar1 @firstpost

news18.com/opinion/opinio… @TVMohandasPai @sunandavashisht @Aabhas24 @thebritishhindu


This comprehensive paper by @AnkurKakkar17  explores the dimensions of families and #Jatis in preservation and transmission of traditional #IndianKnowledgeSystems.

It explores how various domains such as #VedicEducation, #Ayurveda, #drama (#Kutiyattam), #architecture, and #pottery were primarily taught within family homes, highlighting the hereditary and decentralized nature of #education in medieval and early modern #India

This family-centered approach ensured the continuity of India's rich knowledge traditions for generations.

#PedagogyEducationalHeritage #Conference #gurukula @IndicaOrg



[HTML] Unpleasant happenings in a so-called 'Culturally Developed State of Bhadraloks'

S Chatterjee - track2training.com
243 days ago - … Aurobindo was also arrested for planning and overseeing the attack and imprisoned in … In Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo dedicated himself to his spiritual and philosophical …

Between the Two Mother Indias: Normativity and the Home

JD Luther - Queering Normativity and South Asian Public Culture …, 2023 - Springer
241 days ago - … Aurobindo Ghosh, an early nationalist (later to transition into the spiritual swami Shri Aurobindo… that believed in the primacy of Vedic values, established in the 1870s by …

All Life is Yoga: An Introduction

SA Clarence-Smith - Prefiguring Utopia, 2023 - bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
252 days ago - … Karma Yoga is one of the three paths of yoga, according to Vedic scripture. It is elucidated in The Bhagavad Gita, a foundational text for Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and …

A Spiritually Prefigurative Culture: The Uniqueness of Auroville's Utopian Practice

SA Clarence-Smith - Prefiguring Utopia, 2023 - bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
252 days ago - … work’ arises from ancient Indian Vedic teachings that identify ‘… to progress spiritually, Sri Aurobindo identified Karma Yoga as … of our worldly pursuits (Sri Aurobindo, 2015). …

Divine Anarchy? The Development of the Auroville Polity

SA Clarence-Smith - Prefiguring Utopia, 2023 - bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
252 days ago - … Mother and Sri Aurobindo – a civil servant who had joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in … Although India’s Vedic, yogic tradition has long been the face of Indian spirituality …


K Nikhil - European Journal of Literary Studies, 2023 - oapub.org
252 days ago - … in the being of Sri Aurobindo. Such yogic truth evades the vision of the Vedic Rishis and the Gita. In other words, the yogic consciousness of the Vedas, the Upanishads, …

A Critical Analysis Of “Matter And Manner” In Amrita Pritam's Autobiography 'Shadows Of Words'

K Sakthivel, M Soundhararajan - Journal for ReAttach Therapy and …, 2023 - jrtdd.com
259 days ago - … According to her the Indian Vedic books and Upnishads … special reference of Rig Veda Pritam talks about Self … offered by Shri Aurobindo, seven destinations of stream of …

[PDF] Indian Management: New Routes to Corporate Culture

N Chatterjee - ieomsociety.org
259 days ago - … based on the philosophy propagated by Sri Aurobindo, influenced by the Indian Ethos … The Vedic era has witnessed a strict code of conduct where the duties of the kings, …

[PDF] Evolution of Aesthetics: Navigating the Intersection of Traditional and New Media Art Practices in India

MA Ratn, F Deeba - Evolution, 2023 - researchgate.net
271 days ago - … Sri Aurobindo, a prominent figure in Indian literary criticism, presents a comprehensive and synthetic approach to aesthetics rooted in Vedas and Upanishads. Traditional …

[B] Attentive Minds: A History of the Indian Performative Art of Avadhāna from the Origin to Modern Times

H Cielas - 2023 - books.google.com
267 days ago - … Vedas created techniques that allowed śrotriyas, “those who have heard," reciters conversant in Vedas, to keep … The modes of recitation and transmission of Vedas can be …

Journey of Resilience and Social Transformation: Resonant Voice of Dalits in the Select Works of Rajarao and Rohinton Mistry

RK Goswami - Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed …, 2023 - eduzonejournal.com
264 days ago - … Bhatta spells out his foreboding, “They will one day put themselves in the place of Brahmins and begin to teach vedas. I heard only the other day that in the Mysore …

Visibility of Albert Einstein's Four-Dimensional Plane of Existence in Sri Aurobindo's Yogic Vision of 'Space'in His Epic “Savitri”

N Kumar - European Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences, 2023 - ejtas.com
270 days ago - … Silence, or what Sri Aurobindo calls, ‘impersonal silence… to undertake yoga, says Sri Aurobindo who is the Soul of … the yoga of, what Sri Aurobindo terms, ‘psychicisation’. 

[PDF] Karmayoga Analysed through Spinoza's Perspective on 'Eternity'and Bergson's 'Élan Vital'

SR Bhandari - OUSL Journal, 2023 - account.ouslj.sljol.info
264 days ago - … The actions prescribed in the Vedic scriptures only for the reward of beneficial consequences do not … They follow the letter of Vedas, and they say: ‘there is nothing but this.’ …

How did the tiger get its stripes, and the cheetah its spots? Alan Turing set out to explain nature's patterns, and sort of succeeded


Charles Taylor is perhaps the greatest living defender of Romanticism. In this short video (edited from a publicly available lecture for the purposes of my Taylor upcoming seminar at USC) he also explains how music rose to maybe the most personal art form



A question for people who know Robert Rosen's work: what's the current status of his claim that MR systems aren't Turing-computable? I've read most of the (few) relevant papers on this but am not competent to judge and there seems to be no clear consensus.


Doomism is a toxic mindset. It is quite simply wrong on every level. Those involved are well-meaning but deluded. My current book is in part a refutation of doomism, but also I describe #transhumanism and #cosmism


[PDF] The Practice of Hinduism in Malaysia

I Sivanathan, KP Thamburaj, K Ponniah, L Arumugum - International Journal of …, 2024
This study investigates the vibrant expression of Hinduism in Malaysia, focusing on the Indian diaspora that has predominantly settled in the region over the last three to four generations. The Indian community, initially brought in during the colonial era …

11. Knowledge Management for Employees

C Bharathi - 1st International Conference,'Resonance': on Cognitive …, 2024
… An integral role played by data organizers (future knowledge managers) is absolutely crucial in making these connections possible. … , meditation, morning meeting, yoga, group discussion, encounter, emotional interview and Daily Feelings …

Thinking About Religion in the 21st Century: A New Guide for the Perplexed

GC Adams Jr - 2024
The crisis of 21st-century religion is upon us. With fewer people remaining committed to traditional religions and most new religious movements in their infancy, where does that leave the vast “silent spiritual majority” who find the old religions to …

[PDF] Salutogenic outcomes and their personality predictors in participants of year-long Antarctic expeditions

O Kokun, L Bakhmutova - Polish Polar Research
Prolonged stays in extreme living and working conditions at Antarctic stations can result in both negative psychological manifestations and possible positive, salutogenic effects. The aim of this study was to check an assumption about existing …

The Magic of the Seal: Ocean Messengers

M Godfrey - 2024
This book will take you on a journey to awaken a spiritual relationship with the seal, familiarizing you with the seal's anima as well as its history with the Gaelic ancestors of the British Isles. The Clan of the Seal on North Uist, and the traditional oral …