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Thursday, July 05, 2018

From Matamahi to Mahanati

Practicing Bankim Chandra's philosophy

Millennium Post-13 hours ago
Sri Aurobindo, who had himself conferred on Bankim the honorific of 'Rishi' – seer and one of the makers of modern India – had clearly seen the symbolism of ...

BJP a Party With Hindutva Agenda, Claims Revised NCERT Textbook

News18-19 hours ago
Spiritual leaders Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda, freedom fighters Lala Lajpat Rai and Vallabhbhai Patel, Peshwa and Maratha general Bajirao Ballal, ...

Remembering Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, the man who gave us ...

India Today-27-Jun-2018
Vande Mataram has been India's national song since 1937. Sung by generations of Indians to evoke the motherland, the song was written by Bengali writer ...

With farsightedness, Syama Prasad called to link education and industry

The New Indian Express-30-Jun-2018
His formidable reputation as an educationist and an uncompromising nationalist, led the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Puducherry select him as the ...

[PDF] Indian English dramas of Asif Currimbhoy, Girish Karnad and other playwrights.
MM Deshpande
… Before Independence,therewere two great dramatists Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and Rabindranath Tagore.Infact drama for them had been a sort of left handwriting as either of them was great poet-saint-philosopher.The trend …

Ecology in Practice
D Ravishankar, A Suhasini, AP Bandari
… The city maintains a close connection to the Sri Aurobindo ashram, and its foundation in the spiritual philosophy of Sri Aurobindo suggests the kind of hybrid attributes to which Dr. Ravishankar had gestured on opening day …

Assorted tweets for general information:

The Initiation of a New Era in Human History
We often misjudge the importance of an event, or what it portends, from the small and seemingly innocuous way it begins and comes to our notice.  Who could imagine, for instance, looking at the majestic redwood trees that they sprout from a tiny seed, or that the grand spreading oak tree begins from an acorn.  Similarly, the advent of the League of Nations represents a watershed event in human history, as it represented the first global attempt to bring humanity together to try to resolve issues through collaboration rather than conflict.  The failure of this specific bodily form for the idea of human unity was not a defeat of the concept; rather, it was a sign that the form was not yet correctly developed and solidly based.  It took another worldwide conflagration to emphasize the importance of developing a mechanism for interchange, communication and discussion as an alternative to world war.  The founding of the United Nations after the end of World War II represented then another chance of embodiment for an idea that was driving towards manifestation.  The United Nations itself is not a perfect form, certainly, and the concept has been distorted by the existence of veto power exercised by dominant world powers to protect their own egoistic vested interests.  Yet, the process continues and the United Nations certainly represents an advance on the tentative steps taken by the League of Nations.

3. A relatively new sprung tendency to describe Mughal rule as foreign is increasingly creeping into historiographical accounts. No doubt part of a larger project to undermine the contribution of a specifically Indo-Islamic contribution to the creation of India, over time.

'Women in Vedas', her recent book is a wonderful collection of Vedic Verses. An eloquent speaker and prolific writer, an authority on Rashtra Kavi Bharati and Mahan Shri Aurobindo Gosh, Dr. Prema Nandakumar is a gifted women of our era. #4YearsOfModiGovt #SamparkForSamarthan

My new article: PIE and AIT are linked and do not allow ancient dates for Sansk/Vedas. In this article I propose a very ancient mother language called "Matamahi bhasha" that gave rise to "proto-European". No more PIE. I remove the "Indo" from IndoEuropean
I propose that 8000 to10,000 (or more) years ago was a Matamahi bhasha that gave off a branch that became "Proto-European" and spread to Europe. Matamahi bhasha also gave rise to Sanskrit. Sanskrit and European languages are related not because of PIE but an even earlier langauge
In the above article I suggest reasons why western Indologists get their chaddis in a knot and start accusing Indians of RW Hindutva if they protest and say Sanskrit is older than 1500 BC AIT date. 200 years of lies will be shown up by an older date for Sanskrit
For western Indologists and "sanskritists", Sanskrit is like a urinal. They cannot do without it but complain about the stink. But is they who are pissing on Sanskrit and other languages.
Thanks. As you rightly point out - it is only a framework. Actual dates of mine are only speculation - they may be much older. You know better than most that the history of Sanskrit goes as far back as 15-20000 years.
Thanks. There are many people doing this but western academics have to tippytoe and do it apologetically. I don't care and neither do other Indians and that angers linguists and anthropologists  who have been bullshitting like there is no tomorrow. I have more coming later
In fact this article is an extension of that. Bhimbetka language may have been Matamahi bhasha - a much better name than the "proto-Indian" that I used in my talk. But this is not the end. I will build up on this - a lot more is needed to tear down 200 years of linguistics lies.

The basis of #science is probability. It's all just formal logic, extended through probability and the assumption of empiricism. Also, replication is not a necessary component of science, falsification is.
However, you might learn something if you take those two courses that I suggested. For instance, in many cases we can predict a choice, simply based on fMRI data, before the person even becomes consciously aware of their decision. Wherever there is predictive power, there is falsification. Oh and while there is nothing wrong with being self taught, the problem is that in many cases, those who are self taught do not check their knowledge against expertise and do not have any check on how well they understand the topics they're learning.
The only issue you have there is attempting to confirm a theory, which is not how science works. A priori information is perfectly acceptable when falsifying. Regardless, neuroscience and psychology use falsifiable theories, and so they are #science.
Most "#science" uses the wrong methodology at this point, as most scientists are trying to confirm their theories. Regardless, you are totally incorrect about psychology and related fields being unfalsifiable. But good job rejecting multiple fields of study in order to assert your totally unjustified position. Now, in many ways there are weaknesses: cost and ethical limitations which prevent very high degrees of significance, reproducibility, etc. But that's not what makes #science science.

Who is we? Humanity is not one single monolith with common goals and uniform thinking (that could only exist with religion ironically, and not even then). 
Actually atheism has died out many times.  It's a belief system as old as civilization, yet has achieved nothing.
So is democracy. Flying horses and preachers in the sky is as absurd as the idea that power flows upwards through masses and not downwards through force, it's just you have trained your mind only to find the former as silly when the latter is far sillier.

Reason isn't an ideological position. Human beings have always been possessed of reason. That's why they, being the weakest of living creatures, could survive all through this time.
Conversely, it can be strongly argued that this scientific fanaticism is so unreasonable that it just assumes the human being is capable of using all technological advancement positively.

This is ofcourse very very "problematic" to both "progressives" as well as votaries of social "science" who like to move towards a "progressive" ideal of ever increasing "liberty" and eventually hit the "End of history" so to speak.
Non Science keeps getting the better of Science in the world of affairs where Science, notwithstanding its  mathematical precision and its incredible self confidence, is often as helpless as a babe in the woods.

No, it's not biting and neither is there any irony! Your assumption that there is only 1 type of "basic human nature", ie, the selfish type, however, is premature!
Many, including self, would like to see no1 hungry to the point of dying, homeless or miserable due to lack of medical care
Stereotyping people as bhakts, chamchas, tards, etc only leads to Black & White vision. Refrain from doing so & see the Colours of Life
That's one problem with the pro-choice market liberals argument.
If a person just has to spend his youthful life in a job that frustrates him or burdened by education loan or healthcare expenses where exactly is the choice? How is the market giving us more choices?

Question in an Integral public forum: How is an integrally intelligent being supposed to interact with lower spectrum cultures without becoming persecuted, and yet still communicating integral knowledge? My...

After Prithviraj, Renji Panicker expresses regret for misogyny in his films

Tollywood makes a biopic on Mahanati Savitri. Shows a woman who lived on her terms setting standards for heroines everywhere. 
Bollywood makes a biopic on Sanjay Dutt, convicted under Arms Act for possessing an AK 47. 

A subtle messaging in the #Mahanati movie is the scene where the orthodox Hindu lady journalist realises the value of true love in a Church
I just published “Mahanati — An Underwhelming but Passable Attempt”

A lot of 'romance' in Telugu cinema is criminal and I'm tired of it, a viewer writes. @nebulochaoticaf writes and makes some REALLY good points

How long will we continue this futile pattern of oppressing ourselves?

The Intellectual Dark Web & the Evolution of Consciousness: via @YouTube

BJP Targeting Reservation

Pesky uncle @mohitsatyanand is on a one-man mission to bring civility to Delhi:
Think he's got a chance?

Understanding evolution also means understanding that there are differences in IQ and mental ability between different races and ethnicities and even castes .

Einstein and his therapist. ''happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.''

That one's religion is superior and can offer smooth salvation is a superstition. A belief system is irrational by definition and hence should be seen as a prison. Science has not been able to define man or the world and the idea of God is still a supposition. So humility is must

Again you have put some conditions. Each citizen has every right to change his religion (individually or in mass) as many times as he likes or finds advantageous to reap benefits (in this life or in the afterlife) that is available instantly or likely to be available as promised.

You have set so many conditions that my original intention has turned too constricted. You may reconsider: Why people are so touchy about religion? Who gives right to someone to bother about how many times a fellow citizen converts and how does it matter? This domination must end

One can take admission in a school or college of one's choice; eat in a favourite restaurant. One has the liberty of marrying the person s/he selects but why won't religious conversion permitted in this country is a conundrum. Those who feel threatened by it shouldn't set agenda.

You are right but there is a mystery behind it relating to Sri Aurobindo since August 15 is his birthday. His unseen influences are many like Hitler's downfall but they are not recorded in history books. Hitler had boasted that he will take tea in Buckingham Palace on August 15.

Contesting narratives backed by political and religious formations are seeking attention space. Immature minds are getting sucked into them easily as formidable tech power and glamour are pressed into service. Sri Aurobindo, fortunately, has left behind an alternative manifesto.

It's normal to perceive spirituality as mystic, occult, or esoteric and descriptions of successive layers of a person's consciousness spelled out by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo confirm it. The challenge however is to focus on some practical goal reflecting howsoever little of it.

Part 2 of a 1952 documentary about Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Multiple videos of The Mother, as well as of Sri Aurobindo room and Samadhi. A unique footage of our Masters and early days of the Ashram brings joy to the heart of any devotee.

Savitri Era: Ashis Nandy has done immense damage to Sri Aurobindo

Marketime: Shame and guilt have corrupted the whole area of sex @NathTusar @AnaMyID @neha_aks
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Shame and guilt have corrupted the whole area of sex

Philosophical perspectives on suffering and evil in colonial India
N Bhushan - The History of Evil in the Early Twentieth Century, 2018
… In the early twentieth century, public intellectuals who were involved in the Indian independence movement, such as Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Dayanand Saraswati and Rabindranath Tagore …
[PDF] A Handbook of Rural India
S SJodhka - 2018
… This would require some amount of rigorous substantiation through a reading of Hegel and the Gita, but rather what is to be found are ref- erences to the works of Vishwanath Prasad Varma's The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo …

[PDF] KD Sethna-A Poet Par Excellence
P Bhatnagar
… html Abstract Sri Aurobindo ranks among the greatest personalities of modern India …Sri Aurobindo has been a great source of inspiration for the intellectuals of his times. He has many followers who are drawn to him irresistibly. They …

[PDF] Of Innocence and Experience: Tracing the Journey of Ramaswamy in Raja Rao's The Serpent and the Rope
G Karmakar
… Rama realises that if he wants to surrender himself to the God then he has to surrender himself to his Guru and his thinking resembles the sayings of Sri Aurobindo: “In surrendering to the Guru is to the divine in him that one …

[PDF] Minimalism in Modern Indian English Poetry: A Study
V Rajasekaran, C VIT
… The Indian poetry in English has gone through many changes from 1901 to 1947, before independence and continued to grow after independence up to the present day. The pre-independence poets include Toru Dutt, Sri Aurobindo and Sarojini Naidu …

NA Habib - Journal of South Asian Studies, 2018
Page 1. JS Asian Stud. 2018 – In Press XXX Available Online at ESci Journals Journal of South Asian Studies ISSN: 2307-4000 (Online), 2308-7846 (Print) Book Review: THE ROLE OF CULTURAL …

Gandhi and International Law: Satyagraha as Universal Justice
SG Sreejith - Locating India in the Contemporary International Legal …, 2018
Gandhi's encounter with international law, as the discipline is understood in the classic epistemological and functional sense, is tangential. Hence,there are hardly a few legal discourses that have...

Shashi Tharoor-An Era of Darkness_ The British Empire in India-Aleph Book Company (2017)

Assorted tweets for general information:

A festschrift for my philosopher brother Ashis to celebrate his 80th. Edited by Iranian-Canadian scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo and Ananya Vajpeyi who works at the intersection of intellectual history, political theory and critical philology published by Oxford University Press.

There should to be some distinction between your own ideas and those of past authors. So mentioning their names will help in easy grasping of concepts. Further, Sri Aurobindo has written extensively on these topics which may be referred to or contrasted with wherever necessary.

Sure. I mention inspirations and influences invariably. But in this particular thread, it was mostly my own views, though the conflict between Progress and Diversity was suggested off-hand in an interview I heard recently with Harvey Mansfield, the Harvard Political Philosopher

Let’s debate materialism, a #workshop at RJ College, #Mumbai. On #Marx and Chattopadhyay, to celebrate their birth centennials. I will speak on Marx vs #Hegel and Chattopadhyay vs #Ambedkar. ⁦@rjcollegemumbai⁩ ⁦@Uni_Mumbai⁩ ⁦@MarxPhilosophy⁩ ⁦@cpimspeak⁩

Will speak on the #Buddhist foundations of #Ambedkar ‘s #political #philosophy on 7th July in #Mumbai. At Somaiya #vidyavihar #centre for Buddhist Studies. @KJSIMSR @SomaiyaTrust @Buddhism_Now @PhilosophyNow @NowBuddhism

A Blog in “The Times of Israel”:
For more than one century Sherlock Holmes has not gotten old. Tall, thin, with an eagle’s nose, he first appeared in the streets of London in...

Review of Kancha Ilaiah’s “Why I am not a Hindu” #antihinduagenda #antisemitic

Can a live-in relationship be treated as de facto marriage: Supreme Court

While the internet is a great platform to talk about causes that matter, sometimes it might also become a place that distorts perceptions of beauty and reality, don't you think?

Slang is used because our minds have been conditioned to feel shame about our sexual body parts, by the manipulators behind our big religions. 2/
Shame and guilt have corrupted the whole area of sex. Where it should be natural and fun, even transcendent, it is loaded with preconceived rubbish, spoon fed now by the whole culture, even when one is not explicitly raised in a church atmosphere. 3/

more than mirrors, others eyes and words complimenting people even if they themselves consider themselves ugly looking, is more precious to all - across the gender-board.

Dharma is not law. Dharma is much larger and wider concept than that. There is no possible way laws can change the society because self-restraint only works if it comes from within. Enforcing self-restraint never works and never will.

The thinking that laws can replace imparting Sanskaras, individual dedication to Dharma etc itself is Adharmic to an extent & leads to extreme levels of idiocy like we see in fascism or communism. How exactly are you going to adjudicate leering w/o resorting to nutty 5 sec rules?

Islamic laws are respected even by Indian Penal Code and Twitter. Dharma is disrespected because Hindu smritis were taken to be "laws" and then mocked without understanding that they were laws only for their era. Our forbears have screwed us and now we don't know what law means

The controversy surrounding sexual abuse allegations against five priests of Malankara Orthodox Church in Kerala has turned murkier.

The Varieties of Hope

Feminism and Revolution: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

‘Liberals’ Now Play  Victimhood Card Without Realising Joke Is On Them via @swarajyamag
“Liberals” ought to be ashamed that it is the “Hindu nationalist” BJP that is fighting social evils in Indian Islam, and not they themselves. Effectively, they are standing on the same side as retrograde ulema and reactionary elements. 

Didn't you read that atrocious New York Times piece that argued that 'freedom of expression' only reinforced present power relations and served the elite? 🙂

He has made idiotic statements and this is rather in line with other such idiocy exhibited by the H leadership in the domain of knowledge: the BJP banker's anti-AITism along with a whole cohort of such; the support for astrology in earlier iterations, shrI Dobhal's knowledge of

Here's how we could create super-intelligence #neuroscience

My talk at Indology 3 Chennai on AIT starts at 27:30
My talk at Chennai

#Anti-Hindu #Media Fueled By Bigotry is a Growing Problem in #India #burkadhutt #cnnibn #hindu

Alexander vs Porus: Beyond the fog of war #IndianHistory

Advitiya Vishnu Vaada-III: Jiva is Vishnu’s reflection #Hinduism #Dharma

The Intellectual Religion of Humanity: Its Positive Direction and Its Limitations

A Spiritual Religion of Humanity Is the Hope of the Future

Read George Washington’s "110 Rules of Civility": The Code of Decency That Guided America’s First President

David Byrne Launches the "Reasons to Be Cheerful" Web Site: A Compendium of News Meant to Remind Us That the World Isn’t Actually Falling Apart

A Disclaimer for the Resurgent Indic Civilization to Save It from Derailing

Check out "Intersect: Science & Spirituality" - a conference in Telluride, CO later this month

Modern India is beholden to a host of Westerners who have discovered countless facets of its history and literature. Their religious or political predilections might have been responsible for some slant or distortion, still they deserve respect and engagement. Krishnaprem is one.

India is so vast and varied that discourse on multiple levels go on but freedom and courage is missing for full-throated airing of opinions. Restraint imposed by tradition and culture thwarts individualism and people plough safe. Ontological uncertainty also subverts confidence.

In his enthusiasm as a scholar, Ashis Nandy has done immense damage to Sri Aurobindo. A whole generation got prejudiced; ignored Sri Aurobindo. Nandy has never shown that he has actually read some important works of #SriAurobindo but he can make some amends for the injustice done

In the last two years of his life, Sri Aurobindo wrote eight essays which are extremely significant. Dilipkumar Roy argued over Perfection of the Body. [From the Bulletin of Physical Education (1949-1950): The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth: Message]

Marketime: Cicero and Seneca were steeped in Greek literature @NathTusar @harsh8848 @Ram_Guha
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Cicero and Seneca were steeped in Greek literature

With farsightedness, Syama Prasad called to link education and industry

The New Indian Express-8 hours ago
His formidable reputation as an educationist and an uncompromising nationalist, led the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Puducherry select him as the ...

Remembering Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, the man who gave us ...

India Today-27-Jun-2018
Vande Mataram has been India's national song since 1937. Sung by generations of Indians to evoke the motherland, the song was written by Bengali writer ...

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: Feared Even in Captivity by Santanu ...

Free Press Journal-23-Jun-2018
Interestingly, the book points out, “After Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sri Aurobindo, and Lal Lajpat Rai, only Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose remained truly Indian ...

Passion for Sustainability and Women Empowerment Ensured Anjali ...

The Weekend Leader-25-Jun-2018
... that offered alternative education led him to Auroville, an international city built to promote universal love by spiritual leaders Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, ...

A champion of Purna Yoga

Telangana Today-23-Jun-2018
TVR is an ardent follower of Sri Aurobindo, a freedom fighter and philosopher; he quotes Aurobindo and says, “All life is yoga”. He says that yoga as a form of ...

Some of History's Bizarre and Ironic Coincidences

The Wire-22-Jun-2018
(M)atter shall reveal the Spirit's face”, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh spoke of how India attained freedom on his own birthday, August 15. Of course, his own association ...

The Mother And The Revolutionary – The Story Of Sri Aurobindo And ...

Many years later, upon their first meeting she would identify this figure as Sri Aurobindo. But for the time being she found few answers to her questions in the ...

Flawed education system, the cause of hatred in India, says Bollywood ...

So without understanding we hate each other. Sri Aurobindo calls it lower instinct. So Maati is a story of two countries, two religious communities and two people, ...

Defining Indian Civilisation

The New Indian Express-10-Jun-2018
I will not attempt a systematic scholarly study, but will try to extract a dozen “master ideas,” to use Sri Aurobindo's term, which have been that civilisation's prime ...

When the RSS took the battle to pseudo-secular forces

Daily News & Analysis-09-Jun-2018
The duo reaffirmed the ideological currents led by the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Lokmanya Tilak and BC Pal. The fundamental basis of ...

2045: An immortality Odyssey?

The New Indian Express-15-Jun-2018
In a footnote to a chapter in his magnum opus, The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo wrote, “Even if Science—physical Science or occult Science—were to discover the ...

Assorted tweets for general information:

Sign up for Short Online Courses from 9 July | Empowering Relationships | Introduction to Integral Studies | Transpersonal Psychology | Toward a Superconciousness | Contact

Ancient lessons for modern times: my column in @htTweets on why leaders must be consultative and compassionate, and learn to slay anger:

I think this move by Minister Sushma Swaraj to remove compulsory address verification for the passport is the first and only genuine reform move by BJP government in its 4 years. 
If the abuse by BJP trolls has goaded her to do this then the trolls deserve to be thanked.

Proposal to close the University Grants Commission (UGC) can be termed as a major reform venture. Fixed and outdated syllabi has become the bane of knowledge acquiring process and the free progress system recommended by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo should be applied to all stages.

The questions and answers seem to have been written by the same person. A genuine interview is perhaps an oxymoron now!

Only a hundred handles or so speak about Hindu interests stridently whereas those fanaticism is not apparent in people's daily life. Writers are making a career but such abstraction of the word Hindu is turning it lifeless which ultimately will be abandoned by everyone like Modi.

Nasty words frequently appear online. Right-wing trolls attacked even the BJP's Sushma Swaraj after she intervened in an inter-faith couple's passport application, write @Ullekh and Amita Shah

43rd Anniversary of Emergency: RSS Played Double-Game as Usual

#Hindu Activism outside the #Sangh Parivar #culturalnationalism #hindutva

De-Monotheising the Human Mind the Hindu Way #blackmass #demonotheising #hhr

Rationalists threatened in India

Brinda Karat inaugurating seminar "The World of EMS":
"RSS vows each of its members to stand by #HinduRashtra & thus make them stand against the basic tenet of democracy & secularism enshrined in our constitution. Modi who speaks volumes on democracy must 1st decry the RSS oath."

We Are Living In A Lawless Society: Nilanjana Roy

From The Ku Klux Klan To Cow Vigilantes: A Scholar Explains Why Lynching is Terrorism

Leaving you with a list of Indian women writers to look forward to this year!

Another one for lovers of language -- this poem by Cuban scholar Gustavo Pérez Firmat describes my feelings about English quite accurately:

The otherworldly aurora borealis, or northern lights, begin high in the Earth’s atmosphere—at altitudes from 60 to more than 250 miles—when charged particles from the sun become trapped in the Earth's magnetic field. The result is a colorful, dancing light show.

The set of all points at a certain distance from point F can be seen as an infinite bicone. The points at a certain distance from line d can be seen as a plane rotated around d by angle arctan(k). Their intersection gives you the said conic section which is projected on x-y plane

If you are broadly aware of how Congress destroyed India's social fabric I insist you read this. This well researched, outrage free piece will ensure you lose your sleep. I did. Must  Must read.

Akshar Prabhu Desai article insults Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar role in making the Constitution of India. He has omitted more venom on SCSTs who are outcasted members of Hinduism than Muslim issue. More or less"RSS Mouthpiece". I syrongly protest contents of this article

As hawa changes, BJP allies light a Bonfire of the Vanities: Abheek Barman On February 7, 1497 in Florence, followers of friar Girolamo Savonarola made a bonfire of objects of ‘vanity’ supposed to be misleading Christians to the path of no redemption.…

How Long Before We Raise A Storm Over Crimes In Indian Churches? via @swarajyamag

Along with that, I believe my 'Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help' in rhythmic verses without 110 inane interpolations such as 'chaaturvsrnyam mayaashrutam' and sans theological spins too dersves one's attention. Just try, it's a free ebook.

If you are looking for a reader-friendly work, not an academic tome, on Islam, the Janus-faced cult of Muhammad, to gain hitherto unavailable insights into the psychological disorders of its faithful, here it is, that too as a 'free' ebook.

Arabic Translators Did Far More than Just Preserve Greek Philosophy via @thewire_in

Nationalism shouldn’t undermine international law | analysis: HindustanTimes “The wise man builds bridges; the fool builds walls.” That was the sentiment splashed all over Chinese editorial pages last week, when the United States imposed 25% tariffs on…

Limitations of the Primary Potential Forms for World Unity

Sir even though I agree having Sri Aurobindo as the guide at that time would have been very beneficial to us, but let's not forget that what #SriAurobindo has given after his self-exile from politics is much much much more valuable..

Marketime: Modi steers clear of the imaginary glory of Hindutva @NathTusar @_NAN_DINI @Joydas
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Modi steers clear of the imaginary glory of Hindutva

The proposed model describes a spontaneous (no external force or agency required) relativistic mass creation/dilation process allowing a non-zero photon mass at rest (emission and absorption), which dilates to zero as it expands and accelerates to the speed of light thru uninterrupted space. The model thus bridges gaps between relativity and Maxwell’s theories. Integrating gravity into the model leads to a fundamental universe model that is shown to predict the observed universe/galaxy behavior and resolves paradoxes of the big bang cosmology including, dark energy, dark matter, cosmological constant, and big bang (GR) singularity without the need for superluminous inflation. The model also makes testable predictions for falsification via future observations and provides a new fundamental understanding of universal constants such as C, commonly known as speed of light. The results may have significant implications for the current standard model, big bang cosmology, and fundamental understanding of the universe.

Part-2 of the paper extends the relativistic model to describe the physics of the observed spontaneous complimentary or dualistic wave-particle behavior of quantum particles as an alternative to the well-known de Broglie model. It explains the inner workings of quantum mechanics resolving its major paradoxes including the collapse of the wave function, parallel universes, vacuum energy, and non-locality (spooky action-at-distance).
Avtar Singh, Sc. D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni
Center for Horizons Research,
Visit this group at
To view this discussion on the web visit

Assorted Tweets for general information:

Modi has ruled the country for a period exceeding six previous non-Congress Prime Ministers (except Vajpayee). Accepting him as he is is in order because experts on event management and image management are behind him. Those opposed to him are no better: fake news, paid news, etc

Puru in Girish Karnard's Yayati denies having superhuman capabilities of his forefathers. Modi similarly steers clear of the imaginary glory of Hindutva and this ideological shift is no less significant than Deendayal, Nehru, or Roy. @Janamejayan may examine in his Dharma thread.

Visit our bookstore to purchase collections of essays from the EPW on a variety of topics.

Some may remember the deadly book of Aristotle that plays a vital part in the plot of Umberto Eco’s 1980 novel 'The Name of the Rose'. Could something like this happen in reality? Poisoning by books?

NEW ESSAY IN FORUM | Tracy Fessenden writes about teaching religion and politics in the classroom, and the ways the conversation about sex and secularism can help us navigate religion and politics in the immediate present.

RSS has to be blamed for the partition while giving clean chit to Jinnah. RSS should also be blamed for the emergency while glorifying Indira for restoring democracy afterwards. Shamelessness of these people has no bounds:

Where with Class, Grace and Substance, @ReallySwara Patiently schools BJP Youth Politician and Student of Entire Political Science - @abhishekasia - the meaning of Feminism

The Anatomy of a Indian Liberal Pre 2014

great talk by @leashless. summary: techno-elites and #blockchain billionaires should be funding space projects to do asteroid mining. what say you, @brockpierce? i’d be surprised and disappointed if you haven’t reached out to @elonmusk or @JeffBezos already😎🍿

Do you want to know the future? In 2016 I predicted $10bn of investment in the blockchain space, and people thought I was nuts now, consider blockchain and financing space exploration Something very interesting is coming. Be alert!

Humanities has evolved over three millennia and tech progress is an integral part of that. Sri Aurobindo foregrounds technology of consciousness which is gradually invading all branches and sub-branches of science and technology including AI. Bruno Marchal says same on Mechanism.

Sri Aurobindo hints at sounds being at the core of creative process and Saussure applied this principle of Sanskrit words leading to the whole philosophy of Structuralism. The Mother too highlighted the transformative potential of Japa on body cells. Mantra thus has its utility.

After earning MA degree, writing BA as qualification is no longer necessary. Encountering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo similarly turns all old texts, philosophies, and theologies redundant save strict academic purpose. Eulogising great men/women therefore should be done critically.

Lal-Bal-Pal had close links with Sri Aurobindo but they are poles apart; his praise for Bankim or Vivekananda similarly is not without criticism. Thus, the key principle is Evolution and even Tulsi, Kabir, or Nanak fall short on this count. Indians must stop looking back at past.

What Sri Aurobindo did or said responding to the necessities and challenges of his own time can't be applied to current political perceptions in toto. Rather, his prognostications should form the basis to go back to the drawing board for reinventing Nation vis-à-vis #WorldUnion.

[Many of his articles (1910) contain allusions to Ireland and its freedom struggle in different contexts. However several years later, sometime between 1943 and 1946, at his ashram in Pondicherry Aurobindo took recourse to an entirely different position.]

When we invoke the Veda in the context of Sri Aurobindo, it doesn't simply refer to the Samhitas or whole of the hymns. That would be literalism and ritualism. Knowing simple connotations of words like Bhaga or Varuna alters one's worldview and unveils its Evolutionary dimension.

Reading all of Sri Aurobindo's works is a challenge and one must aim at that. The Secret of the Veda is fundamental to understanding Sri Aurobindo and I don't think you have read it or appreciate its import fully. That alters the whole picture and later texts pale in significance

First lesson is to read about Varuna and find correspondences with Maheshwari in "The Mother" book. Thanks to Sri Aurobindo, one can read the Veda in English without any reliance on the Sanskrit texts. His translations and explanations are equally Mantric.

It boils down to removing all other pictures from your profile header except Sri Aurobindo's but I know you can't; that would be too painful and senseless for you. However, I'm lucky not to harbour allegiance to multiple people and that's what I tweet variously from time to time.

Rig-Veda and Zend-Avesta via @IPC

Some of my previously announced planned articles and publications set for release in late June or July have been postponed. The big one, of course, is the Lingua-U Sutra. Although I have had a...

59. M.N. Roy had complained, as we saw, that the most outstanding feature of the Indian national movement has been its lack of theoretical foundation.
60. Some twelve years later, Nehru found the same lack.

149. If two words are required to indicate the direction in which Indian polity should move, they are, he says, de-centralisation, and self-reliance.
151. This excessive veneration for centralizing every social and economic function in one authority can produce only disorder, for it will be against life itself.

46. This is even chronologically not correct. For Hindu nationalism was being advocated by Tilak & the earlier Aurobindo  for at least two decades earlier.
47. Its philosophical and emotional foundations had already been laid by very many people by the end of the 19th century.

Monier Monier-Williams was the second Boden Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford University. He studied, documented & taught Asian languages, such as Sanskrit and Persian. He argued that the Advaita Vedanta system best represented the Vedic ideal & was the "highest way to salvation".

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Note that Prof @aryalegal has also written a lot about caste and law at

In his poetry, Elia points out that the enmity between religious people and communists is not innate but a later invention of elites to discredit Marxist ideas.

Sometimes people who really want to grasp post-postmodernism for whatever reason just seem incapable of doing so. That's all right. That's to be expected. I sympathize with their intellectual curiosity and I wish it were...
Begin with the tail end of modern philosophy and birth of what came next starting with Kant and Hegel and Schelling and Nietzsche, and pay especially close attention to Hegel’s methodology. Try to understand why it is that his project failed, and how it is picked up again by 20th-to-21st century PPM philosophers in a different and chastened form including most notably Ken Wilber.

Reading Ambedkar’s unpublished writtings. His critic of Hinduism requires deeper introspection.

Urban Naxals and India’s war of (Intellectual) Independence. Ashish Naredi reviews ⁦@vivekagnihotri⁩ ‘s best seller  #UrbanNaxals
The war for India’s political independence ended on August 15th 1947. However, the war for mental, intellectual & spiritual Independence of India continues unabated.

Could #meditation on #consciousness have led the ṛṣis to insights that remain beyond the pale of our current understanding of the nature of reality?

Shakti, the Supreme - Mother Goddess in Hinduism by T S Rukmani

Light on Abhinavagupta's Contribution to the Advaita Shaiva Spiritual Philosophy of Kashmir #Kashmir @AdiShankaraa @AbhinavAgarwal @shaivamorg

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Buddhist Philosophical Concepts - their relevance in modern times by Dr Kakali Ghosh #Buddhism #buddhabless

Pramod-ji, wouldn't you agree that the "Chessmaster" moves us, all in good time, for a higher purpose?

An essay - introduction to Sri Aurobindo's book (TEXT).
"In spite of the difficulties humanity may be...

The Influence of the Past on the Development of the Future

Marketime: Golwalkar’s argument of Hindutva is fallacious @NathTusar @Janamejayan @pranasutra
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)