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Feminism is a proper academic subject

It is an India that fired the imagination of Bankim Chandra, Bipin Pal, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, and continues to inspire the present generation of nationalists. It is the India that was conceived and made manifest by the very inhabitants of this ancient land ...

Summary: In 1988, the Centre passed the Auroville Foundation Act to safeguard the development of the International Township of Auroville according to its Charter. Under the shaping influence of the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's dual philosophies, Auroville presents a unique, multi-cultural confluence where matter, spirit, ...

The Hindu-23-Nov-2017
Inaugurating the event and participating in a panel discussion on the “Journey of Auroville City for Humanity”, Rajya Sabha Member and Chairman of the Auroville Foundation Karan Singh said the event is of significance as many in Delhi hold Sri Aurobindo in high regard but do not know much about Auroville. “The way ...

Deccan Chronicle-03-Dec-2017
... substantially a Kolkata-centric Bengal Renaissance had produced such dazzling array of figures from social reformers like Raja Ramohun Roy, the universalistic and austerely cosmopolitan Brahmo Samaj he had inspired, Ishwara Chandra Vidyasagar, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, ...

The Hindu-02-Dec-2017
Aurobindo repeatedly asserted that his decision to leave was motivated from within. Indeed, when examining the sensational course of his life's trajectory through the hurly-burly of nationalist politics, one cannot but be struck by a sense of inevitability. The writer's book, Sri Aurobindo and the Revolution of India, was ...

Daily Pioneer-26-Nov-2017
I remember my father gifting me a book in the year 2005 by Sri Aurobindo, 'Savitri' and hoping I would imbibe some of the wisdom in this poetic discourse. The story of Savitri as we all know uplifts the soul to those heights wherein a woman with her devotion to Satyavan bring back her dead husband to life from Yama.

The Statesman-14-Nov-2017
This is the inherent lacuna in projecting India as a civilisational area which leads to a restrictive view of Indian nationalism as reflected in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, one that he resurrects. This incompleteness is the result of Deen Dayal not beginning with the universal premise of Erasmus with whom humanism begins.

Times of India (blog)-07-Dec-2017
Sri Aurobindo said that the understanding of the initial distinction and eventual union between prakriti and purusha is the defining question of the human condition. Thereby, we recognise and create boundaries and borders, thresholds and mandalas, in many different ways, for many reasons. Every border ultimately is the ...

“We need a kind of education to master the problems of the near future,” says Ute, paraphrasing educationists like Steiner, Sri Aurobindo and J. Krishnamurti. “Education needs to develop the whole human being, not just the intellect. The Waldorf curriculum focuses on multiple intelligences. Primary schoolchildren create ...

The Asian Age-07-Dec-2017
From the beginning, Sri Aurobindo entrusted the Mother with full material and spiritual charge of the ashram. Everything in the ashram is her creation; every initiative draws inspiration from her and moves towards her vision. Interestingly, the Mother was well acquainted with the Baha'i Faith, having met 'Abdu'l-Baha (son of ...

Ignore the Idiots: Why religion should matter in Politics

As we discuss #Ayodhya, do recount this 2004 piece by Farrukh Dhondy. If you haven't already.
Does Willy Get It Wilfully Wrong? @ARanganathan72 @Iyervval @chitraSD @TheJaggi

Jerry Rao on Rajaji: A true renaissance man of India.

#ThisDayInHistory birth of revolutionary from Bengal- Prafulla Chaki~of Jugantar. Be was Khudiram's partner in attempted assassination of unpopular Magistrate Kingsford. He took own life when cornered by british #neverforget #Bengali #Salute

This is the kingdom of Kalinga (5th century-7th century CE). No, this kingdom is not in Orissa. This is in Java. It is named after ancient Kalinga of India. 
The Javans wanted to emulate the Indian Kalingans who were famed for their truthfulness  and honesty

Feel unhappy as Bengali is prisoned in an alien script. Madhumalati written in the rounded Odia script would look so majestic and bountiful.

The trouble we all face today is that many think feminism is a subject everybody understand. No. It is a proper academic subject, not coffee table discourse, so everybody don't get nuances. #GenderedLanguage is a thing, try to learn about it instead of arguing
As a result we have two kinds of feminists in the world 
1/ One who actually went to a universities and studied feminism / read up theories
2/ One who is passionate about women issues but unaware about theories.
Often we have clashes between these two. @AnooBhu @Vidyut
And typically this conflict ends like this: A denial of being feminist. A complete denial of over 200 years of women movement that produced feminist epistemology and scholarship. A stubborn arrogance and closed mind, which is not ready to learn something new. The End.
Whenever I meet these other type of feminists, women who are passionate about women rights but reject feminism I feel I have to start a YouTube channel with tutorials on gender studies and feminist studies.

Sri Aurobindo's hint of a new South Asian Realignment

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005): Neo-Vedantic Knowledge project of Sri Aurobindo #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Savitri Era Open Forum (SEOF - since 2005): With the Mother, Sri Aurobindo ushered in modern Hinduism @madversity @viryavaan @redLotus1_ @NathTusar #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Savitri Era (since 2005): Sri Aurobindo is opposed to all dominant narratives #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

NDPR Review: Hegel's Elements of the Philosophy of Right: A Critical Guide
Ed. David James, @CambridgePhilos: UP, 2017, By William Desmond,

[Weekend Reading] 2.   The Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer – Introduction--

Theme of Nature in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: an Overview.

TK Panda - International Journal of Innovative Knowledge …, 2017 -
Abstract Spiritualism and its interpretation through Nature in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri has become an attraction for all. Man through spiritual Sadhana can be a superhuman only by regulating his nature. Savitri could achieve the power by which she could conquer death that

Original Minds: Sri Aurobindo–Integral Scientist

W Stinson - Cadmus, 2017 -
Abstract [...] even a cursory look at science from Pythagoras through Galileo reveals a completely different set of ethical rules for the conduct of scientific investigation that exist today. New principles of accomplishment that emerge from this" radical" shift in perspective

Intrinsic Journey into the Epic, Savitri: A Symbolic Exploration.

S Basak - International Journal on Multicultural Literature, 2017 -
… This integrity of self with the Greater Self has been addressed in Sri Aurobindo's proposition of 'Integral Advaitism' which is all-embracing from Matter to the Supreme … In this world of moral vacuum Sri Aurobindo's concept of transformation of …

[PDF] Building an Intuitive Mentality: The Neo-Vedantic Knowledge Project of Sri Aurobindo

D Banerji - 2017 -
Abstract Post-Enlightenment philosophy, which is largely creative of and dominates the modern consciousness, has defined humanism in terms of rationality and its control over the irrational. This has led to our technological age but has also spawned counter philosophies

Academic Freedom and the Future of Anthropology in India

T Ganguly - American Anthropologist, 2017 - Wiley Online Library
… Many of them are members of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a hermitage founded on the spiritual and philosophical tenets of Sri Aurobindo Ghose, an Indian nationalist turned guru, and his “spiritual collaborator,” the French woman Mirra Alfassa …

Some Thoughts Regarding an Integral Ecology

J Ryan - 2017 -
… In this talk, Professor Ryan will offer some reflections on how non-dual thought, as seen from the lens of Sri Aurobindo, Mother and other non-dualist philosophies like Hindu Tantrism, can offer a way to heal the rift between humans and the "others" on this planet and help us …

Hinduism and its basic texts

R Dalal - Reading the Sacred Scriptures: From Oral Tradition to …, 2017 -
… The results of actions could even manifest themselves in the next life. There are, however, other views such as that of Sri Aurobindo, that suggest that karma is not about reward and punishment, and that whatever happens in life provides an opportunity for spiritual progress …