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Physics is the key for prosperity

As India enters elite space league with 'Mission Shakti' A-SAT the, here's why it's is a gamechanger for the nation

#MissionShakti was accomplished in flat 3 minutes: PM @NarendraModi in his address to the nation.

#MissionShakti was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space programme.

India should utilize the million engineers who are taught such subjects at university level. Our engineering curriculum is great. All mechanical engineers know the basics of rocket science. India truly has huge human potential. The capability is a great deterrence.

Basically, apple is running away from their core business. It's over. Complete Chinese domination coming soon. India should give red carpet welcome to Chinese manufacturers to set up factories in India and create layers of suppliers to feed final production and assembly line.

Selling Modi brand in 2014 looks justified given the enormous odds he was against both within and outside. But repeating the same formula in 2019 seems jaded since the Party or Ideology should have assumed prominence by now. Otherwise Development is merely a synonym of Government
Cold war might have ended long back but intellectual cold war continues. Marxists can't be ignored. Some rigorous scholarship of 20th century belongs to them while top stars of the other end of the spectrum have paled. So Sri Aurobindo becomes all the more important and relevant.
Sri Aurobindo wrote about march of civilization a hundred years back and doesn't share any dystopian vision. Hindutva hubris is no substitute for sane analysis. He lays great emphasis on the perceptive power of some individuals who will lead regardless of their nation or religion
Sri Aurobindo spoke of #WorldUnion in his August 14, 1947 radio broadcast and visualised a free association of free nations. States of India and Pakistan being Sovereign and forming a Federation would be a step in that direction. If not done peacefully, unrest is sure to happen.
This chowkidar syndrome is so hilarious and ridiculous. To believe that there is no corruption in the govt is so atrocious. Yes, there's so much sophistication in finance now that it's impossible to trace or prove any. But large contracts like in Highways surely aren't given free

And on brits and US, their is papers upon papers and a general consensus among economists that much of their wealth is not built upon slavery or colonialism but after free market economic system emanating from Austrian School of Economics.
- What's more friendly than most fertile land in this world?
-Population explosion is our fault is people in US don't have birth rates historically so high it's their achievement.
-We had a start at 5000 years ago or even earlier
-Attracting talent is achievement not an accident

Here's a little bit of facts you are oblivious to.
Industrialization of Briton was funded by the deindustrialization of India.
Half knowledge is dangerous... Alpavidyaa mahaagarvi...

Oh Sashi Tharoor poineering economist Ill rather read economists and what is their concensus on economic history then get it from youtube videos of Congress politicians and ill advice same for you.
Gdp in pre industrial era was closely entwined by land as a resource its fertility and population, which India had in plenty post industrial it is driven by manufacturing and service. Thats the explaination of this graph given literally by those who published this. Read up.

What you don't recognise is the basic fact that physics is the key, for prosperity.
Be it Apple, Boeing, Los Alamos,  Lockheed Martin or IBM or Microsoft or Amazon, without the Physics behind, Nations cannot become rich.
Thanks to Pisslam and muggles, Science was snubbed.
Be it missiles or jet engines or vaccines or life saving drugs and procedures, Physics/ Science drives progress and creates wealth.
West is rich and advanced because of the Top 5% brains (citizens) rest 95% are insignificant.
Unfortunately, the 5% in our case flees. Brain drain

Agreed totally, to stop that brain drain requires a society that is egalitarian and rational and to do that you have to unite hindus and indians so they can take this society in direction of prosperity, that need reforms not rabid reactionaries.
I do realise that and thats what I am saying use science and rationality to judge things not your emotions, now read the thread here and see people who are apologists for caste, believe it was discovered in 1857 and call those who ask for reform lemurs now reason with them.
Not really their is a considerable body of research on Sanskrit in west, maybe not it being oldest but I do get your concern what I am saying is linguists shouldn’t be dismissed in their entirety as just being bunch of European supremacist that’s far too reactionary view.

That is your opinion. I have strong reasons to believe that you are being "fair" without insight. However I cannot say much more about what linguists have been doing till I publish my book. You just don't know how much cooking up of "facts" has been done and continues to this day
Try this:
Here is a comprehensive list of articles so far: Sorry. Don't mean to impose:
No Nothing like that. These articles, being in the lay media, do feature fairly liberal use of rhetoric - but all based on research with references available
I believe you have not been exposed to the vicious polemic that modern linguists employ against anyone who points out fallacies in their assumptions. You sound like a science guy to me, like I am. You use the language of a science man. Even that is alas, going nowadays

No sir, it's an Honor to get a list from you of whatever you have wrote, will try and read all of em. Sorry if I sounded arrogant or idiotic just see me as one of your students :)

As long as there are no conclusive proofs, whatever science has disclosed so far must be respected. Rival narratives like Colonial, Marxist, or Hindutva must be scrutinized ruthlessly without partisan perspectives. Sri Aurobindo inaugurated such a venture.
Don't judge a college from its building; don't judge an intellectual by his standing. Internet has enabled availability of resources but human preference is irrational; self-interest drives paradigms; jealousy prevents collaboration. Words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo will win.

All along I have been reading the books by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. I don't want to corrupt my thinking by reading such books. I think, you should avoid too unless you are into academic research. Can't follow what you're saying exactly and why should it happen that way at all.
Sri Aurobindo spoke of #WorldUnion in his August 14, 1947 radio broadcast and visualised a free association of free nations. States of India and Pakistan being Sovereign and forming a Federation would be a step in that direction. If not done peacefully, unrest is sure to happen.

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This person has the temerity to cast wild allegations on Sri Aurobindo but has no courage to answer when questioned. A true intellect will not run away when challenged. And be able to distinguish opposition to ideas vs ad hominem attacks. Idiot!

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