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For Berlin, there is no common vision of the good life

The Global Gandhi: Essays in Comparative Political Philosophy
According to Isaiah Berlin, we are confronted in our lives with constellations of conflicting values. Given, then, such a ... 12 In other words, for Berlin, unlike Gandhi, there is no such thing as a common vision of the good life. Therefore, the way ...

Gandhi, Freedom, and Self-rule - Page 65
Anthony Parel - 2000 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Berlin is explicit about what Machiavelli intends: "killing, deceiving, betraying," the main concern being that the ideal prince ... Gandhi surely sympathizes with Berlin's appeal to pluralism and tolerance as an antidote to fanaticism or dogmatism.

Pax Gandhiana: The Political Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi - Page 91
For Berlin then, only negative freedom alone can guarantee political freedom.Gandhi would argue that Berlin's negative freedom—freedom from external impediments, such as colonialism—represents only one aspect of swaraj. The swaraj of ...

Conversations with Isaiah Berlin
This revised edition provided an excellent introduction to Berlin's thought. Ramin Jahanbegloo is an Iranian philosopher, who has taught in Europe and North America. In 2006 he was imprisoned for several months in Iran.

Assorted tweets from diverse perspectives:

I request the listeners of “#MannKiBaat” to visit Pandharpur Wari at least once, whenever they get a chance: PM @narendramodi #MannKiBaat
Innumerable saints like Gyaneshwar, Namdev, Eknath, Ram Dass, Tukaram are relevant even today in educating the masses. They are imparting energy to fight against superstition in each and every corner across the country: PM @narendramodi #MannKiBaat

After 50 years of Tilak's birth, on the same day i.e. on July 23, another son of Mother India was born, who sacrificed his life so that his countrymen could breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom. I am talking about none other than #ChandrasekharAzad: PM Modi #MannKiBaat
#ChandrashekharAzad put his life on the stake, but he never bowed in front of the foreign rule. It was my privilege and good fortune that I had the opportunity of going to Chandrasekhar Azad’s native village of Alirajpur in Madhya Pradesh: PM @narendramodi #MannKiBaat

@ShankkarAiyar's Column | There is no dearth of policies or laws in the statute. To nurture, sustain democracy and to truly represent the people, the elected must ponder why policies crafted flail and fail to deliver at the last mile.

Sundays with The Modern Review: Tagore and Gandhi

My #review in @Outlookindia of Anand Teltumbde’s #newbook “ #republic of #caste”. On #Marxism, #ambedkar, #Hindutva and #liberalism. 
@Buffaloeskissin @Prksh_Ambedkar @AmbedkarCaravan @booksconnect @cpofindia @Anandnavayana 

The concluding part of a short memoir of C C Dutt (TEXT).
"The course of Sri Aurobindo’s life has undoubtedly been mysterious. He...

An audio recording of a talk by Prof. Mangesh V. Nadkarni on February 05, 1989 in Singapore.

Michel Danino is an author and historian with works such as the "The Lost River: On The Trail of the Sarasvati" to his credit. Influenced heavily by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, he left France for India in 1977 and has been living here ever since.
#festivalofbharat #quotes

It is sad to see through this video that Rajiv Malhotra is now trying to scramble over what in my opinion is an endless rhetorical pit, where he has not only let himself fall by attempting this new coinage writes ⁦@SreejitDatta⁩

Malhotra is creating a creak, which will wash away the entire narrative that has been created through #BreakingIndia

Frustrated with tendency among Hindus to run after वेश (garb) ie easily getting fooled by anyone in garb of Sadhu-Mahatma, Aurobindo observed the following. Remember Gandhi had become household name as Ram-Bhakta with his teachings (of Christianity) unrecognized by anyone. 1/n

Mandatory rituals like bath, washed attire, special place etc to read our treasure codes like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Vedas etc are ‘diversions’ to keep young inquisitive minds away from chasing them. Don’t bother abt rituals. Go ahead and read them. As projects to chase Truth.

Shouldn't Odisha (Kalinga) be included in South for such evaluations?

It is for this reason that I feel it's disingenous of southern folk to mock the Hindi belt for the poverty and assume it proves that the former are naturally smarter and more hard was largely historical advantage.

Translation: You are not a "culturally adequate" Tambraham like us so you don't know anything.
I will come back to this once i complete my thread on Charvaka Vs Veda positions.

Despite all the expletives thrown at me by his devout Chelas, I don't hate him. Regarding being cult leader, is there anyone else too who uses Linguistics methods to interpret Vedas donning traditional Brahmin hat?

Hindus have been rather adept in adapting the best practices of the other two better-organised religions.

Drop ostentatious festivities, focus on charity: RSS tells temples (Reports @smritikak)

BRILLIANT by @jsaideepak. My cultural position hasn't changed [an atheist has no skin in the game, mind] but legal position now does after reading this.
From @jsaideepak: 1. Deity has constitutional rights. 2. Deity here is celibate & faith ordains ovulating women keep distance. 3. Temple isn't run by State.
If I may, though, that a deity also has constitutional rights came as a shock to me. Is that not a dangerous road to take?

Why top-down Hindu reform is not a good idea: Swapan Dasgupta For Bengali Hindus, no visit to the sea resort of Puri is complete without a darshan of Lord Jagannath at the 12th century temple. The shrine is, along with the Vishwanath temple in Varanasi…

A razor-sharp column denouncing the 'curious alliance between rootless rationalism and...judicial absolutism". There's no short-cut to social reforms. Ram Mohun Roy, whom @Ram_Guha chose as one of the Makers of Modern India, worked hard, his way up for abolition of Satee.

“History of Hindu-Christian Encounters” by Sita Ram Goel – Encounter with Raja Ram Mohun Roy (Part 7) -

There you go, Sir, refusing to attend, then saying it's all one-sided? Unfortunately, the days of "pancha bakaar" (brainwashing, bullying, boycotting, browbeating, bullshitting) won't work anymore. But don't be unhappy; burnol still works.

"Earn" vs "sell"--are we missing something here, Ma'am? As if only one side pays for or pushes bots? And as if the rest aren't in the business of fans, fads, fantasies, fundas, fools, followers, foods, fashions, fads, firangis &, ah, "farragos"...?

INTERSECT: Science & Spirituality post-conference reflections

Buddha in the Spa. Rise of Spa-wala Buddha. My sunday column....

Indica Presents online conversation on Modern Hinduism in Text and Context between Lavanya Vemsani and Neha Srivastava. @IndicAcademy @IndicBookClub @indictoday @neha_aks @vipulkocher @DimpleAtra @avatans

My new book — #70Policies that Shaped India: 1947 to 2017, Independence to $2.5 Trillion — is out.
Download your free copy via @orfonline here
Then let your questions, comments, critiques flow...

Our new curator this week is @Poojaspillai 
She is a visual arts & culture journalist, lifelong student of gender politics and avowed promoter of the female gaze.
Today @Poojaspillai has written about women in the Malayalam film industry who are speaking up for their rights and pushing back bullying and harassment.

In ancient India, discussions or debates were a means to arriving at knowledge and wisdom.
Sadly, today, the goal is just to win.

Contrary to the myth perpetuated in Britain, India's fight for independence was violent. More than 10 million Indians were killed by the British in the years following the 1857 uprising alone. Heroes like Bhagat Singh, Surya Sen & Udham Singh all fought to the death for freedom.

But let us not refight the wars or wrongs of the past. Let us truly go forward together as brothers, sisters and friends.
Indeed, yes, all for honest history but not antagonistic history. An Irish fellow once held me accountable for the actions of Henry VIII #itwasntme

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Bharat Shakti - The First Pondy Lit Fest from 17-19 August, 2018

Surya Sen- The Hero of Chittgong

His meeting with Sri Aurobindo in 1903 further ignited the revolutionary fervour in Mukherjee who was “entrusted” with the crucial task of setting up a network of ...

The profound relevance of Vedic knowledge today

Zee News (blog)-26-Jul-2018
The Vedas were one of the main inspirations for India's Independence Movement, particularly through Dayananda Sarasvati, Lokmanya Tilak and Sri Aurobindo, ...

Random Meditations through Her 1000 Names: VIII

(VC:108) These are also names of the Goddess in Sri Lalitha Sahasranama (398, ... Sri Aurobindo speaks of the Vedic horse as the symbol of 'the Life energy'.

Sabarimala Temple Case: Why 'Religious Denomination' is key to ...

Financial Express-24-Jul-2018
In SP Mittal vs Union of India & Others [SCR (1) 729], the Constitution Bench through 1-4 delivered by Justice RB Misra had refused to accept Sri Aurobindo as a ...

Madurai Today

The Hindu-20-Jul-2018
Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by Subramany, Nithyatha, Auro Lab, Veerapanjan, 10 a.m..

Strength-Based Approaches to Mental Health Promotion in Schools: An Overview
S Soni, N Hameed - Positive Schooling and Child Development, 2018
… Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian philosopher, believed that 'true and living' education helps an individual to realize and bring out the full potential that he is endowed with, helps a man to enter into his right relation with life, mind …

ID Velpula - 2018
… He strongly believed and worked like Vivekananda and Aurobindo for fusion of eastern spiritualism and western materialism … Bankim also believed like Aurobindo that science has only limited sphere to understand religion and spiritual truths …

Paths of Yoga: Perspective for Workplace Spirituality
A Pandey, AV Navare - The Palgrave Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and …, 2018
… Sri Aurobindo (1992) suggests dhyāna to gain the knowledge of true self … Sri Aurobindo (1994) explained that like the individual, the nation, society (or organization for that matter) also has a body, an organic life, a moral and aesthetic temperament, a developing …

Integrative Governance: Generating Sustainable Responses to Global Crises
M Stout, JM Love - 2018
Page 1. Page 2. Integrative Governance is a richly powerful, cross-disciplinary book. It captures the voice of Mary Parker Follett's work, the essence of German existential thought, and applications to governance. Moreover, the …

Navigating Inter-generational Differences Between Spirituality and Religious Behavior in the Twenty-First-Century Workplace: What We Can Learn from Boomers …
CA Creech, SM King - The Palgrave Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and …
Page 1130. Navigating Inter-generational Differences Between Spirituality and Religious Behavior in the Twenty-First-Century Workplace: What We Can Learn from Boomers, Millennials, and Xers Chelsi A. Creech and Stephen …

Hindu-Muslim Relations: What Europe Might Learn from India
Jörg Friedrichs

The Global Gandhi: Essays in Comparative Political Philosophy
Ramin Jahanbegloo

Who is the Scientist Subject? Affective History of the Gene/ST
Esha Shah

Men and Feminism in India
Edited by Romit Chowdhury and Zaid Al Baset

The Information Game in Democracy
Dipankar Sinha

Indeed it is the standard of western modern science to doubt a claim without empirical testing. However people are conditioned to ignore the fact that experience is empirical evidence... the issue centers on method and frequency, sometimes insisting on repeatability and independent or blind confirmation. The problem is that the strictest criteria eliminate all but mechanical behavior. Novel occurrences, which characterize mental experiences, are characteristically unique. Does that mean they didnt happen?  No. It means they are not entailed with the general ambiance but rather with a subSet...they are system dependent.  Such phenomena are what we want to study.  So much more careful and conditional testing is required to recreate conditions, which may include the belief conditions of participants.
For example, if you test for the effect on health of going to a Catholic Mass, it could be that devout Christians will show a positive effect and others will not. So the result is conditional, not general, and dependent on prior belief. But it may be real and empirically confirmed. Life is all about establishing contextual dependencies.
john kineman

Assorted tweets from diverse perspectives:

Short scifi movie about the vastness of space and the loneliness of a deep space mission.

Evolutionary cosmologist Brian Swimme telling the story of the universe via video conference at INTERSECT: Science and Spirituality in Telluride, CO

The first to back this venture was the one & only Kiran-Garu, the founder-inspirer of @IndicAcademy @IndicBookClub @indictoday @IndicActivists @indictoday & a whole host of other initiatives. Our sincere thanks to him for his unfailing support & inspiration. @indicanetwork
Thanks to our fabulous speakers @bibekdebroy @vinay1011 @sonal_mansingh @swapan55 @authoramish @TheJaggi @KanchanGupta @abhijitmajumder @vivekagnihotri @sanjeevsanyal @smitabarooah @ARanganathan72 @anirbanganguly (a local) @Iyervval @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86 & many others 🙏🏽
Ours is a humble effort, inspired by legends like @NamitaGokhale_   @SanjoyRoyTWA @DalrympleWill. I'm totally awestruck by the support of @thekiranbedi Hon. CM @smritiirani & local Pondy community. Lalit Partha @AloPal & Ajit are great partners. Thanks to @SriAurobindoSoc too🙏🏽
We happy to collaborate with @MakrandParanspe and Lalith Verma, Curators and present @PondyLitFest along with Partha Hariharan and @FrustIndian. @indictoday @IndicAcademy @IndicBookClub @vipulkocher @DimpleAtra @yoginisd @AbhinavAgarwal

It was exactly 509 years ago on this day 26th July 1509 that Pradhana Amatya  Timmarusu crowned Sri Krishna Deva Raya the Emperor of Dakshina Patha & heralded the golden era of Vijayanagara Kingdom (1509-1565). Excellent piece by ⁦@pburavalli⁩

Dear People, I've written this big blog post on history. Hope you will read & enjoy it, please share if you like.
A version of the above article has been published on @IndiaFactsOrg , Please do read if you haven't done so already.

Indian Foundations of Modern Science By Subhash Kak. Very Informative. @subhashkak1 @AbhinavAgarwal @VamseeJuluri

How we are misreading the Gita to suit corporate greed ... my column ⁦@EconomicTimes⁩

Academic power is like political power.
For 50 years all early Indian astronomy -- incl. most of #Aryabhata's -- was taken to be copied from #Babylonians, even in absence of  Baby. evidence. 
It needed a long refutation showing priority of Vedic texts.

There is a difference between anti-intellectualism of the marxist variety - tedious argumentation, modeling, theorizing. 
Vs  intellectualism of the "Core" variety.  I am against the former, but latter is essential.

I just published “Vyasa Purnima: The Unsurpassed Educational Heritage of India”

The River of Life – Cultures of Resistances Down the Ages

The fringe in each ideology takes pride in being purer than the centrists (who keep the ideology going mostly ). However lately , there is a spate of articles in various right leaning platforms where the activists belonging to fringe have attempted to appropriate the word core .
This is deeply worrisome as world over where the fringe has pushed centrists to appropriate the centre piece the movements have often become unstable and collapsed onto themselves.
The assumption that it's the purity and not steadfastness of purpose that forms core is deeply flawed too.
An observation of things around us will convince you that the fundamental function of core of anything is to stabilize and not to constantly cause unrest with demands for higher and higher purity. Political parties understand this too.
And that's the reason the traders in surat who sent 15/16 MLAs from BJP in a year of demo/gst have a bigger claim to core than the keyboard warriors questioning the party over various issues and issuing threats (NOTA etc ). These people understand the importance of holding on to a higher purpose and not get distracted by tactical issues over long term.

The Indian Ideal of the Relation Between Man and Woman
A Review of the Vedic View of Psychological Types or Roles Between the Symbolic and the Typal Stages of Society
Avoiding the Trap of Using Our Modern Intellectual Approach in Trying to Comprehend the Meaning of the Seers of the Symbolic Age

"According to many liberal thinkers, spirituality is a regressive state of mind […] they regard it...

Fools want us to blindly accept anything with 'science' tag
Story of John Yudkin - how established-science may misguide us

Destroy, denigrate, appropriate.  It's the story of the West in relation to native cultures. But colonized minds are so accustomed to the Western stamp for legitimacy, for "science", that they aid this process of targeting native traditions.
As #NNTaleb has also pointed out, to follow tradition is itself scientific from a statistical viewpoint. Tradition does not need scientific validation to follow it no more than cats need to look at a study on how to birth kittens.

I feel anxious about our ability to fight back without a few dozen Vivekananda and Aurobindo like people (not the same).
History, sociology and everything else needs people who can do what Christian seminaries do. Develop sophisticated apologia, understand and refashion.

They are closing in on the gap. We need to use our heritage of inner sciences to do some serious research in neuro-sciences. Unfortunately all I am seeing around are 'third-eye' cheap parlour trick charlatans.
Yes. There has been real good work. Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Culture and Sri Aurobindo groups have done some pioneering works. But we need much more and much faster.

Is there any access to the info on the work that is being done in these places? It will be good to see our scientists collaborate with our practitioners of inner yogic sciences. S-VYASA in Bangalore is another place where they are attempting such work.

Trying to view a complex epic like Mahabharata in black and white should also stop, there are too many conflicting layers to all the characters, everyone can pick their favourites based on certain qualities they like in them
Greatness of Hindu civilization is not built on blindly accepting scripture but critically analysing it

Again, I thought so too at one time, but Vyasa has described each character thoroughly. We don't need to interpret. It was practically biographical, and Vyasa is impartial to all, so he isn't biased.
So if he says X is bad, then X is bad and end of discussion.

Exactly. महर्षि वेदव्यास, it's his depiction of history and his views bear max wtg. Also, the concept of नैतिकता has deteriorated since then and it would only be shortsighted to apply our pea sized brains compared to him and try to interpret

But Hinduism doesn't give any weed smoking Tom, dick or Harry to become authority on religious matter. If you want to, first learn all the scriptures, live by their rules & then tell me what to do & not to do. Otherwise My Dharma isn't a guinea pig in your lab of liberalism!

Freedom of Speech/Expression has to be based on the Responsibility of Conduct. That vital aspect is conveniently ignored by the ‘have a mouth, will speak’ SJWs. Why? Because they are alien to that oft-mocked concept of ‘Sanskar’.

2) Muslims who are in the mainstream are the ones who are fighting against orthodoxy, fundamentalism and extremism. By picking us out as targets and labeling us terrorists, etc., BJP weakens the fight against extremism. That makes sense because BJP itself is extremist.
3) I'm labeled an Islamist extremist terrorist. So is @RanaAyyub and other moderate Muslims. We are subjected to the worst of abuses, fake news, targeting to the point where we are totally demonized. Whose purpose does this serve? We are the Muslim women BJP claims to fight for.

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Michael J. Sandel, David Frawley, and V.S. Ramachandran

From: VINOD KUMAR SEHGAL Saturday, July 21, 2018 Subject: Re: [Sadhu Sanga] RE: Dependent co-origination and conditions vs. causality: extended dual-aspect monism
All siddhis emanate from a powerful Sankalpa of a Yogi and the Sankalpa of a Yogi is derived from all-powerful Cosmic Consciousness (CC). All the laws operating in nature are also due to Sankalpa of CC, as taken at the primordial time. When a Yogi takes a Sankalpa, as derived from CC, the laws of nature suspend/alter/change temporarily and locally to accommodate and fulfill the Sankalpa of the Yogi. There should be no wonder in this. A crude analogy from the mundane point of view. Today you may take some Sankalpa as  based on the power of President Trump. You will see that all the bureaucrats./ officials  down all the hierarchical lines  automatically  become ready to change rules/regulations to accommodate and fulfill your Sankalpa

As long as you are talking about mind and consciousness, it is fine to assume that there could be different laws. But according to my understanding , in talking about siddhis you are encroaching the domain of physics. You cannot get away with violations of established laws, unless you empirically prove these phenomena. If you prove them  then, physicists will have to rethink about the laws. If you cannot establish siddhis empirically,  question of siddhis will remain  strictly a matter of belief. You are not going to convince anyone who does not already believe in them. Laws of science cannot be discarded when they are inconvenient to your beliefs. All of us use science all day! I hope, I am not excessively blunt!
Best. Kashyap

Dear Kashyap,
Physics is not about finding 'laws of nature', but only mathematical models which can predict results of certain experiments under certain conditions. Anyone who has studied physics seriously knows that all mathematical models have a certain range of validity. It's not good to stretch the models beyond that. 
I can understand your insistence on empirical validation, but have already stated that it's only a particular way of verifying knowledge. To say that nothing is valid unless it's empirically tested is again an overstretch. 
I see the above as a simple obvious fact which should not require any convincing unless one has certain deep rooted beliefs in the monopoly of physics over matter.
Best, Kushal.

In the Einsteinian framework, gravity isn't a force that attracts other beings, but rather the mass of one body curves the fabric of space-time, creating a path that other entities move along as they fall. larvalsubjects | July 21, 2018 

Friends as hindrance to spiritual striving, spirituality and syncreticism in Vaiśvāmitra
RA Shastri … Sri Aurobindo was the first in modern times to argue for the centrality of spirituality in Ṛgveda.3 He pointed out that the Veda had a double aspect – psychological and physical, with the same language serving both aspects, and observed that the …

Olivier Pironneau Career Paper
W Fitzgibbon, J Periaux - Contributions to Partial Differential Equations and …, 2019… Olivier was introduced to the thought of Sri Aurobindo by his Indian mentor (more properly “guru”) ML Parashar … In 1910 Sri Aurobindo retired from public life and settled in Pondicherry where he dedicated himself to philosophical and spiritual pursuits …

Random Meditations Through Her 1000 Names - I

Eleven years before Jung came up with his first lecture on 'Mother' archetype, Sri Aurobindo wrote six chapters on the 'Mother' (1927). He described her as the ...

Random Meditations Through Her 1000 Names - V

As Sri Aurobindo points out, the dynamics of three gunas like kaleidoscopes can create a continuum of combinations for the persons and through the emotional ...

Random Meditations Through Her 1000 Names - VI

Sri Aurobindo, in his Secret of the Vedas, explains the real nature of Vedic Dawn. This is amazingly similar to the traditional commentary regarding the name ...

Assorted tweets from diverse perspective:

The Jagannath Rath Yatra Is a Reminder of How Inclusive Hinduism Can Be

24. The CJI questions the assumption that Ayyappa Devotees constitute a religious denomination, whereas Justice Nariman seems to agree that they indeed constitute a religious denomination. #Sabarimala
25. After reading out the evidence submits that the documentary suggests that there is a practice on the basis of belief. For the Court to disagree with it, a trial must be conducted before the Court can set aside a long standing essential religious practice. #Sabarimala
36. Dr. Singhvi submits that even if Ayyappa Devotees don't constitute a religious denomination, they have rights under Article 25
38. Dr. Singhvi submits that if the law protects even dietary prescriptions based on religion, it certainly protects practices relating to entry into the Temple and worship of the Deity. #Sabarimala
40 Dr. Singhvi submits that it is not for the Court to comment on the rationality of religious beliefs. That the belief exists and traditions based on the belief have been practiced for centuries is sufficient to merit protection under Article 26. #Sabarimala

Why is India’s Ministry of Health @MoHFW_INDIA wrongly demonising meat & eggs as unhealthy? It’s starch & sugar that’s the major issue. My interview on how India can reverse its type 2 diabetes epidemic in 5 years. @shekharkapur

Conventional wisdom is challenged yet again. Dairy fats are not related to CVD or death, and there's an inverse association with stroke (as reported in PURE). The claim that low-fat dairy is healthier has no basis.

Public would expect doctors to understand & be trained to understand how different food patterns affect chronic disease. Don’t remember a single lecture on this in med school: Cardiologist & health campaigner @DrAseemMalhotra. Read our interview:
“Cutting starchy carbohydrates and sugar, has not only allowed my patients to reduce the need for medication within a few weeks, but many actually “reverse” or send their type 2 diabetes into remission”. Read our interview with @DrAseemMalhotra:

What is meant by paradigm shift?: Representative Image A paradigm is a pattern, an example, or a model of something. It also means a perspective, a standard. A paradigm is a way of looking at something. The word ‘paradigm’ pops up many times in…

Why cosmology without philosophy is like a ship without a hull –

The True Solution for Humanity and Its Future Development
The Vedic Age in India Represents a Symbolic Stage of Civilisation

If there is one thinker who never ceases to drag me back to where i essentially belong (NOT politics!!) it is @Slavojiek !Since 2010 till now, his are the only ideas i have been fidel to. With the rest, i have unapologetically ‘turncoated’. Know Zizek to make sense of our times.

True. But the same reasoning applies to "thinkers" as well. Zizek doesn't see the problems with Marxism. OTOH European thinkers who oppose Marx are often conservative Christians. My limited point is that we should be careful about importing European dichotomies into our thinking.

मुझे नही पता था कि आप Freud, Lacan or Zizek को पढ़ती हैं। मैं मुख्यतः Frued के lens से Hitchcock का दर्शक रहा हूँ। मैंने Pervert Guide To Cinema देखा है, यह रोचक है। लेकिन अब मैं psychoanalysis को पुराने जमाने का बोझ मानता हूँ, इसके स्थान पर VS रामचंद्रन की neurobiology उत्तम है।
आशा है वर्तमान के भारतीय वंश के महान वैज्ञानिक Vilayanur Subramanian Ramachandran को आप अपने समय का अंश देंगी। ध्यान रखिए neurobiology ही भविष्य है, बाक़ी सारी psychoanalytical सिद्धांत समय के साथ विलुप्त हो जाएँगे।

@monikahalan You recently referrerd to this book as a 'must read' in a recent column.What an amazing guy..what an outstanding book. Thanks for the reco. I think I'm going to read everything written by him & listen to everything said by him.
Also watch his You Tube videos. Amazing insights.
His classes are held in a virtual stadium, not a classroom.

Sir the quote is taken from Sujata di's collection called "India's rebirth", which in turn is based on Sri Aurobindo's conversation with Nirodbaran & Purani on 21 June 1940.. But I don't think the quote gives the right impression.. Will share my views once I get time later today.
The actual topic of the conversation between #SriAurobindo and the disciples was in relation to the Azad Muslim conference held in Apr-1940 and the then proposed Hyderabad scheme of legislature..
Please note that the particular demand that #SriAurobindo mentions here is the demand for 50% representation in all spheres of governance for the Muslims.. Now the quote above removes this context and puts all "Muslim demands" on the same footing, which is not correct..
True sir, It's an offering made in the service of #SriAurobindo & the Mother.. But I think it is easy to misinterpret historical statements when the context is not made clear.. Ideally a footnote should be there to explain the matter wherever there could be some confusion..

Undue comparison between the Kshatriya and Brahmin contribution..

Derision for ones own people is an inevitable result of mental slavery/colonization.

Nonsesne. Plato is known more even in India than Sri Aurobindo. So well known is he thruout the world that his name in Persian "aflatoon" is used as an exclamation for fantastic. He has a 2000 yr head start on Sri Aurobindo & is considered fount of Western philosophical canon.
This points to one of the other reasons Sri Aurobindo is not so well known among the populace because he rejected explicitly propaganda etc. For e.g. there is even a Ramakrishna Mission but there is no such Sri Aurobindo Mission composed of sanyasins or pracharaks.

Very true. Sri Aurobindo was a supporter of the benefits of English "culture" in India & the predecessor of Anglophile Nehru. West-obsessed Indians need to be a little less prejudiced abt the West & learn to emulate Westerners many of whom wont b able to locate India on a map.

Beautiful... If I am not mistaken Anilbaran was allowed to take up accomodations in Sri Aurobindo's old room.

Dr.David Frawley is the foremost Hindu intellectual of the day.

#Sadhguru is an absolutely misleading charlatan.

@ArunudoyB dada nowadays Rumi's mystic quotes in English translation are spreading like wildfire in the form of books but far more transcendental quotes in Bengali are there from the likes of sadhak ramprasad, lalan fakir, rk paramhamsa, RN thakur, charya kabis, Kazi najrul etc.
After a proper translation,one or twoliners from lalan fakir or ramprasad would beat Rumi's mystic quotes by miles.though I don't wish to make this a point of mystic vs mystic debate :) but fact remains,we hv neglected the treasure trove of our own Bengali literature.
leave alone pure transcendentalism in lalan, ramprasad, or our ancient charya poets, we don't even explore the deeper mysticism of mainstream poets like rabindranath or kazi najrul, both of whom, consciously or subconsciously, revealed yogic wisdom of highest order in some poems.
This tweet deserves a million RTs we don't explore our own poets in our own literature, and we buy Rumi books to seek mental peace. I guess this is another side effect of communism, where the focus shifted to foreign lands and hence original vedantic wisdom sidelined.

Important study of the role of women in Vedic culture by our colleague Stephen Knapp, who has written many books and articles on Vedic culture.

The chakras are very much misunderstood today, both as to their nature and how to awaken them. Reflect the stages of mergence into cosmic Consciousness, not simply our physical or personal energies. Note my extensive article.

Hindu terror is a phobia promoted by the same groups that have long benefitted by denigrating and terrorizing Hindus. The old colonial, missionary, Islamist, Marxist alliance, entrenched in media and academia, promotes the same old anti-Hindu stereotypes.

BJP-RSS are bought into the narratives of "modernity." Their understanding and appreciation of local Hindu traditions is scant. But common people are rooted in local traditions not some "grand narrative" of Hinduism.

We might have entered an era of counterfeit nationalism in which the nation's interest is not relevant to politics.

The Eroding Indic Languages- Will they survive? | @TheSignOfFive writes a detailed piece on the Indic languages with a historical context

Full video of my @whatisolio talk Unburdening the Earth: Hinduism and Ecology @strandbookstore is now available @YouTube:

A chapter from Dr Alok Pandey's book (TEXT).
'At the end, what truly works is faith. It is the single common denominator in all therapies—physical,...

Tara Jouhar recollects on her interaction wit The Mother

The offered talk on Supramental Body gives a rare glimpse at Amal-da’s interpretation of this profound future development, which was predicted and described by...

"To complement his biography of Sri Aurobindo which is being serialized here, we are reproducing an essay about Rishabhchand...

We are starting to serialize this unique biography of Sri Aurobindo, which was written in response to a request from The Mother, reviewed chapter by chapter by Nolini da,...
Publisher's Note and Introduction - AuroMaa

A reminiscences of Sri Aurobindo by C C Dutt, who’s whole life since first meeting Sri Aurobindo in 1890’s was linked with him in many ways.

An essay by Anilbaran Roy (TEXT). "I am weak, ignorant and impure, but I have dared to love Thee with all my heart and soul, and therein lies my hope. In Thy grace Thou wilt correct all my defects, raise me...

In 1966, the Mother asked Sunil to set her readings from Sri Aurobindo's epic masterpiece Savitri to music. She wrote to him, "Toi seul peut faire cette musique comme il convient." (You...

Another inspiring article by Dr Sampadananda Mishra, director of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture in Pondicherry.

An interaction with Dr Alok Pandey at Sri Aurobindo Society, Coimbatore Branch, in December 2017 (VIDEO and AUDIO)

Anxiety in ontological terms-A consciousness exploration of an existential perspective

Part 7  Veda Sourabha 2018:

[John Stuart Mill, Mathew Arnold, Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer influenced Bankim. He quotes from Carlyle, Michelin, Rousseau and Voltaire. In his later years, he repudiated some of his earlier views – moving from Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarianism
to August Comte’s humanism.]

Adorno, Baudrillard, Chomsky, and Deleuze can be said to be four essential pillars for making sense of the modern world's dynamics. Sri Aurobindo however offers the most coherent explanations of our existence outside the University curricula. Integrating them is task for Indians.

Charu Chandra Dutt used to take the help of Ramakrishna Das for translating his book into Odia and the latter as Babaji Maharaj became inspiration to a large number of devotees leading to a network of thousands of Study Circles and Schools across Odisha.

Those suffering from victimhood exhort to feel proud by eulogising Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, and Prithviraj Chauhan. But the pioneers of Bengal renaissance, Ram Mohan Roy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee represent the spirit of modern India in a true sense

Plato didn't invent Electricity or Steam Engine but the West worships him even today. That discerning ability is the most crucial ingredient for any nation or civilisation to grow and excel. Indians ignoring Sri Aurobindo is an apparent indicator of its intellectual backwardness.

Ashram was an experiment or laboratory but the kind of human society The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aim at is altogether different from present conceptions of a city and diversity of labour. Even common human relationships are on a different template there, to which let's all aspire!

Supreme Court direction on Jagannath temple, Puri contains multiple dimensions. The focus on Odisha hopefully will attract more scholarly attention on how this ancient culture is a precursor of many modern streams of beliefs and philosophies. Sri Aurobindo is widely followed now.

A correction please: It's Sri Aurobindo Society (for Auroville) and not Sri Aurobindo Ashram. However, the dissenting judgement of Late Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy is highly perceptive. (S.P. Mittal Etc. Etc vs Union Of India And Others on 8 November, 1982)

Sabarimala Temple Case: Why 'Religious Denomination' is key to ...

Financial Express-5 hours ago
In SP Mittal vs Union of India & Others [SCR (1) 729], the Constitution Bench through 1-4 delivered by Justice RB Misra had refused to accept Sri Aurobindo as a ...

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are synonyms of authenticity. Those who are yet to come across/go through their works are wandering in the wonderland of dubious narratives. Spurius nationalism is spreading religious obscurantism and intellectual impoverishment.

Hindutva fanatics don't recognise any generation gap and recommend the same books they read when young for the children now. If Sanskar means status quo then there's no scope for any variation or evolution, let alone deviance. Nature however is clever to bring periodical invaders

There are millions of people in the world who don't understand Sri Aurobindo or other subjects. Each one is a prisoner of his own background or circumstances. You need not feel sorry for me. However, I'm happy that at least you are able to discern knowledge levels with certitude.

Something very original and seminal has been accomplished by @bennedose which should be a model as well as inspiration for other RW scholars in terms of relevance and rigour sans usual victimhood or rancour. Let it be studied and debated on a wider scale.

Well, I sympathise with your sentiments but since you are into writing and scholarship, the attitude that one has to carry willy nilly is respecting established narratives until demolished or superceded with fresh arguments or evidences. Umpteen areas require to be substantiated.

Thanks for responding and may I add that no one is a fanatic for ever but such a phase in life, howsoever mild, serves a certain purpose in one's overall evolution. It's needed for intellectual churning and positive outcome must be appreciated instead of treating as a pejorative.

What some people thought or some leaders pushed in 1947 can't be binding on the wishes of the present generation. Situations evolve and sentiments change; so I feel, the possibility of a united Bengal as an independent nation always hovers like the prospect of a United Punjab.

When Congress owned journalists oppose Modi, their rhetoric lacks credibility. Modi supporters are no better who merely redistribute govt press releases. Modi govt deserves a second term on the basis of a reasonable performance. That's all. No superlatives nor severe castigating.

Indian Constitution hasn't been able to produce a Prime Minister it envisages but UPA was the worst. A silent PM from RS under Party president with foreign connections and secret itinerary. Modi govt has many failures and suspected links with industrialists but still it's better.

Good point but many are supporting Congress out of desperation hoping it to cobble up a united opposition. Further, Congress represents the Nehruvian consensus which even Modi govt is more or less pursuing. Congress legacy and popularity still resonates but its leaders repulsive.

We can see the sky with naked eye with no barriers in between; this physical reality is of profound significance. Further, this unfathomable expanse of space also inhabits within us as our mind, Chidakasha. So, both inwardly and outwardly, we are always connected to possibilities

Each person with a phone has taken individualism to a new level so much so that most group cohesiveness has become amorphous. The local is less attractive now as everyone craves for a call. This can be seen as an advancement towards impersonality and weakening of hold of religion

Vedic idea of human perfection forms the fulcrum of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. That this evolution is the very purpose of our existence is integral to his yoga. Nitty gritties however are not amenable to fast results, still it steals a march over other streams of Western thought

When Levi was "shaken to the core": in his inimitable style and substance! Build bridges and not walls is often prescribed but even bridges can be built to segregate and discriminate in order to dominate.

A powerful and insightful essay on the post-truth world

George Boole's Laws of Thought and Its Connections with Indian Logic.

The Max Muller Syndrome: Deceiving #Hindus (Part 2) #antihindus #antihindu

People have been telling lies and spreading rumors for centuries. But what's happening today is different. @sinanaral

This is Richard Burton's translation. Basically, the Kama Sutra is a casteist, Brahminical, patriarchal handbook for the initiation of upper-caste men. It doesn't care about pleasure beyond maintaining caste endogamy. Stop valorizing it!
additionally  the Khajuraho erotica also fills me with horror, cause most likely the acts were being performed on lower caste women devoid of any semblance of consent (i was educated by James Michael's insights)

[Love and Marriage in Mumbai is a portrait of the existential emptiness that relationships seek to fill, and that is universal. But it is also exacerbated by this particular period in India where power structures & family institutions are being challenged]

When I hire someone to sing, according to Kant, my desire is for his or her talent – for the voice-in-action. But when I sexually desire someone, I desire his or her body, not the person’s services or talents or intellectual capabilities, although any of these could enhance the desire... And what’s objectifying about sexual desire is its ability to numb a person to reason, both in themselves and in others. Its power is such that it makes our reason its servant: our rationality becomes the means to satisfy its goals... When the desire is high, when the sexual act is in full swing, my beloved is a piece of flesh. (Though love does lead to occasional cuddling, which is nice.) I agree with Kant that sexual desire and objectification are inseparable, and a force that morality must reckon with.
Raja Halwani is professor of philosophy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is the author of Philosophy of Love, Sex and Marriage (2010).

Since the conception of this therapy was before the understanding of many physiological mechanisms or biological functionality, and as a disease was perceived as a symptom in singularity, not as a manifestation of a bigger disorder- it was believed that treating the symptom can make the disease disappear...
homeopathic drugs simply should not work based on a mechanism, but may work, for some, as a placebo. Thus, the inconsistent homeopathic efficacy in some ailments, as we observe in some patients, can only be attributed to its placebo effect.
Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh is the Editor for Alt News Science and works as a Neuroscientist in Sweden. 

Self-help gurus and now governments advocate it as a solution to depression. It is no magic wand for mental health. Written By Simantini Ghosh 

Jugaadism – An Infantile Disorder.  There is nothing intelligent about pursuing low cost and easy solutions to innovation. The mindset seeking shortcuts to bigger goals must be dumped. via @swarajyamag

Cultural diversity can drive economies. Here are lessons from India and South Asia

Cities need to stop selling out to big tech companies. There's a better way

The 10 Most Impressive Civil Engineering Projects of All Time
One thing is very clear from these landmarks, it definitely led to massive job creation. Lessons learnt: cities should perhaps also think of building massive landmarks to see further possibilities of job creation.

With every day that passes, thousands of new civil engineering projects are completed around the globe. They might be as simple as building the foundation for a house or as complex as designing a suspension bridge that spans an entire river.
Once in a while, however, a very special type of civil engineering marvel gets finished that is earmarked to forever exist in a league of its own.
Today’s infographic comes to us from Norwich University, and it counts down the 10 most impressive civil engineering projects ever completed by humanity.
These unique and extremely bold endeavors tend to exceed all normal standards of size, complexity, and manpower required. They transcend time and bestow wonder upon new generations, showing that incredible feats are possible with the right team, ideas, and expertise at hand.