Monday, August 08, 2005

Penury Perpetuates Poverty

# posted by Robert Leggett might just believe I hide behind computers creating and updating my websites and researching potential markets. Well... I love to spend time "in the street"... "under fire"... where the "action is." As a copywriter wannabe... and I'm learning much... I talk to many people on the street as well as business owners. As a "hands-on" direct marketer, I pass out a lot of publicity pieces... and get a lot of feedback.Recently... I spoke with the manager of a very "posh" restaurant. The publicity pieces they were distributing to the general public reminded me of the bad olde days prior to computers... where everything was "cut and paste" by hand. This was perhaps the worst PR piece I'd ever seen. It was even printed on the cheapest colored paper... which fades after 30 minutes exposure to the sunshine. Yet the establishment looked great... great ambience... great location... great menu... great drinks... great! It also seemed empty most of the time. Why? The owner is a "penny pincher."There is a huge difference between temporarily having to be overly frugal and possessing a locked-in penurious mind-set. You can tighten your belt during hard times by being frugal. No matter whether times are good or bad... the penurious are always in a sad state... never having... or enjoying any abundance... which never seems to come their way.Obviously... there is no business to be done here. My energy is better spent on the wannabe "movers and shakers."I've been working with a very frugal client. His business has tremendous growth potential. He has a "killer" logo he didn't know he had. We worked hard on a "killer" slogan which can be modified to push whichever product/service he is offering at any time. While there isn't much remuneration possible at this time... I hope he becomes a long-term client. He is willing to try something different. He is frugal... but far from penurious.Over the years, I have discovered certain truisms that work for me... my unfolding perception of "reality."
One of these truisms is My reality follows my mind! If I "think" limited, my reality is limited. If I dare to dream, by golly those dreams materialize in time. My quest for "reality" really consciously began about 1969 when I became very dissatisfied with what was happing to me in my little world. I had a penurious mind-set and I saw very little hope of ever rising above my status at that time. Well... I still have to be frugal... but there is always glorious hope I'll do better. And... over the years... I have!It is all too easy to become frustrated trying to become successful... especially over the Internet. Whether in real or cyber, it is vital you decide what you want. Focus on it. Strive for it. If you reach a true dead-end... look around... find your next dream. Oftentimes in striving for a dream... a better one surfaces. Yes... you will have to be frugal at times... sometimes too many times. As long as you do not fall into the self-imposed "hell" of a penurious mind-set, you will eventually succeed. Look for positive aids to boost your mind and emotions in a positive direction. I have discovered what works for me. You are also very individual and will find what works for you at any moment. Go for it!—Robert Leggett serves individuals and business owners globally. He helps them grow their business and enrich their lifestyles.

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