Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Consumerism fuelled by individualism aids a hedonistic lifestyle

People in rich countries are dying of loneliness.
Sociologists have long been warning about the dangers of increased isolation thanks to aging populations, scattered families, and cultures that promote the individual over the collective via @qz

Joint Family Abolition Act & such acts enacted in #Kerala & other southern states in #India has damaged families their thick bonds which has helped intrusion of other religious & conversion. Congress & other political parties who ruled these states are very much responsible
Yes Hindu Joint Family Abolition Act. Not for other religions. And i guess there is a recommendation to have a central enactment to abolish Hindu Undivided Family. Even through it says tax reasons, this will break joint families and Hindu unity and strong family ties
If Hindu Joint Family Abolition Act was not enacted, to a larger extent, Hindu families would have remained united and they would have maintained their land holdings in tact. With the Hindu succession act, the relevancy of large family holdings & shared family system got extinct

Hindu succession act is another one to create rifts between siblings and to break down Hindus land holdings.

Kerala Joint Family Abolition Act created a situation where traditional support system died. Hindu TFR plummeted to abysmal levels after that. Before that, H TFR in Kerala almost equalled M TFR. Not that many would even look at these facts.

I would again get brickbats for it, but the excuse that was used for this, was emancipation of Yindu women from yeevil patriarchy.
Every single such measure, has been anti-women, and anti-Hindu, and amusing it is backed by a vocal section of Hindu women, especially the ejumacted types.
It's not like the whining has stopped today. Today they complain that men don't support them, that family life is stressful and other bollocks. They not only removed the supporting structures, but they also vilified a practice that was thousands of years old.

Today's urban living in India resembles any other western cities... where consumerism fuelled by individualism aids a hedonistic lifestyle. Not many even keep in touch with family, nevermind the neighbours.

rural folks will still show that they care whether they know folks or not... it is the ejumacted types who usually tend to go, "what's it to me?/ what's in it for me?"

Main reason for the dearth of empathy. No familiarity, no empathy

1. A whole is greater than the sum of its parts
2. It is impossible to precisely measure velocity and location of an electron at the same time
3. The birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the author
4. An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less

Spirituality doesn't evolve in a vacuum and involves all our faculties and activities. Politics or collective affair including physical facilities and amenities are an integral part of such a scenario. So, building an identity around shared values and a common faith is essential.

Unfollowed many #Chowkidar handles during the last two days. History and hatred are their dominant theme with nothing new or inspiring to tell. Some of them, however, are now acutely aware of the intellectual poverty of Modi who used to be imagined as a superhero five years back.

Unfollowing will never solve the purpose. It is us who have to rise above the common, inappropriate and unidirectional thinking. Rising up to the level where no uncommon thoughts can bother us. Sri Aurobindo always said running symbolizes your weakness not that of others.

Name five thinkers of today pushing foward the frontier of human consciousness if you can’t you are stuck in the past where Sri aurobindo belongs.
I keep seeing your tweets talking so much shit but never anything new or groundbreaking you seem to be stuck in the past lmao and you tell Bhakts they are stuck in past. You are intellectually bankrupt if you think u know more than everyone else.
Sri auorbindo and his beliefs are nothing new they are present in shivagamas, temples are for human evolution. Show me an example of Sri aurobindo beliefs being actually true. I have proof that conscious evolution takes place and humans get access to other faculties.