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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Many of the ills of contemporary Indian society can be traced to the unfinished agenda of the Indian renaissance

Was there a renaissance?  

Frontline - K.N. Panikkar

By the 20th century, Brahmo Samaj and Prarthana Samaj increasingly lost their appeal, Arya Samaj ceased to be a social force, Satya Shodak Samaj could not ...

Nietzsche: He rattled church, his philosophy a generation He admired Manu 
Organiser - Vaidehi Nathan 

FRIEDRICH Nietzsche is a cult. He has been deified by almost all who read him, studied him and researched on him. Such is the pull of the man, his words and philosophy.

BOOK REVIEW:  The Wealth Of Adam
In 'Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life' Phillipson depicts the man behind the legend by representing his ideas through a detailed biography of the economist and his great works

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