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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Imperialist rulers of the USA lead the path to barbarism!

Home page > 2007 > 22 June 2007 > On P.C. Joshi and Communist Unity : A Response Mainstream, Vol XLV, No 27 by Satyapal Dang Monday 25 June 2007. The article “Let Us be Sincere about PCJ’s Centenary” by Com Diwan Singh Bajeli (Mainstream, April 14, 2007) criticising my article “CPI-M and P.C. Joshi: A Rejoinder” (Mainstream, September 23, 2006)...
COM BAJELI has called upon Satyapal Dang to give up his obsession with communisr or CPI-CPM merger or unity. I can assure him that I have no obsession. However, I am of the firm conviction that the interests of our people and, above all, our toilers demand everything that would expedite progress towards merger/unification and formation of a united Communist Party. For instance, apart from joint mass actions there can be debates, discussions, seminars that would help further narrowing of differences. These will help if they are held under such auspices as will draw the ranks of both the parties. Moreover discussions at even individual levels can play a positive role. No one has suggested ‘immediate’ merger here and now but it needs to be realised that neglecting the task and not making efforts, taking steps that would help go forward towards the aim of unification would harm the cause of radical transformation which India’s economy and public direly need.
There is another point made by Com Bajeli. He writes: “I fail to understand what is wrong in talking about varieties of Marxism.” I regret to say that this assertion shows lack of knowledge of almost the entire basis of the fundamentals of Marxism, like dialectical and historical materialism. There are social laws, that is, laws which govern the development of human society from primitive communism to slavery, feudalism, capitalism and socialism which will ultimately lead to communism. There was no exploitation of man by man under primitive communist society. There will be no exploitation of man by man in socialist and communist society. The difference between the two is that in socialist society everyone will get according to the work done by her/him while in communist society everyone will get according to her/his needs. Socialism is already existing and developing in certain countries of Latin America and also Eastern Europe. In Asia, China is already building a socialist society and Mongolia too. There maybe some other countries on the same road. The transition period maybe long in some countries like China while it may not be long as has happened in Cuba and is happening in some countries of Latin America.
It is clear that the only alternative to capitalism is either socialism or barbarism. Imperialist rulers of the USA lead the path to barbarism while the socialist countries prove the possibility of a just society bereft of exploitation of man by man all over the world. Of course, the road from socialism to communism would be very long—not even some decades but even longer. Socialism, however, is an attainable objective in the not-very-long and even near future depending upon the concrete situation in a country. In India today, one precondition for that is Left unity. Let all Left and other pro-Left patriots work for that.

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