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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Several Jugantar members were arrested, hanged, or deported for life to the Cellular Jail in Andaman

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Jugantar or Yugantar (Bangla: যুগান্তর) (English meaning New Era or more literally an Epoch in Transition) was one of the two main secret revolutionary trends operating in Bengal for Indian independence. This association, like Anushilan Samiti started in the guise of suburban fitness club. Jugantar carried out many terrorist activities like attempt to murder, murder and looting against the ruling British government. Several Jugantar members were arrested, hanged, or deported for life to the Cellular Jail in Andaman. Thanks to the amnesty after World War I, most of them were released and could give a new turn to their political career, mainly: (a) by joining Gandhi's Non-cooperation movement; (b) Deshabandhu's Swarajya alternative; (c) the Communist Party of India; (d) M.N. Roy's Radical Democratic Party; (e) Subhas Chandra Bose's Forward Bloc.
Contents[hide] 1 Notable members 2 The beginning 3 Activities 4 The German Plot 5 Failure of the German plot 6 After the First World War 7 Cooperation with Congress 8 Unification and failure 9 Neo-violence 10 Later activities 11 References 12 External links [edit] Notable members
Aurobindo Ghosh (1872-1950)
Barin Ghosh
Raja Subodh Mallik
Khudiram Bose
Prafulla Chaki
Bagha Jatin alias Jatindra Nath Mukherjee (1879-1915)
Amarendra Chatterjee (1880-1957)
Ambika Chakrobarty (1891-1962)
Arun Chandra Guha (b.1892)
Basanta Kumar Biswas (1895-1915)
Bipin Behari Ganguli (1887-1954)
Bhupendra Kumar Datta (1894-1979)
Dinesh Chandra Majumdar (1907-1934)
Ganesh Ghosh (b. 1900 )
Jadu Gopal Mukherjee (1866-1986)
Jiban Lal Chattopadhyay (1889-1970)
Jyotish Chandra Ghose (1887-1970)
Kalpana Datta Joshi (b.1913)
Pritilata Waddedar (1911-1932)
Manoranjan Gupta (b.1890)
Pritilata Waddedar (1911-1932)
Taraknath Das (1884-1958)
Tarakeswar Dastidar
Purna Chandra Das (1889-1956)
Santosh Kumar Mitra (1901-1931)
Santi Ghose Das ( b.1916)
Suniti Chaudhuri Ghosh (b.1917)
Surendra Mohan Ghosh alias Madhu Ghosh(1893-1976)
Upendra Nath Bandopadhyay (1879-1950)
Binod Bihari Chaudhury
Ullaskar Dutta
Debabrata Bose, later Swami Paragyananda
Satyendra Chandra Mitra (1888-1942)
This extremist outfit was established by leaders like Aurobindo Ghosh, his brother Barin Ghosh, Bhupendranath Datta, Raja Subodh Mallik in April 1906.[1] Barin Ghosh was the main extremist leader. Along with 21 revolutionaries including Bagha Jatin, he started to collect arms and explosives and manufactured bombs. The headquarters of Jugantar was located at 27 Kanai Dhar Lane, then 41 Champatola 1st Lane, Kolkata.[2]

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