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Monday, October 08, 2007

Oxbridge graduates go on to run the country and become the ruling elite

Opinion - Merit? What’s that? Class still rules Britain Hasan Suroor Figures show that social mobility in Britain has declined over the past decade and is behind other advanced nations. The Hindu Monday, Oct 08, 2007
British Conservative Party leader David Cameron has described Britain as a “broken society” blighted by a collapse of traditional family values; a growing gun and drugs culture; a rise in anti-social behaviour among the young; “uncontrolled” immigration; and creaking public services — to mention just a few things that, according to him, afflict Britain after 10 years of New Labour...
So, it is at the point of entry into higher education that the self-perpetuating class cycle kicks in as Oxbridge graduates then go on to run the country and become the ruling elite, controlling everything from politics and civil service to the BBC. Mr. Cameron told his party’s annual conference last week that he wasn’t apologetic about his posh background because he knew that his heart was in the right place. Granted. But leading a party so wrapped up in class what chance does he have of changing things when New Labour, with its avowed working class roots, failed?

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