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Friday, December 07, 2007

Karan Singh's action betrays a total disregard for this core aspect of their teaching

NewThought Friday, December 07, 2007 Taslima Nasreen wanted to come to Auroville?
"No", the Chairman of Auroville Foundation Dr. Karan Singh is believed to responded to the news report to the effect that the controversial writer Taslima Nasreen who has been in exile in India for the past twelve years may take residence in Auroville.
It is not known if she had made any application to the Entry Service of Auroville but it is as if she did and the entry service had recommended her but the Chairmain vetoed. Probably Karan singh was reacting to media speculation as a politician which is disappointing. Had he kept silent because it is an issue supposed to be dealt by Entry service of Auroville first and foremost not him except in the final stages it would have been just right. But his reaction betrays a 'we-know-what-is-good-better-than-you' attitude as well a disregard for the role of the Entry Service. Though Entry Service may not be performing to the highest expectations, arbitrary decisions like this by the Chairman shows Auroville in a poor light as a department of the govt. at the whimsical control of a political appointee. Looking deeper, his reaction makes Auroville appear like some kind of a territory under personal dictat of Dr. Karan Singh which is an insult to the constitution of India itself.
According to the Auroville Act passed by the parliament of India Auroville town is to be developed in accordance with the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. And it is known to all those who have studied the Masters' teachings that they considered freedom of action and life as essential for growth of spirit in an individual and society. Karan Singh's action betrays a total disregard for this core aspect of their teaching. He ought to have kept himself away even if the writer had infact applied and the Entry Service of Auroville had approved. They may be right according to the divine will, (who knows?) and if they are wrong it is an opportunity for them to learn form it.
Hope those will avoid tendency to interfere when dealing with Auroville related issues. This is very important if the experiment of Auroville is to proceed in the expected lines of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. posted by aurodas # 3:45 PM Comments: Post a Comment Subscribe to Post Comments [Atom]<<> Archives September 2007 October 2007 November 2007 December 2007

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  1. It'a also one more betrayal of Auroville's ideals.
    What a great symbol it would have meant for Auroville,to give shelter to this persecuted woman !
    Like Sri Aurobindo finding protection in Pondicherry...

    This Dr Karan Singh really acts like a despote !