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Monday, July 28, 2008

Auroville is a continuing process and is in an evolutionary stage

Other States - Puducherry Karan Singh looking ahead for the next chapter of Auroville
Staff Reporter
He expects a positive movement for building the city and its infrastructure PUDUCHERRY:

“With the completion of Matri Mandir and the installation of Sri Aurobindo’s statue, one chapter of Auroville has come to an end. Now, we are in a new chapter of building the city,” Auroville Foundation chairman Karan Singh said on Sunday.
Talking about the path ahead of Auroville, he said it had taken 40 years to complete the first phase.
“Till now, we were basically building Matri Mandir and communities. Now, we have to start building the city, and it needs infrastructure, streetlights, sewerage and properly planned communities. In the next five years, we expect a positive movement,” he said.

Describing the design for the prototype section of the Crown as “innovative and good,” he said electric vehicles would be operated. “With Auroville being strong on the environment, there will be green vehicles. The road has been beautifully planned and consists of a main road, pedestrian and cycle paths.”
On his term so far as the Chairman of Auroville Foundation, he said, “It has been an interesting and satisfying experience. Despite a number of conflicts, the community has come together. With the completion of the first phase, there is a definite sense in the community to work together to build the city.”
Roger Anger had completed Matri Mandir, and the new generation has to take over now, he said. “Auroville is a continuing process and is in an evolutionary stage. I think it is beginning to move forward.”

Call for solidarity
“The nation is in turmoil with bomb blasts. It is a difficult and dangerous period, and we need to mobilise outer and inner resources. We need to develop inner strength to meet and overcome the challenges,” he said.
“The nation should develop a sense of solidarity. There are several divisive forces, in terms of caste, class, religion and political parties. India should develop as a nation with a deeper consciousness,” he said.
“The government winning the trust vote is certainly significant. We can continue the development programmes and the 123 agreement,” he said.
On a few MPs’ wading out currencies in the Parliament, Dr. Karan Singh, who is the chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Rajya Sabha, called the incident unfortunate and shameful.
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