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Friday, February 20, 2009

Many of these cultures have roots that pre-date western leadership models

Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age (Paperback) by Juana Bordas (Author)

Editorial Reviews
Product Description As the world becomes flatter and globalization creates a world village, it is imperative that leaders have the cultural flexibility and adaptability to inspire and guide people from very distinct backgrounds that represents the whole rainbow of humanity. Salsa, Soul and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Nation puts forth a multicultural leadership model that integrates eight practices from African American, Indian and Latino communities. Using principles such as ?Sankofa ? the ability to learn from the past?, ?I to We ? From Individualism to collective identity?, and ? Mi casa es su casa ? Developing a generosity of spirit?, this model offers leaders new approaches that will increase their interpersonal effectiveness with diverse populations by incorporating the influences, practices and values of a variety of cultures in a respectful and productive manner.

From the Back Cover "Salsa, Soul, and Spirit shows us the importance of looking at other cultures for the wisdom of their leadership practices. Many of these cultures have roots that pre-date western leadership models and offer a rich fountain of knowledge that can enhance American leadership."--Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

"What a remarkable contribution Salsa, Soul, and Spirit makes to leaders in all three sectors as they work to provide rich diversity, powerful inclusion, and equal access within the organization and in society."--Frances Hesselbein, Chairman, Leader to Leader Institute and former CEO, Girls Scouts of America
"Bordas has taken the philosophy and spirit as espoused by Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders and fashioned leadership principles that further the dream of an equal and just society." -- Ambassador Andrew Young, Civil Rights Leader, former Mayor of Atlanta, and Congressman from the Fifth Congressional District of Georgia
"This wonderful book made me want to dance with joy. In Western society, we suffer from a loss of community and spirit because we're so disconnected. American Indian, Latino, and African American cultures have never forgotten that we need to be together, and that diversity is not a problem, but a blessing. May this book lead you to discover what we've been missing--each other."--Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science
"Juana Bordas has broken new ground. She has documented and analyzed the effective and unique practices of Latino, Black, and American Indian leaders. Salsa, Soul, and Spirit is a fascinating read that shows us the road to leadership for a multicultural America."--John Echohawk, Pawnee, Executive Director, The Native American Rights Fund
"To be relevant--let alone thrive--in the 21st Century, business leaders need a new awareness of our interdependency and a new leadership paradigm like that described in Salsa, Soul, and Spirit." --Jack Lowe, Board Chair, TDIndustries
"The politics of inclusion is not just some politically correct idea. It's essential to the adaptability of any organization or society that must rely on new ideas and synthesis in a changing world. Juana Bordas has given us a first-hand inspirational primer, full of wisdom and insight, for anyone practicing leadership that challenges people to thrive anew."--Dr. Ron Heifetz, Cofounder, Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government
"Salsa, Soul, and Spirit is a refreshing and inspiring vision of a new form of leadership for the 21st Century. Bordas captures the unique but successful models of leadership developed by racial and ethnic minorities. Our nation would greatly benefit from leaders who embody these traits."-- Honorable Federico Pe?a, former Mayor of Denver, US Secretary of Transportation, and US Secretary of Energy
"A penetrating, highly personal study of American Indian, Black, and Latino leadership, presented in a manner that should attract a wide readership. A multicultural study at its best." --James MacGregor Burns, Pulitzer Prize-winning Presidential biographer and author of Leadership
"Frequently, people say it is too hard to have both excellence and diversity. Salsa, Soul, and Spirit shows not only why it doesn't have to be that hard, but also why it is critically important at this moment in history to develop organizational leadership that is both excellent and diverse. People need to read this book."--John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver
"Salsa, Soul, and Spirit is a compelling, vibrant, and engaging exploration of the deep roots of multicultural leadership. It will challenge your view on leadership. Bordas' personal journey to integrate her Hispanic culture into her own leadership witnesses the great benefits of blending cultures rather than assimilating them."--John Izzo, author of Awakening Corporate Soul and Value Shift
"Reflecting the traditions of Black, Latino, and Native American cultures, Salsa Soul, and Spirit fashions a leadership model based on community, generosity, and a commitment to work for the common good. These proven leadership practices that sustained communities of color for generations are a source of strength, hope, and wisdom which will guide us through the turbulence of the 21st century." --LaDonna Harris, Comanche, President and Founder, Americans for Indian Opportunity
"Salsa, Soul, and Spirit fills a necessary void in the study of leadership with its integration of the common elements of spiritual and programmatic leadership that are typical of minority approaches to social problems and which also builds the basis for coalition politics."--Dr. Ronald W. Walters, author of African American Leadership
"It is empowerment time in America--a time to live up to the basic values of equality and justice. Empowerment means closing the racial divide and opening the doors to leadership at all levels, so it represents our great and dynamic diversity. Salsa, Soul, and Spirit is a roadmap to guide us on this journey and invites us to work together to create an America that benefits from the beauty and potential of all its people." --Marc H. Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League and former Mayor of New Orleans
"Juana Bordas clearly understands that building an inclusive America requires leadership forms that respect and resonate with our growing diversity. Salsa, Soul, and Spirit provides an excellent roadmap that can transform and energize leadership into an authentic multicultural form that is truly representative of our great nation and it's unifying ideals." --Honorable Anna Escobedo Cabral, Treasurer of the United States
"Juana Bordas is one of our nation's most effective facilitators of Leadership Development. Salsa, Soul, and Spirit brings together her years of experience and insights. Her book is unique because it offers principles for leading in an increasingly diverse America. A must-read for those interested in becoming leaders of our multicultural society." --Raul Yzaguirre, President Emeritus, National Council of La Raza See all Editorial Reviews

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