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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Islam in a new light; with a spirit of compassion and wideness

A comment has been posted in reference to an article titled: Sanatana Dharma: III—Swaraj and the Musulmans by Sri Aurobindo posted by: ned permalink: RYD, let me get back to you on this after some time (too busy at school right now).

This is a topic I am deeply interested in, given my Pakistani and Muslim background. I agree that Sri Aurobindo's words here are timeless. But given recent tensions in India, Pakistan and elsewhere in the world, we would do well to approach the subject with a spirit of compassion and wideness, and having done our homework on Islamic theology and history, as the Master has instructed us: "We shall make it a main part of our work to place Mahomed and Islam in a new light before our readers, to spread juster views of Mahomedan history and civilisation..." Wonderful and timely words, these.

By the way I was deeply moved and impressed by the even-handed way in which you handled this topic in your essay "Perfumes of Arabia".

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