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Sunday, July 26, 2009

GandhiTopia: information pool to benefit the global Gandhian and peace-loving community

Welcome to GandhiTopia! Mahatma Gandhi Community Forum
Welcome to GandhiTopia - the meeting point for Gandhian students, scholars, activists and institutions on the web!
This platform provides news, views, media, events and research on Mahatma Gandhi, Peace and Nonviolence. It is your forum. Here you can share information, questions and material, and connect with the Gandhian web community. No matter whether you're an activist, student, academic or media person, on GandhiTopia you find what you're looking for.
Together we can create a unique information pool to benefit the global Gandhian and peace-loving community. Let's join hands to bring Mahatma Gandhi to life and work for a Gandhian utopia: a world of Peace and Nonviolence! May Peace Prevail on Earth! Peter RĂ¼he Creator and administrator, GandhiTopia - Founder and chairperson, GandhiServe Foundation - Email: Skype: GandhiServe - Get Skype and call me for free.
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"Perhaps never before has there been so much speculation about the future as there is today. Will our world always be one of violence? Will there always be poverty, starvation, misery? Will we have a firmer and wide belief in religion, or will the world be godless? If there is to be a great change in society, how will that change be wrought? By war, or revolution? Or will it come peacefully?Different men give different answers to these questions, each man drawing the plan of tomorrow's world as he hopes and wishes it to be. I answer not only out of belief but out of conviction. The world of tomorrow will be, must be, a society based on non-violence. That is the first law; out of it all other blessings will flow. It may seem a distant goal, an impractical Utopia. But it is not in the least unobtainable, since it can be worked for here and now. An individual can adopt the way of life of the future - the non-violent way - without having to wait for others to do so. And if an individual can do it, cannot whole groups of individuals? Whole nations? Men often hesitate to make a beginning because they feel that the objective cannot be achieved in its entirety. This attitude of mind is precisely our greatest obstacle to progress - an obstacle that each man, if he only will it, can clear away." Mahatma Gandhi, 1946
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As you are aware of that the anti-POSCO movement is continuing in the proposed steel plant area of POSCO in three Panchayats in Jagatsinghpur District (Orissa) since 2005. Local people are drawn in with strong commitment in this struggle. Consequ...
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