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Friday, September 11, 2009

It was the effect of yoga of Sri Aurobindo that fascism and communism got destroyed mutually

Though it is a personal view of Yechury qua “The capitalist world is destroying the past to stop the possible return of a socialistic order”, HT dtd. 10.09.09, p.10, but still I am sending a rejoinder as thousands of persons having perversity of mind subscribe to these views of Yechury.
Bijan Ghosh 11.09.09

The world openly criticises fascism, particularly the German fascism headed by Hitler but that was just the other side of the coin which is called Bolshevik socialism, but ironically, that was admired. These two were considered as diagonally opposite or rather apparently not matching with each other – but the World-Soul was trapped in cross-roads of these two diabolic forces. And humanity is saved since both were mutually destroyed through the purging out of World War. It is true that there was a chance to defer the World War or to protect Stalin’s USSR, the home for Bolshavic socialism, and to destroy fascism alone, but it was the true grace of the heaven that both fought and got destroyed by each other, one instantaneously with the concluded notes of the second world war and the other, a few decades thereafter while the process was initiated through second world war.

Truth of the century is, Hitler and Stalin fought each other, and humanity was saved.

In reality, there was a divine diplomacy to order Hitler to launch attack on USSR, it took the formation of that Being, known as “Lord of Falsehood” / “Lord of Nations” which was the guiding-guru for Hitler and used to gave him all commands at the “bunk” at Berchtesgaden, and that formation asked Hitler to attack USSR. Hitler immediately accepted because it was his cherished dream also to destroy communism.

‘The greatest military march in world history’ advanced 600 KM into USSR within a fortnight. Churchill wrote in his memoirs: “Almost all responsible military opinion held that the Russian army will soon be defeated and largely destroyed”. In nine weeks of war, USSR lost 4500 planes, 5000 tanks and 7500 guns. But the 182-day-battle in Stalingrad was the decisive event of human history, which kept the World-Soul alive.

We have witnessed that how nature helped the cause of Hitler attacking USSR, i.e. how Hitler was made to embrace defeat on the soviet ground by the hands of nature. Hitler took the weather-chart of last 100 years, but was of vain - there was an unforeseen-unpredicted-unusual fall in temperature, breaking the record of last 100 years, it went down about minus 40 decree Celsius, German soldiers were not accustomed at that temperature and collapsed. Being forced to retreat – wrote in the walls in Istra near Moscow : “Farewell Moscow we are going off to Berlin” while Soviet soldiers wrote below, “We will get to Berlin too” and they did – Nazi flag atop German Reichstag was lowered , putting an end of fascism from the world.

Nature does most in him, God the high rest. Savitri, p. 542

It was the effect of yoga of Sri Aurobindo by which the fascism and communism got destroyed mutually. He wrote specifically (Letters on Yoga/SABCL/22/pp207-8) that “… if Russia and her dialectical materialism are to lead the world , well, fate must be obeyed and life divine must remain contained to wait perhaps for another millennium.”

The fate of the world was destined to wait for another millennium for the life divine to be established on earth, through the process of sufferings and ultimate defect of Bolshevik communism which was premised on the principles of the dialectic materialism but fate of the earth was changed by an unchanging will of Sri Aurobindo, i.e. His sadhana, which He predicted in Savitri:

Fate shall be changed by an unchanging will Savitri, p. 346

It is true that Henry Truman made the statement in the Parliament, (New York Times June 24, 1941) just on the next day after Hitler attacked Stalin’s Soviet Russia on 22.06.41 that “If we see that Germany is winning we should help the Russians and if Russia is winning we should help the German and that way let them kill as many as possible.” – though the original intention of Truman was something different since he was promoted by the unseen hands of Rothschilds who supported both the camps of the world war to made the world more unstable – which house had neither the aim to destroy fascism nor to destroy Bolshevik communism either.

Be that as it may, but the world was saved since Hitler attacked Soviet Russia, else on the contrary, the world would have been governed at the conclusion of the world war on the victory of Axis Power by the secret-mutual-agreement which was a part of Germany-USSR non-aggression treaty, known as Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, August, 1939, thus dividing the world into different shares in terms of the hidden agreement and perhaps this part of the continent would have been under the grab of the Stalin. Yechuri today is dreaming of to restore the socialistic order in the world but none of the Yechuris could even mention that why to establish a Socialistic order, those countries did establish a huge secret archives and why they are still maintained.

It must be noted that it would be unjust and inappropriate if the Humanity Today does not acknowledge with respect the sacrifice of the Soviet soldiers but for whom there would not have been any success for the life and freedom. Though they were under the guidance of Stalin but that could never devaluate their sacrifice. For every allied soldier who laid their lives for liquidating fascism, there were 40 soviet soldiers who laid their lives. More than 24 million Soviet soldier and population died (USSR 24 millions; China 15 millions; Poland 6 million; Germany 8 million; Japan 3 million) – in 1418 days of was, USSR about 14000 every day, i.e. about nine lives every minute. Bijan Ghosh 11.09.09 [Farewell to history The capitalist world is distorting the past to stop the possible return of a socialist order, writes Sitaram Yechury.] from bijan ghosh to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 11 Sep 2009 17:39 subject WW II & Sri Aurobindo: you may put in blog-- bijan ghosh

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  1. The communistic principle of society is intrinsically as superior to the individualistic as is brotherhood to jealousy and mutual slaughter; but all the practical schemes of Socialism invented in Europe are a yoke, a tyranny and a prison.
    If communism ever re-establishes itself successfully upon earth, it must be on a foundation of soul's brotherhood and the death of egoism. A forced association and a mechanical comradeship would end in a world-wide fiasco.
    - Sri Aurobindo ( SABCL 17, p.117)

    Democracy was the protest of the human soul against the allied despotisms of autocrat, priest and noble; Socialism is the protest of the human soul against the despotism of a plutocratic democracy; Anarchism is likely to be the protest of the human soul against the tyranny of a bureaucratic Socialism. A turbulent and eager march from illusion to illusion and from failure to failure is the image of European progress. (SABCL-17, Page-119)

    Democracy in Europe is the rule of the Cabinet minister, the corrupt deputy or the self-seeking capitalist masqued by the occasional sovereignty of a wavering populace. Socialism in Europe is likely to be the rule of the official and policeman masqued by the theoretic sovereignty of an abstract State. It is chimerical to enquire which is the better system; it would be difficult to decide which is the worse.
    - Sri Aurobindo (SABCL 17, P.120