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Monday, November 26, 2007

Kalinga Eye Hospital & Research Centre, Dhenkanal

ORISSA HEALTH CARE Where there is a will, there is a way
Meet Mr Keerti, an Oriya, who although stays out of the state for his survival keeps thinking about Orissa's development and does what ever possible to his capacity.

The two examples which I have gathered is:
1. Kalinga Eye Hospital & Research Centre, Dhenkanal -By A NGO NYSASDRI, with 17 lakhs in hand from a government grant for setting up of an eye hospital, was wandering how to do and what to do, Mr Keerti came on the way to help him. It was sure that with just 17 lakhs you cannot build an eye hospital. The building alone will cost much more than 17 lakhs.
2. The idea suggested by Mr Keerti to go for a rented house with minimum 3000 sq. ft. area. Fortunately they got it in Dhenkanal town on rent for Rs.8000 per month and Keerti helped in procurement and installation of equipment and instruments which took away all the 17 lakhs rupees they had.
3. The eye hospital did 1000 eye surgeries in the first year and in three years time the hospital in the same rented building had touched 5000 surgeries per year.
4. Looking at the grand success of this eye unit in Dhenkanal, Keerti helped them in connecting to ORBIS-International who helped NYSASDRI in providing grant to build an eye hospital of their own with 10,000 sq. ft built up area and also to establish paediatric eye care services in Dhenkanal to serve Orissa's children with eye problems.
5. If you are interested you can visit Kalinga Eye Hospital & Research Centre in Dhenkanal town.
If anybody wants to contact Keerti please contact by email:
Phone:0-9443830116 An extract from the talk with Mr Keerti
From a freelance reporter in Orissa during a meeting at a conference

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