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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Give up the racial superiority notion and the connected word Arya, used by Aurobindo Ghosh Tuesday 1August, 2008 Write to Nandhi Varman Forward this link ALL MEN ARE EQUAL :9 AUROVILLIANS NOT FROM HEAVEN

Race has no genetic base. All are equals. The racial superiority is a myth. Times of India dated 1st November 2004 wrote:

“The genetic basis of race and the superiority of one of them over the other died a sudden death during the 1936 Aryan supremacy Olympics in Berlin. That was when Jesse Owens, a black US athlete, exploded in the track and field events. He won four gold medals and broke a number of world records simultaneously. Hitler refused to shake hands with him and instead stormed out of stadium in disgust at the star’s triumph over his much hyped Nordic Caucasian team. This opened the most disastrous chapter of the modern 20th century eugenic movement. It also led to the renewed politicization of race.”

Hitler might have been defeated but his mentality of imagining that his race is superior over others is still a disease not erased from human minds. The Aurobindonians imagine they are superior human beings, having got the visa to enter the land of super men and super women. Even in the defeat of Hitler it is not the armed forces of the combined democratic forces that were responsible, these men in ashram, will write their own World History. The lady with occult powers flew in her wings, all the way from Pondicherry to Berlin, sneaked into the mind of Hitler and made him open two fronts against Russia and America at the same time instead of defeating one after the another, and this occult powered master-plan, led to the defeat of Hitler the Auro-dreamers will write in their own version of world history. Their history cannot be accepted as truth. Similarly their dream to attain superman status just by chanting, praying and yogic exercise and sexercise is not realizable...Let me quote from my reply:

“So to accept humanity is one and the world is one, science had to unearth mysteries. The common gene in every human being had also proven that the theories of race are culture oriented. While race is disproved, both Aryan and Dravidian theories have to die. Perhaps Dr. Swamy wants the Aryan concept to die, and if that were the case, one can welcome to some extent his wishful thinking. The Second World War waged by Hitler propounding the supremacy of the Aryan race, which he demonstrated by the killings of millions of Jews, still remind us that whoever claims supremacy over fellow human beings in the name of the race of his birth will be taught a befitting lesson by mankind.”

This is what I wrote. Give up the racial superiority notion and the connected word Arya, used by Aurobindo Ghosh. We will shed the counter-word, the armour against superiority among human beings theory, namely the Dravidian shield. As science progresses when our intellect gets enlightened why cling to words and wrong notions. Similarly the word Hindu. Today it denotes only a religion. It was derived from the word Indus, denoting the people of Indus Valley Civilization. We believe that Indus Valley Civilization is Dravidian civilization. Then the word Hindu should only mean us the Dravidians. If we concede, the invasion, in larger context it will also include Aryans, but now it is being used as a word only to describe a religion. Religions had different names. Saivaism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, Sikkism etc. The common word to mean Indian people, Indus Valley people is in usage narrowed to a religious context. Otherwise we have no enmity to any words. Its meaning, its usage and how it fits us in the humanity, alone matters. If we are to be slaves under the Order of Manu, if few claim they are above all in humanity, there comes the conflict. The Dalit uprising seen all over India is our fault. We, Dravidians separated them from our villages and built caste walls. We borrowed the Aryan mentality, degrading our kinsmen, which now witnesses Dalit assertion in Indian politics and society...

Conclusion: Tamils are the worst sufferers of the racial supremacy theory. For centuries we have suffered and still bleeding under the war machine of genocide. Let the curse called race be sent to catacomb. Let us all unite as human beings. But let Indian government not allow a group to imagine they are super species experimenting to reach the next ladder in evolution and further push Tamils in their own soil into slave mentality and make them second class citizens.

N. Nandhivarman, General Secretary, Dravida Peravai Category: Politics Permalink

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