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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Goddess in her lifetime cannot even reform her followers Saturday 16 August, 2008 Write to Nandhi Varman Forward this link WITHDRAW APPROVAL TO AUROVILLE:

We want the Government of India to withdraw the approval given to the Auroville Universal Township Master Plan by the Ministry of Human Resources Development vide letter dated No: F 27-3/2000 UU dated 12th April 2001. The people’s revolt in Nandhigram of West Bengal over setting up of an industry acquiring lands indicates that even if employment opportunities knock their doors, people are not willing to barter their traditional right over their soil. The Amarnath land row is a head ache for our nation. In both cases after things went beyond control, Government of India is now frantically searching for a panacea. The Master Plan [Perspective 2025] brought out by Auroville Foundation and Town and Country Planning Organization, Government of India Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, needs intensive scrutiny before agitations erupt...

Dravida Peravai comments: The Honorable French Lady Mirra Alfasa during the French colonial time would have easily set up such a Utopian City in the French colony of Pondicherry. Why this vision did not appear to her at that time? All these experiments she could have carried within Pondicherry with French Government support. Further she could have made Aurobindo Ashram as laboratory where all fighting instincts of man could be conquered? If she had succeeded within Aurobindo Ashram, she could have argued we have succeeded here and this experiment we want to carry on wider scale, hence we need a township.

I can quote her from her own words recorded in cassettes in French and brought out in 6000 pages of Mother’s Agenda in English. Did she say that when her eyesight became dim, all around her are cheating her? She had said. When she was in her old age, she had cited many examples on how people around her betrayed her? A Goddess in her lifetime cannot even reform her followers, wants Government of India to sanction a Universal Township, where “over the satisfaction of desires and passions, the seeking of pleasures and material enjoyments, need of spirit will take precedence. In Puducherry people throng due to the need of liquor based on rectified spirit, and her vision, mission and ashram had not lifted Pondicherry from the bane of alcoholism. Her own comments in 13th volume of Mother’s Agenda that if I build hospital for people’s benefit, illicit children are being delivered there, proves the Poet Bharathidasan’s poetic attack in his epic Kudumba Villakku on the immorality prevailing there to be truth. When she cannot succeed in creating a new species in the ashram, what need arises for a Universal Township. Unless it is for creating a neo-colony nearby with French leaving their original colony Puducherry, there is no need for a universal township to import people from abroad. British, French and Portuguese colonialism ended, and Indian people were happy. Why should we import people from various countries unless it is for creating a neo-colony? If the noble goals of Auroville are for humanity, Indians too are part of humanity, not all are atheists like me, and most are spiritual guided by various saints and gurus over centuries. Are these people unfit to become supermen and women?

The Mother left a will in cassette and writing on how Ashram should function after her, and the ninety year old Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya, Director of Physical Education of Aurobindo Ashram in his words had said that after mourning period they will listen to that cassette and run the Aurobindo Ashram according to her directives. Till date where that cassette had vanished is mystery, and years back investigative Tamil journal Nakkeeran had exposed this mystery. Our question is if the sadaks trained by Thiru.Aurobindo Ghosh and Ms.Mirra Alfasa failed to run an ashram as per her last will, how can Government of India expect a Universal Township will be run in accordance with her dreams.

2. The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, is a ministry under a cabinet elected by the people of India. It should be impartial. It must plan for the development of all urban cities in India, and not shower its grace to only one Universal Township. Does the Government thinks all Indian cities should stink and Indian people breathe polluted air, while a town of 1619 foreigners including 472 supporters of those foreigners, should have a green belt evacuating Tamil villages either forcibly or cunningly purchasing the lands to ease the locals out of their soil. The Government of India is representative of Indian people. It must think of Master Plans that will beautify all Indian cities, and not show undue partiality to support only one township comprising people who will not vote in Indian elections, who are not tax payers but are people to avail concessions in the name of so many activities, which thousands on non-governmental organizations in India are already pursuing. Puducherry is on the verge of loosing all cultivable lands. In future the Union Territory is not going to produce even a bagful of food grains. All lands are becoming concrete jungles. Same is the case of Chennai and most cities in India. The Government of India wants Indian citizens to live in congested concrete jungles, but it wants a green jungle belt to shield a town of special species from pollution. It is shameful and ridiculous.

3. The Ministry which has Poverty Alleviation in its title must visit the Tamil villages where the Auroville Universal Township will come up, and see the poverty in which neck deep these Tamils have sunk with no one to redeem. There is nothing to do with poverty alleviation, and it is whimsical to sanction a township that never will work for poverty alleviation.

Auroville belongs to nobody in particular, by these words Tamils are kept away, saying “to live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of Divine Consciousness” The imported foreigners only are willing servitor to Divine Consciousness, and Secretary of Auroville Foundation had to just rubber stamp that certificate issued by the residents assembly comprising the foreigners with more than two thirds majority. The words of their Mother that there has to be a place that no nation could claim its property, clearly indicates, that like Vatican, they want city state status, keeping all sovereign countries out of reach. For this only fools in Indian Government could nod like the Sultans and Maharaja’s of past who extended red carpet welcome to East India Company and French India Company.

N. Nandhivarman. General Secretary Dravida Peravai Category: Politics Permalink

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