Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dispel the illusion of poverty and struggle to become prosperous and welcome divine ease and grace into your life

Fundamental Principles of the Prosperity Code Activation Series
Fundamental principles underlying all the activations in the Prosperity Codes series are listed below. As you work with the various Vibrational Tools in each package, you will increasingly embody these eternal truths in your being and radiate their frequencies, magnetizing you to all the good that is your due.

Unlimited supply or wealth is accessible to you from the love that you are.
You are an infinite being of infinite power and potential, and your very nature is abundant.
Life/Creation/God desires of you that you thrive and prosper, bringing forth your unique truth and gifts to full expression in your life.
Your covenant with the Creator is written in joy; find your joy, and there shall you find your true purpose.
All true desire comes from the Soul, and is God/Goddess expressing through you.
The greatest gift you can give to the world is the gift of yourself—the gift of self-realization.
Ever greater expression of Self is the only path to true and unbounded joy.
You have the God-given right to live in fullness and to seek all the blessings of life.
The way to dispel the illusion of poverty and struggle in the world is to become personally prosperous and welcome divine ease and grace into your life.
Your role in creation is to envision and create from the love and uniqueness that you are.
As you prosper with your whole being, you inspire others to prosper.
When you prosper with your whole being, you bring new wealth into the world that was not there before. Though it may come to you through established means, all that you receive does not take away from others, but rather augments the manifested supply.
The Earth has no limits in her capacity to support us in evolution as beings of love.

The Prosperity Codes is an activation-packed program designed to support you toward embodying principles of wealth and prosperity consciousness. In particular, the audio activations will shift your relationship to money, prosperity, and wealth, and align you more deeply with your full potential so that your means of wealth generation is fully expressive of your true nature and in harmony with the divine universal laws of creation, thereby opening you to receive more richly and with greater ease and grace. The Spirituality of Wealth Program (SOWP)

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