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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sri Aurobindo on Democracy and Secularism

SABDA – Distributors of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publications

Among the Great— Dilip Kumar Roy Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 282Price: Rs 200
And So This Happens Discourse on Certain Social Problems and their Solutions in the Light of Sri Aurobindo— Samar Basu Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 50Price: Rs 10
The Coming Race and other Essays Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta, Volume One)— Nolini Kanta GuptaBinding: Hard Cover Pages: 406Price: Rs 35
Designing a New Social Order An Insight into Aurobindonian Thought— Dr G. P. Gupta ISBN: 978-81-7060-141-8Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 14Price: Rs 12
"The Fallacy of Karl Marx" A Critical Appraisal of Marxism in the Light of Sri Aurobindo's Social Philosophy— Kishor Gandhi ISBN: 978-81-7058-481-0Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 66Price: Rs 30
Freedom and Future An Imaginary Dialogue with Sri Aurobindo— Daniel AlbuquerqueISBN: 978-81-7058-530-5 Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 131Price: Rs 100
From the Editor's Desk Some Socio-Spiritual Perspectives— Shyam Sunder JhunjhunwalaBinding: Soft Cover Pages: 126Price: Rs 95
Glimpses of Vedantism in Sri Aurobindo's Political Thought— Samar BasuISBN: 978-81-86413-07-4Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 73Price: Rs 45
Hindu Muslim Unity In Sri Aurobindo's Light— Dr Mangesh NadkarniISBN: 978-81-7060-110-4Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 28Price: Rs 15
India and the Future of South Asia— Kosha ShahBinding: Soft Cover Pages: 84Price: Rs 80
In Search of Hinduism— Dr Prema NandakumarBinding: Soft Cover Pages: 55Price: Rs 30
India and the World Scene— K. D. Sethna (Amal Kiran)ISBN: 978-81-7060-118-0Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 353Price: Rs 180
The Indian Spirit and the World's Future— K. D. Sethna (Amal Kiran)ISBN: 978-81-7060-227-9Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 185Price: Rs 150
India, Youth and Integration— Essays and articles by various authorsISBN: 978-81-900175-3-4Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 211Price: Rs 35
India's Spiritual Destiny Its Inevitability and Potentiality— Mangesh NadkarniISBN: 978-81-7476-565-9Binding: Hard Cover Pages: 135Price: Rs 325
Meta-History The Unfoldment and Fulfilment of Human Destiny— V. Madhusudan ReddyBinding: Soft Cover Pages: 176Price: Rs 50
Of Past Dawns and Future Noons Towards a resurgent India— ShonarISBN: 978-81-7476-536-9Binding: Hard Cover Pages: 535Price: Rs 595
Patterns of the Present From the Perspective of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother— Georges Van VrekhemISBN: 978-81-7167-768-9Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 238Price: Rs 150
Social and Political Evolution of Man As Visioned by Sri Aurobindo (A Brief Study)— Samar BasuBinding: Soft Cover Pages: 117Price: Rs 10
Sri Aurobindo – Max Muller – Subhas Chandra— Amalendu DeBinding: Soft Cover Pages: 52Price: Rs 20
Sri Aurobindo and the Advent of the Supermind— Gopal BhattacharyaBinding: Hard Cover Pages: 228Price: Rs 125
Sri Aurobindo and His Contemporary Thinkers— Articles by various authorsISBN: 978-81-246-0428-1Binding: Hard Cover Pages: 349Price: Rs 600
Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx Integral Sociology and Dialectical Sociology— D. P. ChattopadhyayaISBN: 978-81-208-0388-6Binding: Hard Cover Pages: 336Price: Rs 495
Sri Aurobindo and the New Age Essays in Memory of Kishor Gandhi— Essays and articles by various authorsISBN: 978-81-7058-505-3Binding: Hard Cover Pages: 239Price: Rs 85
Sri Aurobindo on Democracy and Secularism— Compiled by G. P. Gupta and M. S. SrinivasanISBN: 978-81-7060-140-1Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 36Price: Rs 15
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