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Friday, March 06, 2009

That most potential and poisonous serpent which partitioned Bharatbarsha

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Pre-pole Alliance , 2009
As of today, the strength & stability of Union Government , thus the fate of the Nation is very much dependent upon the regional and/or small parties, even an individual. Union Govt. with 2/3rd majority – is now only a matter of day-dream or history. More is the strength of regional parties, less is the strength of Central Government. Birth of more and more small parties and more growth of regional parties – would obviously contribute in one way or other , towards the disintegration of the country. Fractured verdict would obviously fracture the fate of the Nation – the psychic of the electoral role must understand this reality, going beyond political sentiment and attachment.
0n 03.03.09 , Deva Gowda announced of an alliance of eight parties – the much waited Third-Front , to be launched on 12.03.09 at Karnataka : CPI , CPM, FB (Forward Block), RPI , TDR, TDP , JD(S) , AIADMK. ( May be, the combination would be changed ).
Third-front has become a potential reality of 2009 – more so, because of PRP – the new party launched by silver hero , Chiranjeebi. He declared that his party will not go for any pre-pole alliance, and no post-pole alliance either with NDA or UPA. So he is insisting for the third-front only – his axis may be , the strong block of Mayabati.

Chiranjeebi belongs to kapu cast – population in AP about 40% - till now there was no such representation of kapu cast in politics – whereas reddy & other upper casts , used to have all the power and wealth sharing while they are having only about 4% population in AP. ( Kamma is the other strong backward agricultural casts, sifting to PRP). So PRP may get about 15 seats in AP, and obviously then AP shall be the determinant factor for the shape and formation of Central Ministry, and otherwise also.
Jyoti Basu said to press that if there is an alliance with Congress and Trinomul ( TMC ) – his party would face a serious problem , also indicated that in that event TMC may get more than 12 seats. This is not the political prediction but a threat upon Congress, for not to go in alliance with TMC , and if required CPM would , as usual, give support from outside. And there is no Constitutional law – which prohibits a party to support another party-camp , in post-pole situation , going just opposite and taking an U tern. Who fought each other teeth & nail in election – may be bhai-bhai after election , this is the political truth preached in Indian Constitution and practiced by , "We , the People" .
Congress would not go for any alliance with TMC, but would care for CMP to use as a timely-stepny at hour of need. This is an established chemistry , may be of decades old.

One may disagree – but there are truth in these words that Advanian hinduism followed by demolition of babri structure – are the re-discovery of that most potential and poisonous serpent which partitioned Bharatbarsha.
Time has come for introspection by them who owe allegiance to Advanian hindusim, and pondering by political population, that what the country has achieved till date by destabilising the settled communal harmony of this country by hurting the sentiment of a community – and more so , in this sub-continent, where helpless hindus have been suffering continuously since Dec 1992 in the name of retaliations. Thousands of temples have been reduced into dust for one babri demolition and till now, so called Ram Mandir could not be built up – though BJP lead Govt. ruled the country for some years.
Though Third front has become a reality with Mayabati or Deva or Sarad or someone as the PM – but in this crisis period of world economy – it would be a dangerous dare-devil fancy to hand over governance of the Country to a team of all new players having no political bondage of assured permanency, mutual allegiance in the true sense of the term and commonality of alliance. They are committed to politics not to people.
Of course this is not a political campaign for or against any political party or front - but reality propelled me to speak to you. Think and think, if I am wrong, correct me.
bijan ghosh

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