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Saturday, March 21, 2009

They want to use religious sentiment as political fuel to reach power house

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Three weeks back, I reminded my people to evaluate once that what we got out of demolition of Babri Structure – effect not only in India, but in these sub-continent – apart from gift of growing terrorism.

Today’s news says – RSS Sudarshan said that Babri was demolished by external powers with the help of dynamite , while BJP top Mustak Ahmed said , BJP is not a construction company that it would build temple, mosque, churches… while BHP has been saying of late that demolition was not in the agenda… public-spark of the moment

They are now trying to give a cover of their acts and deeds – but they can not say sorry openly, since they would loss hindu votes. It is electoral politics not religion. They want to use religious sentiment as political fuel to reach power house - ram-nam just being a vehicle.

We must keep ourselves reminded always that vested interested communities internationally would keep on striving to torn India from within, so that India can not achieve superiority in terms of economics, man-power energy sources being the very foundation of it.

Two years back Ayodhya temple received attack, it is not any Islamic out fit or known terrorist camp who is responsible for it, it is totally a new launch premised on economy based war head but in a different colour. All such different attacks will come on India and Pakistan so that each may be provoked to blame the other to instigate religious sentiment – that being the most vernable premises in this sub-continent, which caused partition and the monumental human calamity that has no parallel in history. It is a shame; we adorn Lord Amarnath and indulge equally in communal hatred. What is the use of re-constructing Ram Temple if one has to offer Puja there in police protection!

All that is needed, all political leaders should not translate such accidents for their respective political dividends, restrain themselves in terms of real cause and teach people to maintain communal harmony by all means and at any cost.

The emerging need of the hour is: a strong leadership, an Indian leadership.

The days of individual leadership have gone, it is the day of collective leadership, and collective leadership can be evolved only when one can travel across the political fencing, ideological boundaries and religious limitations – while country being the only biding interest. This is an unusual situation and only an unusual step can help to bail out this situation. Not only pigmies of politics, man of eminence of different fields are also required to be joined hands together in this collective leadership.

Now not the Third Front – but Forth Front has also formed, i.e., unknown-unidentified faces from all the three fronts – see the situation which could be compared with jugglery only – a juggler is playing with four balls – three is always in air …. And everybody is desirous to be the PM, be that Lalu, Paswan, Pawer, Mulayam, Kalyan, Maya, Jayalalitha, Naidu, Gowda – while none of them have the quality to lead the country – specially in the crisis hour of global economy.

The real crisis of India is the crisis of Leadership. Nature will collaborate, immensely, to reinforce INDIA IS GREAT, if we can assure her right and proper utilisation of man-power harmony, integrated “We, the People” - while in absence of true leadership such assurance is a practical absurdity. 1:20 PM

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