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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a great pity that the dreams and the hopes of Sri Aurobindo are yet to be realised Apt title Comments:
The title you've selected for your magazine is a good one. After all, the earth is all that matters for human beings. Sri Aurobindo once said, "We bless.... this land of ours which has been even as a mother unto our nation. Blessed be this our own, our Motherland, which holds the promise of a far more glorious future for her sons than what has been theirs in the past...."

It's a great pity that the dreams and the hopes of Sri Aurobindo and millions of us who had fought for India's freedom are yet to be realised. After four decades, why is it that 80 per cent of our people have no access even to safe drinking water? Why are more than half our people illiterate and why do they live below the poverty line? Why is it that we are still one of the poorest countries in the world? We have to find answers to these questions. I do believe that your magazine will play a vital role in doing this.
Sender's name: H DEVADAS, New Delhi (Mar 30 2002 10:09AM)

Jun 1, 1994 - Journal of Religious Thought: Focuses on the work of Aurobindo Ghose and his philosophy regarding the place of spirituality in the evolution of human beings, dubbed as `world reconstruction.' Life of Sri Aurobindo; Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo; Sri Aurobindo and world reconstruction. From EBSCOhost Connection: Aurobindo Ghose and world... ($$)

Oct 7, 1995 - The Mother is based upon an extremely strange but true story of a European woman who became the partner (their relationship is far from clear) and successor of Sri Aurobindo, one of India's greatest spiritual teachers. After his death she took over as head of the ashram and, ... From Here's why Westerners are drawn to India Journey To Ithaca By Anita Desai Alfred A. Knopf, 312 pages, $32

Jan 20, 1997 - Sri Aurobindo and Sanskrit by Sampadananda Mishra; Institute of Research in Social Sciences, a unit of Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, India. There is no doubt that the Sanskrit language made a very deep inmpression on Sri Aurobindo. It might even be said the he approached the ... From Radio touts 210 million listeners weekly.... ($$)

Apr 12, 1998 - The Cambridge intellectual was none other than Sri Aurobindo, who took a first in classics, and then became guru to India's best known ashram. At least Sri Aurobindo was Indian. The self-appointed messiah was French. This was the woman known as the "Mother", whose kindly face stares ... From Creme caramel amidst the rickshaws

Nov 19, 1998 - VADODARA, Nov 18: A national seminar on `Aspects of the Constitution of India - Some Aurobindonian Perspectives' will be organised by the Sri Aurobindo Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Work, MS University, on November 28. ...
From Seminar on Constitution

Dec 17, 1998 - There was also the Frenchwoman known simply as The Mother who presided over the devotees of Sri Aurobindo, a Bengali revolutionary who fled to French-ruled Pondicherry. The community flourished and expanded under The Mother's stewardship, with branches in every Indian city and hundreds ... From Sonia Gandhi's Foreign Chic Article from... ($$)

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