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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The rise and retreat of Sri Aurobindo

“Eclipse of the Hindu Nation” - Excerpt from Chapter 1 ... By B Shantanu

In this chapter, Dr Radha Rajan refers to Hindu tradition of statecraft and makes the distinction and connection between Hindu rashtra and Hindu rajya - the Hindu nation and the Hindu state. This chapter deals with the rise of Hindu nationalism, the decimation of the nationalists and - tragically - the rise and retreat of Aurobindo creating the space in the INC for Gandhi. *** Excerpt from “Eclipse of the Hindu Nation” ...

What is the Nation we want to be? (Part 2)
from Friends of BJP -- Because India Deserves Better by rajesh
by Amit Malviya

Possible Solution
Dr Subramanian Swamy on 19 Jul 09 speaking in Darmouth, Mass in US, advocated the concept of Brihad Virat Hindutava and argued its relevance to bring about a renaissance in the current secular India’s value system and thus create a unified patriotic and spiritual society. At present, he said, the Indian nation is slowly but surely sliding into a crass one-dimensional society of material pursuits which can lead to the nation’s Balkanisation.

Dr. Swamy was delivering the Special Public Lecture as guest of honour, to the delegates of the 18th International Congress on Vedanta held for three days at the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Dr. Swamy said that Hindu civilization has lasted so long, in fact the longest, is because it was a society that had found a blend and harmonization of material pursuits with spiritual values.

He further elaborated : “In the 19th century, Swami Vivekananda had propagated the concept of Brihad {Greater} Hindutva, while Sri Aurobindo and Veer Savarkar who had spoken from different perspectives, advocated a Virat [virile] Hindutva. All these revelations were made to the people in pre-political de-colonised India.

But unfortunately after becoming free, the academia and political power went into the hands of Marxists and Macaulayists who were determined to reduce the Hinduness of Indians to a minimum of acceptability labeling it as obscurantist and politically chauvinist, or communal and fundamentalist, and make out the concept as a danger to secularism. He said that the history of Hinduism disproves these charges, but the slander continues. Now to end the current moral degeneration in a democratic dispensation in India, he would advocate propagating a synthesis of Vedanta, Brihad and Virat concepts.

Dr. Swamy declared that time has come to confront the Marxist and Macaulayists and challenge them to a debate a new synthesis of Brihad Virat Hindutva if they dare to debate.

This is essentially a great concept but the challenge lies in implementing it without being perceived as exclusive and pro Hindu. The pseudo secular-communal divide in the country is so mis-propagated and wide that being pro nationalist and cultural is invariably seen as pro Hindu and hence not secular. This debate has gone on for far too long and is ingrained in people’s psyche now.

The challenge is to overcome this and instill cultural pride and feeling of patriotism in the people of India and build an inclusive spiritual society. The concept also needs to be articulated in simpler terms so that the common man can understand and relate it to his daily life. Unlike most ideologies it should be contemporary and progressive. This is easier said than done !
It would be great to hear what you think.

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