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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sri Aurobindo University was inaugurated on 4th April 2007 at Sri Aurobindo Srikhetra, Dalijoda, Odisha by Dr. M. V. Nadkarni

There is an inner drive within humanity to strive towards greater perfection, greater achievement, and reach out for harmony, love, knowledge, power and longer life. This drive is directly related to our experience of incapacity, limitation, suffering and defeat. In fact we see that individuals surfeited with pleasure or enjoyment tend not to strive for greater perfections. It thus becomes clear that somehow the mystery of suffering is tied into our evolutionary purpose and that the suffering itself is one of the keys to our evolutionary action.

India's struggle for independence, 1857-1947 Bipan Chandra - 1988 - 600 pages
1903–1908: Women, students and a large section of the urban and rural population of
Bengal and other parts of India became actively involved in politics for the first time. ... The richness of the movement was not confined to politics alone. The period saw a breakthrough in Indian art, literature, music, science and industry. Indian society, as a whole, was experimenting and the creativity of the people expanded in every direction.

Orissa is an ancient seat of culture and The Telegraph is the newest chronicler and analyst of the state’s many achievements and of the activities of its people. This contrast between the ancient and the latest should not, however, be pushed too far because Orissa is today a vibrant province and The Telegraph is wise beyond its years. The contrast carries within it the promise of a fruitful partnership. In the last decade or so, Orissa has rapidly transformed itself from a backward and poor state into one that is seen by most investors, domestic and foreign, as the preferred destination. …
It would be simplistic to view the Orissa success story only through the prism of economic achievements. Education, the most important vehicle to make any growth sustainable, has also felt the winds of change. … This will is also manifest in the manner in which the people of Orissa attempt to refashion their own proud regional identity with a new and emerging presence in the national scene. This is one reason why Orissa is an exciting place. The Telegraph, by bringing that excitement to its readers, wants to be part of it.

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