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Monday, May 09, 2016

Mudha Rajiva and Sri Sri nobel foot and half beard

Assorted tweets:
Amazing article on changing situations in the #education system. #MustRead
Reality strikes you hard!
#OpenMinds2016: @Chikisarkar to democratise reading and to put it into the hands of millions
Excellent piece by @Santwana99: From Bofors to Agusta, netas are carrion-birds hovering over a raft of dead values.
1) Indians in general hardly understand market failure and ask for state intervention everywhere. Read this:
2) Classic cases where govt intervention might be useful, when markets fail(not in commie sense):
@Rjrasva This forms the base to think about direction of population migration. And shown very well in Lucotte G.
@yugaparivartan He answered this on FB in response to another poster
Snippet is from reply
@Rjrasva Shared ancestry still does not tell about direction,  but I expected it given Lucotte G paper. See table
@kw841 True. But read these two articles on why we think otherwise:
6)Please refer to these articles with link on recent study by Lucotte G. and
2)U cite a paper which itself takes no stand on AIT/OIT. David Reich et al:
ROFL,Some blogs started by twitter Hindutva warriors even supported the bastard twitter AIT kingpin blog
The giants among the lilliputs via @blog_supplement
@guNagarbhaH I don't have any good solutions. In the least the problem should be recognized and studied carefully before reaching solutions
@guNagarbhaH is all I am saying. Touched upon here:
@ColonelGerard the transition to modernity the H were not able retain&upgrade their apparatus of knowledge production with too much success
@ColonelGerard intelligence as fellows like mUDha rAjIva, in study of history as Talageri, & are science has not exactly had much to show
Rajiv Malhotra shares foreword of his book ‘Academic Hinduphobic’ via @NewsGram1
Sri Aurobindo and his Idea of India – Anirban Ganguly
Read Anirban Ganguly's Column: Indic Thought Inspiring Great Minds Holds Many Lessons
India and the human cycle - How Sri Aurobindo's theory of human cycles applies to today's world.
@CholericCleric Dayanand Saraswati and Aurobindo Ghose are very good reads. They argue that Vedas are not books of history to start with.
Musings on AIT, Genetics, and Accusations of Racism: . My effective refutation of Shrikant Talageri's claims & OIT.
Aryan Invasion Theory: Other debunking evidences (Part III) - via @yugaparivartan read
Why is a popular guru like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar attracting so much criticism? My column in Deccan Chronicle
Nothing Vedic in ‘Vedic Maths’ – C. K. Raju
Ayn Rand’s thought has a fundamental shortcoming; and a response to Alex Tabarrok’s question
I’m downgrading Ayn Rand; her active promotion of bribery is a major blot on her #philosophy
Yes! Sanskrit is not a "dead language" or a "code" to be unlocked. It's an entryway to worlds of thought.
I did a blog: "Karma & Rebirth: The Basics." < an intro for my book. Agreements and disputes.
The Rocky Origins of Life < how life may have got started at hydrothermal vents
Oriya cuisine rarely features among the popular Indian food cultures today. Here's why:
झूठ,बेईमान व्यक्ति सिर्फ अपने को सुर्ख़ियो मे बनाएं रखने के लिए खुरापात करता है।
देश का सबसे कलंकित और झूठा नेता (?)
Shekhar Kapoor has been extremely quiet on #AgustaBombshell ?? Was he bribed ? via @indiaopines
@LearntLies [You see these H shouting "AIT is so bad. It means our religion was imported"]
[highlight our past achievements should also be given a very unbiased and objective assessment of our past failures]
Savitri Era Open Forum: Voltaire, Darwin, Husserl, and Sri Aurobindo
rainbOwther: Guha, Foa, Verghese, and Danino
Two days National Conference inaugurated at NITTE #Nitte #NewsNirantara
Adam Smith's Lost Legacy
A brilliant article on how people are suckered by hdfc life and its partners, by Charles Assisi
Personality cult & Supremo dominated politics has reached a ridiculous extent in India.TN is Amma of this phenomenon
"Why do trolls remind you to say “our respected PM”? Why was the PM not respected then?" @ShirishKunder:
My column in this issue @pbhushan1 Do read!
How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of Running via @thescienceofus
Hinduism and the caste system, by Amal Kiran..disciple of Sri Aurobindo
Here @dikgaj provides a fantastic insight into why `mainstream Hindus' hate Revolutionaries
An Indigenous View Of The Hindu Identity.
.@sarkar_swati @kartheeque @maidros78
Traditionalist may befriend Reformist but always hates radical Fundamentalist.
The history of India’s freedom struggle can't be properly recorded without mentioning #AnushilanSamiti & #Jugantar.
@ColonelGerard @Dirghakarna my own view is that Indian history is incomplete without solving central problem of identity of Vikramaditya
@KalavaiVenkat @ColonelGerard these three books by RRMR I found to be pretty interesting..rewriting Indian timeline
@ColonelGerard @Dirghakarna no he places the nandas around 1000bc, which itself might be debatable
@kw841 @blog_supplement I use IA. People should get used to science. One can't be in denial of biological basis of race, ethnicity & caste.
“..the ultimate question of the Proto-Indo-European homeland is unresolved by our data.” -  David Reich.
Posting this story again not without a reason:
Hindustan Times -Twinkle, whose handle on twitter is @MissFunnyBones, wrote: “Sri Sri got his nobel foot and half beard stuck in his mouth in a yogic pose that Baba Ramdev perfected a while ago #HolyMenAndHairyTales.” She later deleted the tweet.
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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