Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jadavpur women have no shame; visiting temple wearing nightie

Yeah I'm Agusta Patrakar & a Presstitute & a Sickular and Anti National. And I have two Muslim Husbands. Now?
@BDUTT yet you are a powerful and strong woman who has tolerated every useless tweet with such smart replies haha, more power to you
@brumbyOz Don't get me started on those so called Islamic reformers. Most of them don't even know the religion that well.
@mlechchha Good you acknowledge that Mainstream Church propaganda is as loony as fringe Hindutva pamphleteering @TheJaggi
@mlechchha @prasannavishy @TheJaggi I'm critical of the Hindutva fringe historians too. But few of them have the institutional patronage
@bainjal chant Bharat Mata ki Jai and use rape analogies to demean women! Sickening stuff! Shame on @BJP4India @narendramodi @PMOIndia
But perception matters more than reality in politics. Nasib in Delhi, DNA in Bihar, Somalia in Kerala: poor choice of words. Avoidable. Part of "if we do not criticise, then we will be like congress" syndrome. Forgetting, congress ruled for 60 years!
No one talks of expressing dissent in party forums, any more. Now, dissent is being driven out of Twitter also. This is how fascism devours.
So @OpIndia_com has published my article. These 'liberals' will abuse you even for speaking up, but speak up:
When “liberals” targeted my family for cracking jokes on Congress leaders - @rahulroushan speaks out
Must read story by @rahulroushan on how the Media never covers the abuse that Cong/AAP's critics like us receive.
Media paints Modi's critics as the victim of abuse, while ignoring the fact that abuse is an inherent vice of an open platform.
@India_Policy Sadly propagandist portals & liberals run stories on rogue like @ShirishKunder but never on genuine debater like @rahulroushan
"Why do trolls remind you to say “our respected PM”? Why was the PM not respected then?" @ShirishKunder:
Know how @ShirishKunder often steps on trolls' jugular vein. A must read interview.
Alleged humorist Sirish Kunder claimed Con party leaders are joke-friendly. Was he joking? @rahulroushan reveals
Who will protect doctors like @WrongDoc and myself from harassment on account of our political beliefs?
@WrongDoc also who are all these doctors discussing politics and religion with their patients?I'm doing well if I cover all relevant topics.
I believe in my freedom of personal opinion & expression; am sure as a human being I'm allowed that, despite my profession. @nayanikaaa
Believing that anyone would be devoid of an ideological leaning because of their profession is stupid. @nayanikaaa
Leaving personal ideas/ belief systems away from professional work is a norm, or else no Christian would become an obstetrician  @nayanikaaa
This is how you condition the reader, reinforce the same half truths, again and again and again....
Disturbing that @aruns_nambiar got so abusive before all facts were out
@kalidasaghori @criticfrommars @abhiztweets @ChennaiCA @motupataluji
Credibility needs facts & logic, not arrogant word-play.
@aruns_nambiar @kalidasaghori @criticfrommars @abhiztweets @ChennaiCA @motupataluji
I don't nurse any visceral dislike for non-Indians. Knowledge has to be respected from whichever source it comes without denouncing someone as sepoy, Abrahamic, or questioning his motives. My point is to avoid rabid partisanism and judge each scholar's work on merit sans motivated metanarratives.
Agreed! Yet Sir, some of the arguments and evidence is establishing beyond doubt that the motives are questionable. I agree 'anger' needs to be kept in check...
How utterly disgusting. Is this an official party handle? What on earth is going on
@bainjal @sagarikaghose What kind of families they come from? Doesnt take even a min.4 them 2 threaten/curse a lady with rape& gangrape!!
On Firstpost, most abuse aimed at women, esp when writing on politics & any1 suspected of harbouring liberal values.
@ElChaudhry Most #Presstitutes are mercilessly mocked because "serving the public" isn't their motto, they spread fud.
Any wonder that this disgustingly abusive handle is followed by @narendramodi . #Sickening
@HinduRajyam He used the word Hindu just to fool others. He is a convert just like G Surya. Sick Convert. @RURALINDIA
Eastern #India has brains, western India #lacks #brains: #BJPMP
'Budhha in a traffic jam' director @vivekagnihotri  blasts Jadavpur University students;fiery speech goes viral
These people, these shameless people claim to be the guardians of bhartiya sanskriti, preach morality blah blah blah
Modi's " student wing" ABVP says Jadavpur women can't be molested because they have no shame". @nsui @IYC @INCIndia
Last heard she was trying a "nighty" entry to temple
Me visit temples in various towns resonably often--yet to see one woman in nightie visiting --why BBB, is moharamming:)))
I have honestly never seen any woman entering a temple wearing a nightie! Why such boards in the first place.
One wouldnt go to restaurants, pubs, bars, weddings, offices in nighties, but they want to go to temple in nightie?
Personally woman in temple in nightie is good idea but fitness std shud be of beach. Will boost temple attendance
@neha_aks @saranstm You have problem with women in nightie, what about sadhus going naked ? Go to temple to see God, not what others wear
@VJsapps Nudity is part of hindu culture but I am pointing to the hypocrisy of these women who want to wear nighties only for temples.
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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