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Muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo is tunnel vision

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#ExpressOpinion | Only #NarendraModi has understood the idea of Bharat Shakti and is therefore the best instrument to confirm and fulfill Aurobindo’s augury.
@MakrandParanspe writes:
Modi 2 marks reinvigoration of Aurobindo's idea of BharatShakti writes Prof. @MakrandParanspe  @IndianExpress #NewIndia -

Who is the biggest ‘chamcha’ ( sycophant) of them all, among academics, ‘ public intellectuals ‘ commentariat? Just read a piece by an academic which is the verbal equivalent of doing ‘ sashatang pranam.’ Before those who currently wield power. On your face sycophancy.

From the age of fifteen Michel Danino was drawn to India, some of her great yogis, and soon to Sri Aurobindo and Mother. In 1977, dissatisfied after 4 years of higher scientific studies, he left France for India, where he has since been living. #quotes

33) Hymns 206 - 213 (Verses 2,157 - 2,221): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 02, Sukta 015 to 022 (all hymns addressed to Indra); with #SriAurobindo's words on where it may not be accurate to follow the ancient Indian scholastic tradition on the Vedas

The former Curzon Memorial in #Kolkata was changed, to celebrate Sri Aurobindo, freedom fighter, guru, poet... but the surrounding figures are as Sir Hamo Thornycroft first designed them—a poignant glimpse of India #sculpture.

Globalist Ideologies are Dakshina in nature. Among religious ideas, Islam is the epitome of Dakshina Marg. Doesn't allow any room to anyone. Communism too is Dakshina Marg. Any ideology which tells you to follow, rather than to chart your own path is deceiving you.

One you could add to this list, too , is Henri Bortoft, who is perhaps quite relevant to Integral Yoga as well. He wrote on discerning between "authentic and counterfeit wholes" or integrations -- a most critical subject in these times of fakery.

The Interviews Blog : ‘It’s possible to be an atheist and practise a religion; many religions get along quite well without gods’

Peter Heehs the vilifier of Sri Aurobindo is back in business at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives. Has the Ashram Trust lost is head? Read

A beautiful account by @NandiniNai of her discovery of Japan: its refined visual and literary culture, its undertow of violence; its everyday perfections, its sudden grottiness; its simultaneity of samurai and salariiman, Zen clarity and Shinjuku delight.

In place of the Buddhistic negative Absolute, Shankara offered Brahman, an ineffable positive Absolute, in which all feature & action & energy cease in that they never really existed & are mere illusions of the mind.-#SriAurobindo

Debates prior to Sri Aurobindo must be understood for locating him properly.
[Where Nietzsche or Emerson say to be more individual, Kant tells us to be more universal – to act according to the same moral law that everyone else should act under. -Amod Lele]

[Biographers usually focus solely on Aurobindo's life as a politician or sage, but he was also a scholar, a revolutionary, a poet, a philosopher, a social and cultural theorist, and the inspiration for an experiment in communal living.] Book by Peter Heehs

What you are concerned about? Congress, Rahul Gandhi, or the country? They are not synonymous. The country surely needs an honest and efficient political party. It should have a good ideology so that people support it. Congress can regain base if it accepts Sri Aurobindo's vision.

Savitri Era: Modi as a modern day Ashoka
@NathTusar @ashoswai @ashokgehlot51 @AshokGoelBJP @AshokaUniv @BDUTT @rupasubramanya @dhume @Ram_Guha @vivekdahiya08 @kazhugan @paranjoygt @dravirmani @PandaJay @sambitswaraj @AprajitaSarangi @sabhlok @shantprakash

Evergreen Essays: Quest for a historical core for puranas is futile
Posted by @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

Women represent empiricism and men a healthy scepticism and ambivalence; that's what came out of the debate on myth and history. May be more to do with awareness level than any inherent trait but the evolutionary burden of child rearing appears ill at ease with a rearview mirror.

Hindutva votaries are recounting their war in Rediff and Sulekha against Western academia but Savitri Era had other tasks in 2005. Although Ken Wilber had brought Sri Aurobindo to wider notice, his portrayal was underinformed and unsympathetic. Rod Hemsell & @akazlev fought that.

Savitri Era Party came into being twelve years back in 2007. Bringing Sri Aurobindo's knowledge to the forefront is possible if his followers form a formidable force to reckon with. Solidarity and concerted action is essential for this lofty goal; Hindutva needs to be jettisoned.

Plagiarism is wrong; can't be justified on any ground. It's not about the nature of content and its intent, who did it, or where it was done. All these are secondary matters. The person should say sorry and pay for damages, if any. cc @MakrandParanspe @RajivMessage @saliltripathi

Arriving at the peak marks the beginning of negotiating with the decline. Yoga however aims at an endless progress in keeping with the spirit of Amrita invoked in the Veda. Many resign to an abstract and pragmatic conception but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo insist upon the physical.

To tweet or intuit, that's the question. The nature of writing is such that quite unexpected turns of phrase sprout by sheer logic of grammar or syntax, thus altering the semantics. Besides, the aesthetic dimension has its own compulsion which forces fresh tenets of hermeneutics.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can't, definitely, be identified with one nation; they worked for the whole humanity or rather to transcend it. Those who are in love with a muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy are, of course, entitled to such a tunnel vision.

Yes, it is important to read Aurobindo in relation to related spirits like Gebser or Blake in order not to succumb to the narrow, myopic view, or to become trapped in a mere "point-of-view".

Book Review on Jitendra Sharma's Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo’s Poetry

Prem Shankar Jha writes—Hindutva Has Nowhere to Go Except Down the Road to Tyranny. This is the third and final part of his three-part analysis via @thewire_in

most religions/moral frameworks/cultures/state tacitly allow prostitution as an unavoidable market phenomenon that takes care of uncontrollable fluctuations in imbalance in demand-supply of "sex" through the state/insttn preferred "marriage" mechanism.
from older Christian monks, to some late Hindu texts to ppl like Gandhi - all disapprove/demote sex within marriage for "pleasure". dont interpret my words as disapproval/approval of "moralism": all I say is abt clarifying real motives and not hiding them. ppl can debate and accept or reject on the real underlying motives - there is no value judgment in itself as to why the state view is wrong or correct.

However I wanted to draw attention to the matter of possible contradiction of the 'genetic' rights of the parents: do they have a right to pass on their genes, salient in context of the IVF judgment, and men asking for paternity tests? The state views appear to be contradictory.

If at all there is a purpose to Life - earthly, not preordained - it is to secure the wellbeing and comfort of your progeny. Caveat: If your ancestors worked towards this goal not through the currently universally accepted unfair means, i.e. legal vice, slave trade, exploitation.
I am guided by the principles of science, and not any ideology or pop-psychology or arcane social-science buzzwords. If you can produce a counter-view that doesn't involve bombast or such labels, a discussion is welcome, for I will learn something. Otherwise, pointless. WDTT
Oh, really? Do stop being patronising and read The Origin of Species for a start. you will realise how empathy is not only intrinsically linked to Human Evolution, it is in fact one of its strongest determinants. WDTT.

Quite true. It isn't that certain phenomena can't be explained scientifically but rather they haven't been studied scientifically. I find this ineffable "beyondness" attributed to love, morality, spirituality etc irrational. Not just ill-considered but unconsidered.

Human morality and social behaviour can't be defined nor grasped by science. Any scientist that doesn't realise this basic limitation of science can't claim to have a basic understanding of what science is. Such a scientist can still be worth paying for the process ...

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