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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Allegiance to the constitution concept is flawed

Assorted tweets:

Best book, in my modest opinion, about D-Day is Antony Beevor's masterpiece D-Day. [As Dutchman I read it in the Dutch translation.]

The God, The Prophet, and The Book
The #ConstitutionOfIndia represents a tyranny of ideas unleashed on a civilisation which for millennia has been a playground of ideas, not defined by a single idea, book or thinker #NarendraModi #SadhviPragya
..As seekers and rational thinkers, let our sole allegiance be to the truth and not to the leaders, spiritual or temporal, howsoever hallowed, neither any schools of thought, political, philosophical or spiritual, nor any books. We will outlast them all...
The very concept of sole allegiance to the constitution is flawed. The constitution is not a book set in stone. At any point in time it should reflect the will and the aspirations of those it is supposed to serve. The Indian constitution with several of its provisions retained from colonial times and more than 100 amendments made to it since it came into force, some of which were inserted without following due process, is hardly a book to look upon as infallible and pledge unswerving loyalty. (Is there such a book or any creation of human intelligence that can be regarded as such?)

If Nehru had not created IITs,  India would have made billions of dollars by licensing the use of Zero under Vedic Vishwa Licensing Shastras. No software or IT exports needed.  He declared IITs under Article 370, sadly. Patel disagreed. Ask the statue.

Nehru did not create IITs. Dr BC Roy, CM of West Bengal, set up first IIT in Cal in 1950; it later moved to Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur Act came in 1956. Soviet Union set up IIT Powai; US set up IIT Kanpur; Germans set up IIT Madras (all of them with trade surplus and aid).

Symmetry is the relationship that mattered most to Einstein’s legacy. But it hasn’t yet helped to explain why gravity is so weak, why the vacuum energy is so small, or why dark matter remains transparent.

Ancient Mittani Empire shows a strong connection with Vedic culture and Sanskrit. Needs more research on possible connections involved. Is this an early indication of India's Soft Power to the West much like those to Asia and the East prominent later?

I agree with @arvindneela . Too much feel-good nonsense generated by lazy and tamasic folks.  Ancient Indian narratives are rich in knowledge of history, science, technology, philosophy, medicine and more.  But to extract in a factual, objective testable manner takes efforts.

Did you know that west of Russia, the Lithuanian religion "Romuva" has a stylized Svastika as its official symbol?
Its deities include Parjanya, परजन्य, Žemė, Žemyna, (Skt. Kṣamā, क्षमा, Earth), Veju Māte (Skt. Vāyu Mātā वायु माता) and others.

We cannot thank Prof. Kak enough for bringing these ancient connections to light.
My opinion is that the Kurds are the descendants of the Mittani, and that the very name "Kurd" is probably derived from "Kuru", just as is the name "Kurush"/Cyrus -  the emperor of Persia.

Must read article why BJP led government can be called #fascist!

He was very upset about too much hype on english.  He is a jat.  Knows well of land jihad,  lil bit of love jihad..  Is very proud of jat history.  Said don't compare us with gujjars.  He said,  we don't sell or agriculture land easily.  Hence,  we rule in our areas.

This Shah guy is pathetic..I don't think renaissanc of Hindu civilization has anything to do with Modhi & Shahu..the sooner we kick these dhimmis in their teeth the better for Hindu cause..MOFO AS is begging anti Hindu parties like he is a sex slave to them..i spit on @AmitShah

Along with whitewashing their crimes, the Indian media has put in a massive effort in creating a false mystique around Modi and Shah as genius politicians, leaders etc
Ignore the bullshit mystification: Modi and Shah are just two vegetarian assholes from the West Coast of India

Something a friend said today that has stayed with me. She asked, ‘why are so many Hindus losing faith in @narendramodi so soon? You elected d man. Have a little faith, if not in him, have faith in your own judgement. You elected him for 5 years n you are losing faith in 5 weeks?

Unpopular Opinion: Just because Swarajya's views don't align completely with RW/Trad doesn't mean we disown them. Hard work building an ecosystem. It may be rudimentary to say the least but it's better than what was there 

I know some of them associated with Swarajya. Almost on nothing we see eye to eye. Ask @prasannavishy or @amargov But I subscribe to them and refer to everyone who I meet because these guys kicked a lucrative career & do this with this commitment. How many RWers will do this?

Pardon my harshness, but women can just not have sex before marriage then, no? If moral and virtue is so important to the woman
Bartering sex for marriage. That doesn't sound too good. Morality can either be burden on both or none.

Hindutva adherents have become restless and are increasingly loosing patience with Modi govt. This unpredictable turn can be ascribed to the Evolutionary intention outlined in the #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo. Many of his followers however remain staunch admirers of Hindutva, alas
Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on spirituality, yoga, meditation, experience, etc. belong to a very advanced domain and are likely to cause frustration in the reader not being easily accessible. Similarly, clutching on to temptation of miracles template brings depression.
Understanding the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and his political theory is a better course than straightaway proceeding on the spiritual path. Developing intellectual muscle in keeping with the demands of the present complex world is far more important than mere meditation or yoga.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Not concerned with evaluation of evidence
Posted by Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005) for eradication of intellectual malnutrition. @NathTusar Director, SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP) 201014

Plasim Radar

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