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Past poems are given new life in Savitri

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Feel Philosophy: Bharata Federation as the nucleus of World Union
#WorldUnionDay #FiveDreams #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SavitriEra @NathTusar

Nothing definite is yet known about the functioning of the universe or even the human body which is hostage to various Hormones and Enzymes. Since we undergo several phases of thought and mood within 24 hours, philosophy, culture, and spirituality serve as cushion against gloom.
Fine, nothing to dispute with that, especially the feeling and experience aspect except that I was arguing about the logical demands of rationality. Encounter with Gita should lead to something more rewarding in terms of authenticity and utility. But your preference is different.

A report of the special lecture by Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch highlighting the key ideas he presented, is now up on SAFIC website. Pictures from the event are also included.
Video recording of the full event will be released shortly.

The kind folks at @AUROSAFIC have published a fine report of my recent lecture at their campus on the Luminaries of the Modern Indian Renaissance. It was an honour and privilege to deliver the address.
Sri Rama Jayam 🕉️🕉️🕉️

A Case for India: A Glimpse into how the British Plundered India and Destroyed a Great Civilisation by Sandeep Balakrishna ji @dharmadispatch

Rajiv Malhotra got exposed when he started his tirade against Raja Ram Mohan Roy.  Now he's after Tilak....He surely must be aware of what #SriAurobindo & Swami Vivekananda had to say about Tilak, still pandering to falsehood.... Something somewhere is horribly wrong.

Can’t you do better than petty insults? Are you qualified to say who is a Shastri and what is Veda? I was translating the Vedas for Sri Aurobindo publications before you were born. I long ago discarded western intellectual biases against India. You perpetuate them. @AatishTaseer

Reading others often develop biases and create artificial boundaries (which really don't exist) to thought process. What's most important is ability to question logically and come up with original ideas.

If you're familiar with the works of Sri Aurobindo you will understand why "indoctrination" cannot be applied at all.

A work is the Mother's work only when it is inclusive, n not sectarian n personal braggadocio of half-educated people.
By Iyengar's biography I don't mean the 1945 one, which Sri Aurobindo corrected. I mean the larger one, finished by 1972 n went through some editing later. Entitled: Sri Aurobindo: a biography n a history. Of his 400+ books n monographs, this alone will make him immortal !
In 1938 Iyengar had received D. Litt. for his book on Lytton Strachey, the notorious debunker as artist. 7 years later he switched over to a man who had " left the human shore". He hd to readjust his tools, had to kneel down to interpret. A sattwic critic is not a hagiographer.
V.K. Gokak's book Sri Aurobindo:Seer and Poet has long gone out of print. The chapter on the allusive style of Savitri shows his unmistakable memory of English Literature. He promptly detects which line Sri Aurobindo is recreating in a new context.
Those old academic professors took Savitri as a work of art, knew dat the structure n style hv  been deftly manipulated for a specific purpose, to enlighten a specific double voyage. Those style experts throw significant light on its theme, which can't be separated from its style
Many past poems are given new life in every Canto. Gokak, Iyengar, Sisirkumar Ghose, Prema Nandakumar n others have opened  our eyes to those subtleties of this modern n future epic.

SriAurobindo and TheMotherMirra were perhaps of the greatest Saints who did much to make the world harmonious. I love them.
I think Raja RamMohan Roy was British stooge, hence only he had all those awards and rewards. The greatest of the leaders was SriAurobindo, I think...

Bhai, my humble thought here. In our zeal to glorify the Master, we should not use language that is not befitting of His disciples.
Walk into an airport bookstore or even a bookfair, hardly are you able to find a Yoga book of the person who has written 30+ vols over 15000 pages.

LOL, yes and even one page of those 15000 pages outweighs all the others put together. I did not seek to glory. However, that does not necessarily mean disregarding ignorant & simplistic pablum from this crude intellect that likes to name-drop Sri Aurobindo between yugas.

For those not familiar with Sri Aurobindo and/or the is a brief pin sized and savour this passage of exceptional beauty..a rapture courses through us to read and wonder on its implications..leave alone touch some of these states

Sri Aurobindo may have given us the key to all traditions, from Iran to Central America & the banks of the Rhine, the secret of all seekers of perfection, from Eleusius to the Cathars & alchemists, for we do seem to find everywhere that ancient Memory of a great transmutative + #Satprem

“The Current Hindu Upsurge in Sri Aurobindo’s Light” – Prof. Mangesh V Nadkarni

If a Bengali was rewarded by the Brits, almost certainly he had damaged Bengalis in some ways (the word almost was used 2 account for exceptions based on outstanding abilities). Exact same statement can be made for BJP-RSS. Read how Swapan & Kanchans rise:

No fixed way to understand Sri Aurobindo. By assiduously following what he wrote in his books & letters, which is Tapasya; by enjoying the Rasa of his poetry; or simply by love & worship of the illiterate. Streams & rivers of all kinds move towards the ocean in their pilgrimage.
Pseudo-seculars tried for 70 yrs to bring down Hinduism to a level of creed, cult & commandment, essence of other religions. Saviours played into their hands, not realising it isn't defined by achar, but bhakti. "It is not circumscribed by the confines of a single country." (SA)

Everybody suffers a memory loss, talking about only Kabhi Kabhi Trishul & Umraao Jaan! Pity. Khayyam did greater things in Shola Aur Shabnam, Lala Rukh, Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hai, Shagun, Shankar Hussain...

Poor memory is contagious. After long 8 hrs I suddenly remember Khayyam composed those incredible non-film bhajans (ghazals too) by Rafi in 1961. Madhukar Rajasthani's words.
"Paaon Padu Tore Shyam"
"Tere Bharose Nandalala"..& others.

Bhai this is not a “complex song”. It is a very good song
If you want complex songs of Latadidi, listen to “नैनों मे बदरा छाये बिजली सी चमके हाय” by Madan Mohan.
Or “मालवून टाक दीप” (marathi) by Hridaynath Mangeshkar
These songs are a sample of the prowess of Lata as a singer

This song has haunted me for thirty years. And today its composer is no more. Khayyam called it his most complex creation, and was stunned that Lata needed only a single take for it. He couldn't believe it. And neither would you.
Remembering you.

Seeing Janta praising inexplicability of Gulzar’s lyrics and complexity of khayyam’s tunes, Marathi maanus be like -
I see your Gulzar+Khayyam. I raise you to Hridaynath+Grace.
I am yet to understand what kavi wants to say in “भय इथले संपत नाही” after all these years

I dont claim to understand music at all, but IMO the most difficult song would be केव्हा तरी पहाटे, उलटून रात्र गेली ...
Poet: Suresh Bhat Music: Hridaynath Voice: One and only Asha tai
Agree... + Malvun taak deep... (Lyrics by Suresh Bhat)
Lata dincha awaz matra awadat nahi ganyat.
Romantic watatach nahi, mayaticha watata gana.😬🤪

Girls trips are life events that have a high return on emotional, social, and monetary investment and almost always live up to the hype, writes @SanjanaPegu. #MoodOfTheMonth #Travel

One of the perils of modern life is that the desire for security and the need for satisfaction can't sustain themselves in equilibrium for the extended life spans of human beings.
It's an essentially intractable and unsolvable problem. You cannot throw money at it to solve. Money makes it worse more times than not.

"This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose," cooed Sri Aurobindo in Savitri echoing the urge when nothing was there upon this planet. And we tweet today. So, nothing is intractable, "It's the hour of the unexpected."
Be it RM or DF, critical appreciation is the key. No one is perfect, so avoiding us & them approach is essential. True for all great men or saints and savants. Necessary to remember the cases of Savonarola, Bruno, or Galileo. Unadulterated adulation is an adolescent's infatuation

I wonder sometimes if there is a systematic effort going on to erase Bengali greats from the annals of history. The very first target was Tagore, then RRM Roy followed by Vidyasagar. Now J.C. Bose.

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