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Declared ideological positions are at odds with true scholarship

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar, Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum
(SELF since 2005), Ghaziabad. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

An acerbic, acidic criticism of critics throwing tantrums on behalf of Prof emeritus #RomilaThapar - Asked to be Accountable: Or how the Rules of the #JNU Founders has Boomeranged on Them via @dharmadispatch

Madam, not declaring positionality biases is against academic rigour; declaring them saves you from perpetual dissimulation and the constant hypocrisy of pretending you approach issues from a position of  neutrality. Btw, no-one does that. The dispassionate observer is a myth.

Sad day for the study of Indian history when iconic historian like Romila Thapar who inspired generations to understand India's complex historical past, has her credentials questioned! Would EH Carr or AJP Taylor, Britain's eminent historians have ever faced this sort of scrutiny?
I definitely think declared ideological positions are at odds with true scholarship as it closes the mind to different trajectories of thought & precludes enquiry that falls outside the realm of these declared positions!
Hobsbawm was a declared Marxist. To my knowledge, while Romila Thapar uses some Marxist tools of historical analysis, she's a professional historian, relying on classical methods of  historiography, epigraphy etc.

Well. Am not too sure whether it is justified to deny academic positions to 'declared' Marxists and declared Rationalists. Am sure you don't mean that. And I know Romila does not subscribe to Marxist Historiography as such and in any case she is a scholar par excellence.
Eric Hobsbawm was denied Professorship for long because he held on to his Marxist convictions Bertrand Russel's teaching assignment called off due to his rationalist convictions. Am not saying these to deny Romila her standing as historian. I had the privilege being taught by her

It may not be a coincidence that every Hindu-hater, from Beverley Nichols with his fanatic Christian supremacist convictions to Periyar with his Dravidian racism, to Paul Courtright with his pretensions of Freudian deconstruction, loves to hate Ganesha.

Odia movie Bhakta Salabega (1983) will be screened on 6th Sep evng 6.15pm under FJF's Smrutichhaya 17 at Jaydev Bhawan, BBSR.A book on the film will be released. Plz attend to feel the iconic movie n convey your love and respect to the old masters. (PC-Surya Deo) @OdiaCulture

“After a few generations the collective memory can no longer preserve the authentic biography of an eminent personage; he ends by becoming an archetype, that is, he expresses only the virtues of his vocation, illustrated by paradigmatic events typical of the model he incarnates.“
“...This is true not only of Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ but also of far less influential personages, such as Marko Kraljevic or Dieudonné de Gozon.” -Eliade

Primary exclusions from NRC are Hindu Bengalis. Not Muslims. Hence the media has lost interest. Even a few weeks back @dillidurust was pedaling the victimhood of Muslims being harassed on NRC, blocked me when exposed. This is the rot in Indian media
Identify the Netra Sen Sanghi Ji s. Those who would sell out their birth community to further their own prospects in BJP-RSS. Through silence or support of NRC. Eminent examples: @swapan55 Ji @KanchanGupta Ji @tathagata2 Ji @sanjeevsanyal Ji @abhijitmajumder Ji @anirbanganguly Ji

Indian Economic Crisis – A Tale of Western Media
Here’s an essay by @tylercowen on the moral imperative of economic growth. 
Like @kpanyam he qualifies it with ‘sustainable’...I’m not sure of the inter-generational tradeoff in a country with hundreds of millions living in poverty.

So many people expressing happiness over the Romila Thapar affair seems something like toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in significance for them.

While publishing the revised edition of Savitri in 1993, Sri Aurobindo Ashram also brought out a separate slim volume collating the old and new lines or passages. A similar compilation is needed for how much old history has been replaced by new findings published by RW journals.
Constitution is about how to capture power by distributing favours and patronage. So how to keep the flock together assumes utmost importance and for that all kinds of identity is utilised. However certain books in libraries offer resistance, silently; because the author is dead.
While a day has so much of variety in terms of circadian rhythm and allied psychological rollercoaster that we ride, annual Merry-go-round of seasons seems to have no noticeable effect or causal factors in human functioning. This disconnect is surprising when even sea sees tides.
Feel Philosophy: Crystal doors of inner planes
#SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar,
Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum
(SELF since 2005), Ghaziabad.

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