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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A correct balance in exploring the potential of spirit and matter

Sri Aurobindo, one of 20th century’s greatest spiritual masters and seers, had accurately diagnosed the current crisis in human society as the result of the imbalance in man’s treatment of matter and spirit. He argued through his incisive writings and speeches that mankind will not be at peace with itself unless it achieved a correct balance in exploring the potential of spirit and matter and linking them together.
Unlike most philosophers and proponents of spiritual development, Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts on the subject were not the result of his mere ‘armchair’ intellectual exercise. Refusing to accept at face value various interpretations of Vedic texts made by scholars, Sri Aurobindo conducted his own independent research into Vedic scriptures to understand and experience the cosmic consciousness and its impact on the physical world. After nearly 40 years of practicing what he called Integral Yoga as part of his practical research, he made a startling discovery — man is not at the pinnacle of life’s evolutionary cycle on earth. Man, he found, is only a ‘transitional being’. He found that the Homo sapiens have yet to evolve further in the realm of spirit. It is only when man evolves higher into the remaining stages of consciousness that he will have reached the zenith of life’s evolution on our planet... Posted by Admin at 5:33 PM

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