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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Defined by what we are, rather than by what we are not

Ashoka's Citizen Base Initiative (CBI) spurs organizations to build a broad base of support — the Citizen Base. To accelerate this momentum and free the citizen sector from its dependence on traditional foundation grants and government aid, CBI invests in organizations worldwide that rely on a diversity of resources to sustain and scale their work.
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Across the world, citizen groups and social entrepreneurs are setting the agenda for social change. These citizen organizations are rapidly matching their business counterparts in both innovation and impact. CBI Competitions identify and celebrate the creative ways that organizations enhance their social impact through earned income, community engagement, effective marketing, and strategic partnerships.
Tapping into the wider Ashoka network of social entrepreneurs, the Citizen Base Initiative is shaping an autonomous, self-sufficient citizen sector. Explore the CBI website to find successful and innovative strategies to develop your citizen base.
Ashoka's Citizen Base Initiative hosted the first global online competition with Read more about these candidates, from nearly 40 countries around the world. Ashoka is a citizen sector organization (CSO), not a non-profit: Defined by what we are, rather than by what we are not. Learn more at Home » About Us Mission and Vision
CBI Mission: Transform the Citizen Sector
Our mission is to ‘tip’ the mindset of the citizen sector toward building a broad base of support that includes people, money, information, and businesses, to achieve sustainability and maximize social impact.
CBI Vision: Independence and Maximum Social Impact
Our vision is a financially sustainable and locally engaged global citizen sector that is as enduring and influential as state, religious, and private institutions.
For more, read Creating a Citizen Base for Sustainability.

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