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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ram a symbol of patriarchy; Sri Krshna an epitome of matriarchy

To me personally Ram of Ramayana is no incarnation of any God. I am perhaps the first post-independence Indian to have said this not only in these pages, but also in national media.
To me, poet-philosopher Valmiki had created him for propaganda of patriarchy as the guiding force of society as he had understood. And, in retaliation to that Vyasa had created Sri Krshna as an epitome of matriarchy in Mahabharata.
All those who do not accept matriarchy as their guiding philosophy, honor Ram and the social system he stood for. Those who do not accept patriarchy as their guiding philosophy do not put premium on Ram.
But politico-philosophic antagonism notwithstanding, the place of Ram and Ramayana in India’s social life is so wholesomely high that Ram Sethu can be safely said to be the symbol of India’s unique emotional unity. Hence any attempt at vandalizing Ram Sethu, to me, is an affront to national oneness of India.
The UPA government under Dr. Man Mohan Singh, working under the shadow of Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi, in the name of economic progress, is busy in destroying everything that we would like to term as supremacy of our people. The latest example, as we have maintained, is the nuke deal with USA. The deal, which according to US authorities is a “bonanza” for their traders and is designed “clearly in the interests of the United States”, is clamped on us by Singh in course of which it has been established that his government takes our Parliament for granted...
It is a shame that Singh has kept our people in dark about this stipulation and knows as he that Indian Parliament will never agree to the text, has tried to evade voting in the Parliament. Treating our Parliament as just a referral point and taking it for granted as in this particular matter is nothing but an instance of denigration of the supremacy of our people by the UPA government.
The same mindset is evident in the matter of Ram Sethu. The religious sentiment of majority if Indians will not only be affected by official assault on it, but in the words of former Union Minister Prof. Murali Manohar Joshi, “the project could be a serious security risk for the country and seriously affect its environment……….the canal will expose the coast of Kerala to tsunamis, and wash away India’s precious Thorium deposit.”
Led by non-Hindus, it is understandable that the UPA government may slough over the religious sentiment attached to this Sethu; but how can it proceed without convincing the people on factual reality that Joshi’s apprehensions are misplaced and /or baseless?
UPA has played much havoc with our people. We will not tolerate if Ram Sethu is vandalized in sharp disregard to its emotional, environmental and nationally integral importance.

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