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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Western languages do not have words to properly express our ideals and values

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Annual Convocation of Anand Agriculture University in Gujarat. Make mother tongue the medium of instructionK.S. Sudarshan

RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri K.S. Sudarshan has stressed the need for imparting education in colleges in mother tongue. He was speaking at the annual convocation of Anand Agriculture University in Gujarat on February 11. He said the annual convocation has a great importance in the life of a student, as it is the moment in the life of the student to get the fruits of his/her hard work. “Post-graduation for graduates and agriculture scientists for the post-graduates are the further steps for the students here. In fact, there is no limitation for education. We should continue to learn till we breathe our last,” he said.

He said even after 60 years of Independence we continued to follow the Macaulay system of education, which only aimed at making us blind follower of western culture and killed our self-respect. The British tried to destroy our old traditions because they felt them as the greatest danger for the stability of their empire. “Education is not just the medium of interaction. It is also a medium of carrying forward our ideals and values of life. But the western languages do not have words to properly express these ideals and values. It is possible only in our Indian languages,” he added.

“How is it if the medium of instruction in this university is Gujarati or Hindi? I appeal to the Vice Chancellor and the learned members of the Council to take steps in this regard so that the university could become a leader in this task also and the children of farmers do not need to waste their time and energy on any foreign language. In no developed country of the world like China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, etc., foreign language is the medium of instruction, he added.


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Sahitya Parishad honours literary persons in Delhi. Indian languages should be promoted K.S. Sudarshan

“Strong efforts that were needed to propagate Sanskrit and Hindi after Independence were not made on the part of the government. The non-governmental and social organisations have rather done a lot to save and propagate these languages. But the fact that must be kept in mind by everyone is that the bhav-jagat of our Indian languages cannot be explained in European languages whether it is English or any other language. Therefore we should work for strengthening our own languages rather than running after foreign languages,” said RSS Sarsanghachalak, Shri K.S. Sudarshan. He was addressing a gathering of noted literary persons who assembled at Hindi Bhavan in New Delhi on December 10. The function was organised by Akhil Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad to honour the literary persons of different Indian languages.

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